500 calorie HCG diet – how does it work?!

Obviously the 500 calorie part of HCG scares people half to death initially… Here’s what SHOULD happen:
1. The HCG drops (10 drops 3 x daily – 4 if you’re starving) should be stimulating the hypothalamus in the brain to release brown fat from your body.
2. The brown fat is around 1000-1500 calories daily – therefore your body is REALLY running on 500 calories of food PLUS the brown fat calories: so we’re really running on 1500-2000 calories daily.
3. The drops need to be taken evenly throughout the day – by doing this we are consistently releasing brown fat into the bloodstream, which is keeping hunger at bay. Some people hardly ever feel ‘hungry’ on HCG.
4. If we’re hungry on HCG there are several factors that may be taken into account: blood sugar levels; stress levels; not taking HCG evenly throughout the day; too much exercise.
5. Doing the Very Low Calorie Diet VLCD not only SHRINKS your fat cells, but done correctly also ELIMINATES many fat cells – unlike any other weight loss process (besides liposuction!)
Call us on 3348 6098 for an appointment with our naturopaths to help your HCG process run more easily.  Annette and Lynn can answer many questions on the phone – but often the questions require a naturopathic consultation where there are complicated health issues involved.
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