DPP4 Enzyme Deficiency? Food Ideas…

So… you’ve been told (or suspect) you have a DPP4 enzyme deficiency. The 2 most common food issues with this deficiency are wheat (sometimes gluten) and dairy.  In order to get this enzyme working properly (to stop the addictive nature of the food and create a healthier gut and brain connection) it really needs to be cold turkey for the offending food.  These are very different from allergies, intolerances and energy-mismatches which can be going on quite separately in your body.  It takes at least 3 months for the wheat opioids to be out of the body – and at least 3 weeks for the dairy opioids to be released.  Other foods which may create this affect are sugars, processed rice and alcohol.  This opioid effect can create ANY BRAIN SYMPTOM that drugs can…

Wheat Alternatives:

I know – cutting out wheat – what a chore!  But imagine life where your brain functions better, you have more energy, less pain and your memory is fabulous!

Firstly there are many gluten-free products available these days:

  • rice crackers
  • corn crackers
  • rye – ryvitas etc
  • many brands of gluten free breads

Obviously there’s the danger of overloading on gluten free goodies – just because it’s gluten free doesn’t mean it’s healthy!  Read the packaging and also determine how much sugar, how many carbohydrates there are, expecially if weight or tiredness are an issue.

Dairy Alternatives

  • goat’s milk (if kinesiology says it’s ok – sometimes it is, sometimes it isn’t)
  • almond milk
  • soy milk – get non-genetically modified
  • rice milk – watch the sugar content – always add protein powder since it’s full of sugar

If it’s a real problem it may be easier to simply find food groups which avoid the need for ‘breads’ and ‘milks’ altogether…

  • quiche with lots of eggs & veggies
  • protein drinks (made with water/fruits)
  • soy/goat milk yoghurts
  • protein & veggies
  • lots of high protein, low carb recipes at http://www.shake-it.com.au/
  • (we have all of the products mentioned on that site…)

Hopefully that helps a little, obviously come in for a larger chat – there may be a lot more to it!!

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New Leaf Natural Therapies
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