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HCG Rapid Weightloss Drops – How to take them and store them correctly!

Tuesday, November 12th, 2013
Storing and Taking your RFM HCG Rapid Weight Loss Drops…
These are sensitive energetic homoeopathic drops.
They work brilliantly as long as we follow a few simple rules and take care of them:
1.  Store away from electronic equipment – don’t keep on the microwave, in the fridge, next to your mobile phone in your handbag…
2.  Take 20-30 minutes away from ‘strong tasting substances’ such as drinking coffee, cleaning your teeth, onions and garlic (and other strong tasting herbal additions to your meals)
3.  10 drops 3 x daily is the usual dose.  If you are extra hungry, feel free to take an extra dose.  If you are exceptionally low in muscle mass (that has been shown via your VLA Bioimpedance Screening done at New Leaf); you may need an extra dose as well to stimulate muscle gain.
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