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My journey … 2014
1st journal!
So I’m my first week down on HCG this year! After my 2 month binge period (Holidays, Christmas, New Year, Birthdays, Get togethers – lots of excuses!!)  I was 69.5 kilos. A lot of this weight was put on with lots of naughtiness: lots of sugar, overeating, Xmas goodies, lollies, alcohol, cheesecakes, treats (many many of them!)… This weight is very ‘dense’ and hard to move, but it’s shifting!

I’m doing the RFM HCG Drops 10 drops 3 x daily; VLA Bio-impedance screenings daily; supplements for my liver, gut, energy levels and lots …of saunas!

I did HCG half heartedly last year after returning from long service leave (long lovely holiday!) but didn’t maintain the weight, didn’t do consolidation and didn’t follow the diet propertly…  Ah well, lost about 5 kilos!
My favourite supplements (for me) on HCG are:
  • Thermoburn – supports abdominal tummy fat – really tough to shift.  1 tab 2-4 x daily
  • Ultra Flora Immune or Probex – increase good gut flora – crucial for helping to shift the toxins from the gut
  • Lipogen or Livatone – both liver and gall bladder support.  I suspect I have gallstones so I’ll need to do my gall bladder flush during consolidation (there’s lots of olive oil as part of the process so you can’t do it during HCG)
  • Lipoic Acid or Glutathione – supports fat and water soluble toxin release
  • Resist X – energy production when we’re feeling sluggish
  • Resilian or Relaxan to help me de-stress and sleep well

 The excess fat is 2-part on the Bio-impedance screening. It’s not only the ‘excess fat’ portion of the test, but it’s also the excess ATM, Active Tissue Mass, which is ‘tummy fat’ – very vascular and very hormonally dangerous. It’s the reason tummy fat is linked to heart disease, diabetes and cancer, not to mention adrenal exhaustion and thyroid issues.

Obviously the past 5 days my weight has been a challenge – purely on the scales, and yet the fat mass has continued to lower every day. I have more ‘fluid’ and ‘muscle’ in the body, but the fat mass is reducing.

This is why regular VLA Bio-impedance screenings are so crucial to keep us on track during HCG. Not daily of course, I can, so I do, and I love the numbers!

I’ll keep you posted…

16/1 Today 65.9 kilos
15/1 Yesterday 66.3 kilos 4.83 kilos excess fat
14/1 Tuesday 66.4 kilos 5.31 kilos excess fat     *  2 extra grissini sticks (oops)
13/1 Monday 66.3 kilos 6.09 kilos excess fat

12/1 Sunday 66 kilos 7.33 kilos excess fat
11/1 Saturday 66.6 kilos 7.29 kilos excess fat    * ate twice the amount of steak at night at a friend’s place & glass of red wine
10/1 Friday 67.6 kilos 6.81 kilos excess fat
9/1 Thursday 68.9 kilos 7.54 kilos excess fat

8/1 Wednesday
2nd BINGE DAY 69.5 kilos 8.73 kilos excess fat!

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