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Foundations of Health Detox - The Professional Detox Programme.

Some of the key points about the Foundations of Health detox programme are:

Weight loss, improved energy, better sleep, less reflux and heartburn and much less pain are just some of the proven benefits from the programme.
Unlike many of the "quick-and-dirty" detox products out there, ours is a comprehensive, 9 month programme that works progressively through the 4 major filters of the body: digestion, liver, immune and kidneys.
The programme had been designed by Madonna Guy and her team of experienced naturopaths who have specialised knowledge in detoxing.
Foundations of Health is not just a "do-it-yourself" pack that you buy and have to use by yourself... our clients attend a series of consultations where they are led by the hand, step by step through the process by qualified, experienced, caring health coaches.
We use proven (TGA approved), safe, all natural products and techniques and regular scientific tests to monitor progress through the programme.
Our clients are also educated along the way so they understand the process and can better maintain their health after the detox.
We have payment plans for the programme so you can make monthly payments using your credit card.

Are you considering a detox for your body? For serious detoxing, you won’t find better than our "Foundations of Health" detox programme.

Have you noticed there are quite a few detox products being promoted in the media at the moment? Yes... these days it's widely accepted that detoxing is of great benefit to your health, but you have to be careful to do it right.

Some fast and simple "do-it-yourself" detoxes are too lightweight to have much of an effect at all so you end up spending time and money with little or no results. Others may have legitimate benefits but may not focus on the areas that will do you the most good. And some products are downright dangerous - being based on outdated information and techniques that have been debunked by modern studies. Then there's the scary problem of what to do if you get unexpected results from these off-the-shelf options and don't have anyone to go to for help!

If you're going to detox, you need to do it right! What you need are safe, natural remedies and therapies that have the potency necessary to get real results – results you can see and feel. You need experienced, caring practitioners with specialised, up-to-date detoxification knowledge – who can guide you step by step through the process – who will make sure that you get the fastest results by focusing the detox on your most important organs first. You need a health coach who will keep track of how your body is reacting to the detox and fine-tune the treatments to your personal needs. You need regular tests to measure how your detox is improving your health and to reveal subtle changes that a trained eye can act upon to make sure your detox stays on track. You need to understand about the toxins in your body so you have the power to take you own steps to staying healthy in the long term. In short, if you're going to detox, you need the Foundations of Health professional detox programme!

How to get started with the Foundations of Health Detox - The Professional Detox Programme.

Getting started with the Foundations of Health detox programme is simple with our "Get Started" pacakge.

Step 1

The first step is a comprehensive assessment that collects all sorts of important information about your body and how toxic it is.

As well as filling out some questionnaires, you will also be required to undergo a couple of tests.

The tests are all done in the clinic and will all you need to do is provide a urine sample and also a single drop of blood which we get by an (almost-painless) pin-prick on the end of your finger – don't worry... we just need a tiny drop and it only feels like a mozzie bite!

Step 2

After the tests, you have a special Report of Findings consultation where you will be given your results in a 20-page report that details over 120 health points.

At this consultation, you will be told more about the programme and you will then need to decide if the programme is for you.

Save money using New Leaf's Win-Win Payment Plans.
It's Win-Win with our Payment Plans

Have you heard about our "Win-Win" payment plans yet? The savings are fantastic and, for a limited time, we're offering an extra special introductory bonus... but more about that a little later.

Our payment plans are designed to be mutually beneficial—to be a great opportunity for you and for us! Most importantly, by joining a plan, you are giving yourself extra incentive to stay focused on your health goals for longer, leading to greater success for you and a more rewarding experience for us as practitioners. On the money side of things, you get access to considerable savings and bonuses while we benefit from regular, dependable payments. All in all, it's a "Win-Win" situation and we hope you’ll get on board!

We've put together Payment Plans to accompany all of our major Natural Health Programmes including the Foundations of Health detox. So if you're currently following one of our Programmes or are about to begin, there's sure to be a Payment Plan to link in with your particular health needs and save you money!

The plans vary a bit from each other but the main structure is the same for all of them.

Prepaid Monthly Consultation(s).   Discounts on Additional Selected Tests And Services to Use If and When Needed.

The basic idea is that you agree to a contract period (from 3 to 12 months depending on the Plan) and each month we deduct an amount from your credit card to pay for certain highly-specific services which you get at a discount. We’ve carefully chosen the services included in your monthly payment to suit the essential needs of your particular Health Programme while keeping the price of your monthly commitment as low as possible. This way, you only pay for services you need and get great discounts at the same time.

If you’re on the Foundations of Health Programme you’ll generally need a single 3/4 hour Foundations of Health naturopathic consultation each month so that’s all you're obliged to pay for in the Plan (and, of course, you don’t pay full price!). But what if you need a second consultation in the same month? No worries... as a bonus, you can get as many extra Foundations of Health consultations as you need and still get the same percentage discount you get with your monthly plan. So, for the Foundations of Health plan, that would mean you could have as many extra 3/4 hour Foundations of Health naturopathic Consultations as you like and still get the same discount you got with your plan. Again, the plan keeps the cost low by only requiring you to pay for the minimum consultations you'll need but still gives you access to more discounted treatments if you need them! Cool huh?


Not only that, being on one of our Payment Plans also gives you access to discounts on other carefully-selected services (testing, education, kinesiology, etc.). Again, we have taken the time to pick out the types of services you are likely to need if you are following your Health Programme. Different Plans include different services and different levels of discounting. And the great thing is, you don’t pay for these bonus services unless you use them... but if you do need them (and you probably will if you are following your Health Programme), you’ll save big time by being on the Plan.

Here's an overview of the savings!

Plan type Prepaid Monthly
Selected Tests
& Services
Acute Pain 3 Months
Save 34%
Save 10%
Chronic Pain 9 Months
Save 35%
Save 10%
Fat Loss Club 3 Months
Save 67%
Save 10%
Fat Loss 6 Months
Save 26%
Save 10%
8 Months
Save 27%
Save 15%
& Hormones
12 Months
Save 22%
Save 10%
6 Months
Save 8%
Save 10%
of Health
9 Months
Save 15%
Save 10%
Full Life
12 Months
Save 28%
Save 15%
Anti-Ageing &
12 Months
Save 35%
Save 20%
Mind Body
12 Months
Save 41%
Save 25%

Now, it’s important to know that the consultations you pay for with your monthly payments are for your personal use only... you can’t give them to anyone else to use in your place. But we realise that parents often want to bring their kids or partners in for treatments too. To help you with this, some of the plans even offer Symptomatic Care consultations that you can buy at a discounted rate for use with your immediate family. In this way, your loved ones can get discounted consultations as a bonus just for being on the Plan.

These Payment Plans are fantastic aren’t they? But there’s still more! Most of the plans include bonus exclusive e-mail series that cover essential concepts in your programme, remind you of things you should be doing at home, inspire you to stay focused on your health goals and even just pass on interesting trivia and health nuggets we’ve come across over the years. And if we come across any special deals both within the clinic or through another company, we’ll pass these on as special Payment Plan bonuses.

So, next time you’re in the clinic, make sure you sign up for the Payment Plan that suits you. You’ll be better off for it—both in terms of the effects it will have on your health and your bank balance!

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