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Surrogacy Kinesiology!!

Thursday, July 12th, 2018


Surrogacy is a weird beast in the kinesiology world.  I’ve been doing it for nearly 23 years – and these days it’s just as weird as when I first started using it.   Here’s a quick video from our New Leaf Health Team YouTube channel…

Have a fab day!!

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Health Issues for Children: we can help!

Friday, May 25th, 2012

Children’s health is anything but simple these days. A mothers instinct often tells us one thing, but then we are told the opposite…

Following doctors and societies instructions – having anti-biotics, vaccinations, breast feeding whilst on anti-depressants or other medications, giving medications such as Ritalin and dex-amphetamines, using drugs such as steroids daily… All with our vague knowledge of the side-effects but being told everything’s going to be okay.

We have many years experience in working with children’s health problems successfully. Take a look around you, and it seems like every second family has a child with some major health problem going on…

  • Cancer of all types
  • Skin issues – eczema and dermatitis, rashes and hives, acne and scarring
  • Allergies – hay fever and sinus problems, tummy upsets, diarrhoea and constipation, ADHD
  • Autism and aspergers
  • Dyslexia and Learning problems, auditory integration issues, problems with maths and spelling
  • Behavioural issues, concentration problems, poor memory
  • Childhood anxiety and panic attacks
  • Asthma, bronchitis, poor immunity

Phew!! What a list! Honestly, we are happy to support any child’s health and vitality with any child with any condition. With our combination of experience and expertise we can put together a programme to suit your child and help health and happiness come as quickly as possible.

We use a combination of techniques that help us to help your child:

  • NOT Neural organisational technique: this is a process that helps reorganise the neurology of your child, head to toe.
  • LEAP Learning enhancement acupressure programme: this is a specific programme for the brain – which targets areas of the brain and helps them to function more easily…
  • Allergy Assessments: we use diagnostic tools which help to improve immunity and reduce inflammatory reactions to substances causing symptoms in the body such as hayfever and sinusitis, ADHD, eczema and dermatitis, tummy upsets and chronic exhaustion
  • Naturopathic supplements that help to boost the bodys nutritional status and heal faster

We can help! Call us on 3348 6098 to make an appointment…

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Baby Health Problems – we treat both bubs and mums!

Saturday, May 5th, 2012

Did you know that most babies health problems can be looked after naturally? With our wide range of skills with our team members there’s not much we can’t help improve naturally, without side effects!

There are ways to support baby’s health naturally, including:

  • baby allergies
  • baby eczema
  • baby dermatitis
  • reflux, heartburn and tummy pain
  • diarrhoea and constipation
  • intolerances and energy mismatches to many foods, chemicals, preservatives etc
  • gut problems such as gut permeability and poor digestion
  • not sleeping properly

We use a combination of processes and supplements which complement each other and mean that we get the fastest results for you and your family:

  • kinesiology/muscle monitoring processes that allow us to find out what’s wrong with bub as quickly as possible
  • muscle monitoring processes that can target allergies and intolerances and boost the body’s ability to cope with these substances – whether they be foods, chemicals, formulas, creams
  • live blood screening (where necessary) to have a look at bub’s immune function and inflammation levels – this gives us a great starting point and let’s us see changes and improvements as they are happening

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When Breastfeeding is NOT best – mums on anti-depressants!

Thursday, July 21st, 2011

When Breastfeeding Is NOT Best

Posted by danielle sullivan on June 27th, 2011 at 12:01 am
868023 81052427 300x220 When Breastfeeding Is NOT BestBottle feeding is the better alternative for some babies.

There is no disputing the many inherent health benefits that breastfeeding promotes, for both baby and mom, but in some cases it’s just not optimal. In some cases, it should be discouraged.

Stephanie Greene is one such case.

Greene’s six-week-old baby, Alexis was poisoned by her mom’s breast milk which was tainted with morphine. Now Stephanie Greene is facing a homicide charge and more than three dozen drug-related charges.

The NY Daily News reports that South Carolina medical examiner determined that the baby died from a lethal dose of morphine that was ingested through her mother’s breast milk:

“Doing toxicology tests and things like that, we wanted to make sure, and the coroner’s office wanted to make sure that we had done everything correctly and possible to make sure we understood fully what had happened to this child, how this child died and who was responsible for it.”

Greene allegedly used fake prescriptions to obtain the drugs. Later, she took pills and used patches containing morphine around the time baby Alexis was born. She reportedly took fentanyl, duragesic, morphene and hydrocodon, and had obtained the drugs at least 38 times, in less than two years at the same pharmacy.

In the cases of mothers who are so drug addicted, they are simply unable to keep their own bodies healthy and drug-free, it makes sense that bottle feeding should not only be encouraged, but mandated. But that also might leave a slippery slope for women who smoke, drink to excess, or consume an unhealthy diet.

From Madonna Guy ND: Obviously, whatever we ingest throughout pregnancy does go through to the baby.  Babies are born (on average) with over 200 carcinogenic substances in their umbilical cord blood.  The idea that they’re safe is antiquated and wrong.

We do ‘safe’ detoxification prior to our fertility programmes as well as throughout pregnancy and breastfeeding.  Taking care of your child is of the utmost importance.

No-one wants to bury a child.

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