More and more reasons to avoid Genetically Modified Foods


Genetically modified foods are in a large amount of our foods – and most of us won’t know it. How could we? When GM foods are highly refined and are ingredients in packaged foods, Australian law doesn’t require any labelling indicating their presence! Any ingredients such as soy, corn, vegetable oil, and canola oil are highly likely to be genetically modified. Basically, if it doesn’t say it’s not, it IS.

GM foods are not only a danger to our health, they have the potential to destroy the environment – their effects are already causing wide-scale damage, particularly for birds, bees, and waterways. In fact, the Russian and European governments have moved to ban GM seeds and associated pesticides due to their destructive ecological effects. A single grain of corn covered in a GM-produced pesticide used the US, neonicotinoid, is enough to kill a bird.  Of particular concern are the declining bee populations globally. Over 90% of wild bees have been wiped out in the US, and the main culprit is genetically modified seeds and the pesticides used on them. Bees play a huge role in the food we eat – pollination is essential for healthy crops and healthy produce. Without bees, we won’t be able to grow enough crops to feed the world.  According to Dr Ken Walker, senior entomologist at Museum Victoria;

“You think of all the fruit and vegetables that we eat – without pollination that wouldn’t occur. You think of all the fruit and vegies we eat – sometimes you might get a tomato or a piece of fruit that isn’t as luscious or isn’t as large, and that is because it hasn’t been well pollinated. And so the tree says, well if it’s not well pollinated I’m not going to put as much energy into making a good piece of fruit. So pollination is an enormous thing for us.”

So, it’s crucial that we avoid GM foods and protest their production by refusing to buy products with GM ingredients. To find out which foods in Australia contain genetically modified ingredients, visit

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