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Madonna on the Radio…4BC & BayFM

Friday, December 18th, 2009

We really hit an interesting discussion this week on 4BC (1116) & BayFM (100.3) when we started discussing natural pain options, and we started talking about how long anesthetics stay in our bodies.  We had several callers who have never recovered since having anesthetics for one problem or another.

We use Frequency Specific Microcurrent and clinical nutrition in order to remove anesthetics from the body.  It can take several sessions and months (or years for some very toxic people) of supplements to remove anesthetics from the body.

Side-effects of anesthetics include liver and gut dysfunction; exhaustion; muscle aches and pains; numbness and neuropathies; headaches and lots more.  If you feel that you may fit into this category, give us a call and we’ll talk to you about how we go about removing these substances from your body!

Madonna Guy ND on Radio 4BC with Alex Bernard

Monday, December 7th, 2009

Well, this week we chatted about a few cool topics:

What can we do to increase longevity (and how can we start reversing ‘genetically predisposed health problems’?)  

  1. There has been very cool research in the past twelve months about genes.  And yes, they can be reversed and turned around…have you been blaming your health problems on genes and therefore been doing nothing about them?  Well, these days we can look at your blood with Live Blood Analysis and see whether or not genes have been activated.  We can tell if your body is chronically inflamed (which is also known to activate ‘bad’ genes) and also prescribe therapeutic doses of nutrients in order to start reversing these processes.
  2. Keeping your body more alkaline is one of the proven ways of protecting your genes:  plenty of filtered water and 6-7 cups of veggies every day!!!  The more acidic we are the more chronic disease we have.  Simple.
  3. Maintaining a healthy body weight:  this is the one thing that has been known for 50 years to help with longevity and wellbeing.  The higher our Body Mass Index is the more likely we are to develop heart disease, diabetes and cancer, just to name a few problems.

Take care, and see you next week!!!

Madonna Guy ND

What is Frequency Specific Microcurrent: as used by New Leaf Natural Therapies for Pain Relief

Sunday, December 6th, 2009

Frequency Specific Microcurrent, as used by therapists Madonna Guy ND & Jacqueline Dekoke ND, is a technology which utilises specific frequencies to target particular areas of the body.  It can be used to break down calcification of joints, inflammation of scar tissue and also heal areas which are weakened:  weak tendons & ligaments; discs in the spine; fractured bones etc. 

You may have heard of TENS machines, as used by physios – these target muscles, making them relax & contract.  The Frequency Specific Microcurrent equipment has the ability to to target a hundred different body parts…  There are processes for new injuries, old injuries, removal of toxins and anesthetics, removal of chemotherapy and radiation toxins after cancer therapy (even years later these toxins lurk in the tissues of the body), they stay in the system and degenerate joints and bones, creating many health issues.

When New Leaf Natural Therapies runs an FSM treatment on a client, say for pain relief, our preference is to use 2 machines simultaneously.  This way we can use an automated programme on one machine for a particular pain protocol, and target specific areas on the body on the 2nd machine, thereby doubling the benefits and fewer treatments are necessary to heal the area.  It is said that an hour on the FSM equipment is equivalent to about 5 hours of massage therapy.

Getting the most out of an FSM treatment:  the body should be hydrated.  Clients should drink plenty of water before, during and after a treatment.  Lots of acids are released from the body throughout a session of FSM.  We also recommend natural anti-inflammatory supplements throughout the process so that the body heals faster and treatments are longer lasting.

This treatment can be used for any pain relief:  fibromyalgia; chronic spinal pain, disc pain, muscular aches and pains; frozen shoulder; new injuries or old.  Give us a call and see if we can help you!