DPP4 Enzyme Deficiency? What does it mean??

We’ve been working with information about the DPP4 enzyme issues for kids (and adults) this year with some interesting results.  There is an enzyme (DPP4) we release from the intestines, which if it’s not working, foods such as wheat and dairy can create an ‘opioid’ effect in the body.

It is NOT an allergy and will NOT show up in allergy tests. In fact, we find (kinesiologically) that they are totally different things in the body.

Think about anything that happens to people on drugs – slurred speech, hyperactivity, stress, anxiety, paranoia, exhaustion, panic attacks…  and that can happen in people with a DPP4 enzyme deficiency.  It can also create moodswings such as anger to tears and increase violent tendencies.  It can also affect our pain receptors – kids will often injure themselves but not be hurt – that’s the opioid effect.

Because of the opioid effect, it’s a true addiction. We find it in kids with learning problems, autism and aspergers, ADD & ADHD, dyspraxia.

Over a period of time that will exhaust many organs of the body which are trying to deal with this opioid effect on a day by day basis.  Using kinesiology we have found this opioid effect happening due to wheat, dairy, soy (occasionally), sugar, wine and rice.  Once off the offending foods, it takes around 3 months for the ‘opioid particles’ to leave the body – which gives a great window of opportunity for us to heal the gut, detoxify whatever toxins (heavy metals, bacteria, candida) that are inactivating the enzymes and clean up the bloodstream.

When this DPP4 enzyme deficiency is rampant, the gut bacteria gets totally out of whack – the bacteria can change from good to bad and this bad bacteria can cause lots of issues to, such as bloating, burping, belching, wind, flatulence, diarrhoea, constipation. The bad bacteria can create other issues to, for example, they can convert insoluble heavy metals (the type we can’t absorb into the body) into soluble heavy metals (which we can easily absorb into our fat, brain, bones and muscle).

It’s worth finding out if there’s a DPP4 enzyme deficiency issue creating health issues for you or your family.

Madonna Guy ND
Chief Clinician
New Leaf Natural Therapies
3348 6098

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