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When Iron Deficiency just Continues and doesn’t improve…

Tuesday, February 21st, 2012
Keep coming up iron deficient in blood tests – but not much else?? Feel like you’re always trying to boost the levels but as soon as you stop taking the supplements the levels drop again? Here are a bunch of ideas for you:

* if iron deficiency shows up in normal blood tests – you’re within the worst 10% levels in QLD – not happy jan!
* if iron deficiency shows up in live blood screenings at New Leaf – we can find other reasons for the iron deficiency (gut, liver, oxidative stress)
* iron is challenging to absorb from food – we need heaps of ‘good’ gut acid (HCL) in the stomach and only absorb it in 8 inches of the small intestines
* if we are stressed or inflamed we don’t absorb our iron
* if we are ‘mucussy’ people – sinuses, bloating, asthmatic – mucus through these areas can block the absorption of iron through the intestines
* if we have heavy metal toxicity through the gut – stomach or small intestines we can block the absorption of iron
* if our bone marrow is dysfunctional – we can’t release new red blood cells correctly/perfectly – and they will be too small (iron deficient) – this not only impacts on energy, but the ability to absorb many other nutrients such as B12, folate, oxygen, zinc, essential fatty acids – no wonder we get so tired!
* it takes a minimum of 4 months to rebuild iron levels if we are deficient (as seen in live blood screenings) as we can’t change the size of the red blood cells that are in your bloodstream – it’s as the new cells come through from the bone marrow with the correct nutrition they start to change size and shape. It takes time and energy!

Favourite iron supplements: Hemagenics Vegiecare (available at New Leaf): contains a fantastic form of bioavailable iron (most do nothing), along with a chunky dose of B12 and folate;
Dose: extremely deficient: 1, three x daily
Dose: moderately deficient: 1, twice daily
Dose: tired, deficient, not too bad – 1 daily

If gut issues: G-Tox (available at New Leaf): 1 scoop daily to help absorption of iron.
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5 Keys to Getting Rid of Gout

Friday, February 10th, 2012

Gout is a nasty, painful conditions, creating pain in the joints caused by little acid crystals:

  • anything that makes our body acidic may cause further gout attacks;
  • grains, sugar, alcohol and fruits are all very acid forming
  • protein is acid forming but hugely important for maintaining muscles, ligaments, tendons & nerves
  • increase vegetable juices and vegetables – especially green leafies such as spinach, bok choy, broccoli etc
  • cut out alcohol until gout attacks disappear

Supplements which may be of benefit:

  • G-Tox – fabulous product we stock which is a fabulous alkaliser, detoxifier, kidney and gut cleanser, highly nutritional
  • Stem enhance – helps regenerate joints, ligaments and other damaged tissue
  • Kaprex – natural anti-inflammatory which creates no inflammatory problems for the gut

What tests we can do?

  • live blood screening:  finds uric acid crystals in some individuals
  • bioimpedance analysis: finds levels of inflammation in the cells
  • urinary tests to check for kidney stress and ph levels

Give us a call – we can help!!