Weight Loss Stalls on New Leaf’s Homeopathic HCG Fat Loss Process…

What causes weight loss stalls for many days on the HCG weight loss programme?

HCG works.  Even if the weight on the scales aren’t showing it, biochemically you’re body is probably changing inside for the better.  The RFM HCG Drops support cleansing of the body, as does the simple, easy very low calorie diet.  We find this consistently (using bioimpedance VLA technology to monitor our clients), however stalls do happen – here’s some ideas why…

1.  Assuming you’re drinking plenty of healthy, filtered water, as the fat cells empty they can fill up with fluid, therefore the overall weight can stay the same
2.  If the body has hit some toxic fat that is holding some nasty toxins that have been there for a long time, the fat has become ‘calcified’ to protect our body from the toxins.  Fat tissue neutralises or stores toxins.  The body has to work away at breaking down this tissue – plenty of green tea, detoxificiation nutrients that stimulate metabolism such as Thermoburn and Silymarin help to speed up this process and allow the detoxification safely
3.  Infrared saunas can shift this:  infrared saunas help to break down calcification, move lactic acid, stimulate fat metabolism and help all the detox processes
4.  Check your diet… go back to basics (make sure you are ONLY doing fruit, veg, protein from Dr Simeon’s original list)
–   1 protein per meal 100g raw (and only the proteins on the list):  two meals per day
–   1 vegetable per meal (minimum 2 cups) – do not mix your veg:  two meals per day
–   increase your water intake
–   make sure you are only having 1 black coffee daily – more than that may dehydrate your cells, slow down your metabolism and shut down weight loss
–  1 grissini twice daily OR 1 melba toast twice daily OR 1 rice cracker twice daily
–  1 serve fruit, twice daily
5.  Quite often when weight isn’t shifting we see changes biochemically in VLA bioimpedance analysis anyway…  fat mass may be shifting from ‘brown fat’ to ‘normal fat’ – ie moving it from deep inside the body to being available to use.
6.   We sometimes see the body is much more hydrated – more fluid inside the cells, so the body ‘weighs more’.

7.  I know Dr Simeons (who died 40 years ago) said the only drug that upset the process with Oroxine, Thyroxine – thyroid medication.  However, there are some incredibly nasty drugs around these days that simply weren’t around at the time.  Who knows how these impact??

8.  Inflammation – the more inflamed your body is the more we may need to support your system with natural anti-inflammatories that don’t stop/hinder the weight loss process – inflavonoid intensive care, kaprex etc

9.  Insulin Resistance – if the cells have been insulin resistant for many years – you may be releasing more insulin from the cells than your body can handle – Resist X is the type of product that would help with energy and insulin resistance.

Do an apple day.  Maximum of 6 apples between 12pm and 8pm.  Have a Bioimpedance VLA Analysis or a Live Blood Screening done so that we can monitor your progress and see what’s truly going on in your body.  Trust the process and do it correctly and your body will surprise you!

Good luck!!

Madonna Guy ND
New Leaf Natural Therapies
3348 6098 / 0417 643 849

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