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Kickstart Diet… it is amazing!

Friday, July 6th, 2012

So, you’ve been hearing about the Kickstart diet – with losing up to a kilo per day??  Well, we’ve been using the HCG diet and lifestyle here at New Leaf Natural Therapies for 12 months and it works.  Simply and effectively.

Here’s what we find clinically (no gimmicks – just what we’ve found with our testing and our clients)

  • minimum weight loss in 23 days – 4.5 kg (this was a man who ate too much on the diet and refused to reduce portions)
  • maximum weight loss in 23 days – 10 kg (this was a fertility client – we did this to re-boot metabolism and hormones – he and his wife are now pregnant!)
  • minimum weight loss in 40 days – 9.5 kg.  This was my mother…doh!!  But she has since lost a further 4-5 kilos and weights the least she’s weighed in 15 years – maintaining has been fantastic and easier than she ever thought possible
  • maximum weight loss in 40 days – 20.5 kg.  This man had previously been seeing a personal trainer 3 x weekly for 12 months with a weight loss of just a few kilos.  His BMI was still well over 36 and he was very frustrated, exhausted and stressed.   With his goal weight so close, he is looking and feeling fantastic!

As a general rule when the process is followed correctly (the way it’s designed)

  • muscle quality improves – your body is allowing nutrients to be absorbed easily into the muscle and heart tissue
  • muscle mass improves – this is bizarre given the 200g protein daily – but we consistently find it improves by the end of the process
  • blood sugar improves – insulin resistance reduces
  • hydration improves – many weight loss processes lose fluid first, muscle second.  On HCG Kickstart Diet – this doesn’t happen.

It’s safe, easy and effective.  Call us on 3348 6098 for the Kickstart Diet HCG Process today!

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