Bio-impedance Analysis/VLA process

Client Question: What is the VLA/Bioimpedance Analysis approach and how much is it?

Answer: It is a 15 minute test with a practitioner (so it includes 15 minute consultation time) at New Leaf and gives the following information:

1. Accurate Body Mass Index
2. Biological Age Based on Bone and Muscle Quality, Fat Mass, Active Tissue Mass and Cellular energy
3. Phase Angle – the amount of cellular energy we are getting
4. Fluid – we are supposed to … have about 60% of fluid inside the cells and 40% on the outside of the cells – it lets us know if this is happening, and if not, how ‘leaky’ our cells are
5. Risk factor for heart disease and diabetes based on fat mass, muscle mass, muscle quality, abdominal fat
6. Muscle Quality and Muscle Mass
7. Fat Mass

The cost for the 15 minutes at New Leaf is from $73.  Cheaper for those on health plans.
For people who have had weight issues long-term we also have a 1 hour combination which is normally over $290 – ask about internet specials when you call – that includes the VLA, an insulin resistance test, some urine tests to find acid levels, kidney function etc and a consult…

Fantastic for those with chronic fatigue, chronic inflammation, adrenal fatigue, weight issues, thyroid issues…

07 3348 6098

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