Memory. Cortisol. Stress.

Hee hee. I was chatting to a client about memory yesterday – and was doing my usual spiel about memory and some key things that stop memory working well…  Thought I’d share my thoughts.
1. Cortisol. If we’re running on either stress or in pain – our adrenal glands release cortisol. Cortisol is well-known to shut down short-term memory.
2. Stress. as per #1. When we’re stressed – if we also activate survival patterns (which can be diffused with kinesiology and Pranic healings) the survival patterns shut off our memory centre because survival is about action – fight, flight or freeze… and therefore memory is unimportant.
3. Logic and Gestalt sides of the brain – memories are allocated to memory centres depending on our hormones. If we’re happy they should store in ‘happy’ or ‘positive’ brain centres, if they’re stressed memories they should be stored in survival pathways – but it’s not even as simple as that! If the pathways aren’t even connecting as well as they should they can get lost in no-man’s-land! It takes time, but kinesiology starts to open these pathways, naturopathy starts balancing these hormones and then the memory has a chance to kick-into-action.
4. Supplements such as Omega Braincare and BrahmiTone are 2 supplements we often prescribe for poor memory. Don’t forget there are millions and millions of neurons and glial cells which need repair when our memory has been dysfunctional for sometime. Take it easy. Allow your brain to heal.
5. Drugs. There are drugs that are well known to deteriorate the size of the brain by 5% per year – so the longer we’re on them (and there are several) the more our brain pays the price.
We can help with memory issues, stress problems, drug dependency and re-integrating the brain.
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