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Thursday, December 3rd, 2015
It’s so wonderful to see¬†New Leaf¬†clients reaching their goals – weight loss is usually one way of my clients hitting their goals:
Goals may be:
* being more active
* more energy to play with kids/grandkids
* better energy / libido to connect with partner (better sex life!!!)
* feeling increased self-worth, self-esteem
* feeling self-love
* enjoying a happier, longer, healthier life
* reducing / eliminating medications…
If you were to write a list of 10-25 things you want to achieve over the next 1-5 years – what would some of these things be? Have you ever thought that sharing your goals with loved ones / friends / family can help your brain move towards these goals faster?
Some of mine are (it’s always important for goals to be in the ‘now’ and as if it’s already ‘true’ and ‘positive’ so that the brain starts to believe it in the here and now)…
And then…it’s good to print them up and have them somewhere that you look at them regularly.
What would be most important to you?
1. I maintain my healthy weight with the sensible combination of movement, exercise and healthy eating. I choose to do rounds of HCG / Shake It when necessary to move a few kilos quickly and easily.
2. I ensure happy healthy relationships in my life so that life is good, enjoyable and fun.
3. I love to learn and continually upgrade my skills so that I can be the best I can be.
4. I love to travel – I constantly have travel plans in my future that I am looking foward to. In the next 4 years I plan on enjoying a cruise and another overseas trip along with seeing more of Australia.
5. Keeping a healthy work-life balance is important to me… I constantly keep myself balanced through treatments so that my brain doesn’t get overloaded being business owner, boss, practitioner.
Kinesiology and Counselling can help you move towards these goals faster, getting rid of self-sabotages holding you back.
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