Common Errors on HCG Diet…

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We’ve had over 100 people do HCG RFM Diet this year alone (and we’re 2/3 the way through the year!)… so we’re finding the mistakes people make:

  1. Using contaminated spices:  lots have herbicides or pesticides or are irradiated.  Some are past their use-by date.  This can be toxic to your body and cause fluid retention, and therefore weight stalls.  If you don’t detox these toxins, then they will store somewhere else in your body.
  2. Using spices that contain oils or sugars – this will add calories and stop you from losing weight.
  3. Not drinking enough water.  This is crucial.  2.5 – 3 litres daily – from water, herbal teas and other water-based drinks daily.  Coffee doesn’t count.
  4. Drinking too much coffee.  Some people cope with lots of black coffee on HCG, others don’t.  Coffee may stop your body from creating energy that so many people love during HCG and make you retain fluid, and add a toxic load to your system, thereby slowing weightloss.
  5. Forgetting to take supplements.  We recommend several (depending on the individual):
    **  Silymarin to support the liver (if you have a fat roll under the rib cage)
    **  ResistX to support insulin and fat removal from the bloodstream (if you have a below-the-belly-button-layer of fat)
    **  Multi-vitamin such as Femme Essentials or Meta B – definitely superior to most on the market
    **  Cascara to support bowel movements
  6. Eating fatty meat or exposing your hands, face or body to creams, fats and oils.
  7. Not doing your two Feast Days properly when beginning the programme.  They are important.
  8. Mixing vegetables at a meal.  Simeons is clear about eating only a single vegetable at each meal.  the only exception is green leafy vegetables which can be combined.
  9. Putting other things in your mouth, like gum.  Even sugarless mints, gums etc interfere with the Protocol.  Don’t use them.
  10. Drinking diet drinks – including diet soft drinks.  They are toxic to your body and cause you to gain weight, due to this toxicity.  Dont’ use them.
  11. Eating meats, veggies, starches in the wrong combinations (ie 2 veggies at a meal, 2 fruits at a meal, more than 100g protein at a meal…)

Our Pracitioners who work with weight loss issues, emotional connections and sabotages and do the bio-impedance testing are:

  • Madonna Guy ND (HCG specialist)
  • Doug Newitt ND (Naturopath/Nutritionist)
  • Katherine Lynn (Kinesiologist/Coach)
  • Norm Todkill (Kinesiologist/Coach)
  • Gabby Graham (Intuitive Energy Healer)

Book for our Fat Loss Combination of Tests at New Leaf to find out what’s going on in your body!  3348 6098

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