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Chronic Neck Pain – natural solutions & treatments…

Wednesday, December 1st, 2010

Chronic Neck Pain – natural solutions & treatments…

Are you sick of spending lots of money on trying to get long term solutions for your chronic neck pain?  Part of the problem may be that specialists only look at their area of expertise – understandable, but not wholistic!

We can provide a 6 point solution to your neck pain:

  1. Musculo-skeletal therapy/remedial massage to relax the muslces and nerves;
  2. Frequency specific microcurrent to reduce the spinal cord inflammation, reduce the inflammation within the discs & joints and support the healing;
  3. Infrared sauna (penetrates 4-6cm inside the body, acting like a ‘heat pack’ all over):  these heat the muscles, nerves, tendons, ligaments and bones allowing the body to release toxins and inflammation;
  4. Structural kinesiology to ensure all of the muscles are ‘switched on’ and working properly, make sure the body is structurally aligned correctly and the spinal cord, tailbone, neck and cranial bones are all aligned correctly.
  5. Emotional kinesiology works to release fight and flight patterns that compress the spinal cord, tighten the jaw, create pressure on the cranial bones, throw the shoulders and hips out of whack, and more!
  6. Naturopathic consultations/supplements to provide nutritional, herbal and homoeopathic support to help your body relax long term.  We will prescribe high potency, purified supplements to regain the health of your body and to stop the downward slide into further chronic pain.

Best Plans Available at our clinic to save you money…

  • Remedial Massage Plan (1 pre-paid massage per month); extras highly discounted!
  • Chronic Pain Plan (2 pre-paid frequency specific microcurrent treatments per month); save lots of additional treatments!
  • Naturopathic and Kinesiology plans…  (1 x pre-paid kinesiology/naturopathic per month)  sort out the underlying issues!

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