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New Leaf Natural Therapies Opening/Closing Hours Christmas 2014

Wednesday, December 24th, 2014

Here are our hours over the next few weeks for Christmas 2014

Wednesday 24th December:  open

25th December:  CHRISTMAS DAY – CLOSED

26th December: BOXING DAY – CLOSED

27th December: CLOSED

28th December:  CLOSED

Monday 29th December:  OPEN

Tuesday 30th December:  CLOSED

Wednesday 31st December:  OPEN

Thursday 1st January:  CLOSED

Friday 2nd January:  OPEN

Saturday 3rd January:  OPEN

Monday 5th January – Back to normal hours…


Tuesday, December 23rd, 2014

December is upon us and with this comes what is commonly referred to as the silly season. Many will try to avoid the excesses of the period and other’s will embrace and go along for the ride. Either way when it comes to the actual holidays often we find ourselves exhausted, body aches and pains come back demanding attention and yet, the Christmas celebrations still must go ahead. So where do we muster this energy from? And how can we do it all without falling in a heap when we want to enjoy ourselves?

Building blocks

Good nutrition is the building blocks for the fuel for our bodies to run on. That is, if we give our bodies good quality fuel it will be able to do more and cope with increased stressors. Stressors can include:

  • Increased celebrations and alcohol consumption over the course of the month
  • Increased rich foods
  • Less sleep
  • Deadlines for work all before the Christmas break
  • Increased driving time driving kids, partners, friends and family around
  • Christmas shopping, crowds, shopping malls and parking
  • Mental/emotional stress
  • Travelling. Including radiation exposure when flying. Or just sitting for long periods of time in one position such as on road trips.

Whether the stressor is physiological or mental/emotional it all counts. They all make an impact on digesting, breaking down foods and absorbing nutrients properly, and how fast we utilise and need our nutrients replenished. Therefore there is an increased demand.

Where to start

Where to start? With the basics. As water soluble nutrients and vitamins are not stored in body and will be under increased demand these are a good place to start. These are vitamin B’s, vitamin C, magnesium and zinc (amongst others). All of these are in high demand with alcohol consumption and as they are water soluble there will also be an increase of them washed out as alcohol is a diuretic. Therefore replenishment is a must.

Vitamin Bs are a group of water soluble nutrients which are essential to many enzymatic reactions around the body. They are implicated in systems such as energy production, digestion, neurotransmitter production, and hormonal balance. Foods such as whole grains and organ meats are often high in most of these foods. However, it can be challenging to have these every day. Therefore, purchasing a good quality supplement through these busy times might be the most convenient.

Vitamin C is one of the most underrated vitamin we know! It is a fantastic antioxidant, helps replenish the adrenals and plays an important role in immunity.

Magnesium is utilised in many systems in the body including energy, hormonal and neurotransmitter production. Magnesium is also very important in muscle relaxation. Therefore if feeling tired and needing of replenishment after the windup to the end of year magnesium is a good start.

Zinc is in high demand around the body especially in times of stress, alcohol and increased food consumption. Zinc is used in many different systems around the body, it is used in the detoxification processes, in skin and wound healing, immunity and a lot of enzymatic processes around the body and digestion. Zinc is found  along side many animal based proteins but in particularly oysters are very high in zinc. Plus for the vegetarians sunflower and pumpkin seeds. So bring those freshly shucked oysters to the summer barbeques.. for therapeutic reasons of course!

Herbs that Matter

Everyone has differently demands on their bodies and everyone’s body’s are individual. Therefore, different people require different types of support. However there are a few good go to herbs which almost everyone can benefit from.

Milk Thistle is a herb widely known for its support to the liver and to digestion. It is not stimulating which makes it mild and gently strong in its action. It is the go to herb before and after consumption of alcohol. As a herbal tincture of tea it has a natural bitter flavour however in our modern times we have some very good supplements in the form of capsules which means we can bypass the bitter taste.

Withania is what we call an adaptogenic herb. That is, it helps as adapt to stress in our lives. There are a number of herbs that fall under this banner however Withania is a nice soothing herb which will helps calm the particularly stressed person, especially if there is difficulty sleeping. For the exhausted person adaptogens such as Licorice and the Ginseng’s are strong candidates to help support energy and clarity of mind. Siberian ginseng, Korean Ginseng, American Ginseng and Rhodiola would also fall under this banner.
Echinacea is a great herb to have on the shelf, just in case a cold starts to take hold! It helps to regulate, stimulate and support the immune system. A herb that also helps the lymphatics to drain contributing to upper respiratory congestion.

Goals for the Holidays

Enjoying some down time and allowing oneself to relax at this time of year can be recharging and refreshing. This can also be a time of reflection to add to the contrast of what is wanted for the next year making way for clarity and then direction.