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Free Talk: Getting off the Pain Drug Merry-go-round

Sunday, November 22nd, 2009

We’re having a few small talks in November 2009, about pain drugs – getting off the pain drug merry-go-round!  Sounds like a familiar story for someone you know and love?  Or you maybe?  Without drugs life just isn’t worth living, but with the drugs it’s not much chop either??!!

Pain drug useage is so common, people don’t think twice about it.  Panadols are $2 for 24 tablets – how easy it is to get addicted to these drugs and what are they doing to our health?  An aspirin a day for the Over 50’s; so many people on blood thinners, blood pressure tablets, pain killers, many drugs which are seen to be as life-long habits.  One per day.  Easy.  Not that we’re saying get off your drugs, but there are other alternatives which many doctors and specialists simply don’t know about.

The problem with the body is that everytime we take a drug we are not just affecting the system we want to affect.  Blood thinners don’t just thin the blood, they thin the gut lining (often causing leaky-gut which we see easily in our live blood analysis) too.  Blood pressure tablets aim at slowing blood pressure, but it often causes side effects such as weight gain and exhaustion.  Pain drugs numb the pain but don’t fix the problem. 

What’s the solution?  Come along to our free talk on Wednesday morning or Thursday evening, meet Madonna & see what New Leaf Natural Therapies has to offer!

Everyone gets $150 bonus for attending – can you pass that up??

Madonna Guy ND

Chief Clinician at New Leaf

Over 50’s: The New Ageing Process…

Saturday, November 21st, 2009

So much is now known about the ageing process that wasn’t known 15 years ago.  It’s what I love about current research and attending symposiums on genetic research, true anti-ageing ‘medicine’ and reversing chronic disease.  This is what we do here at New Leaf.

We have technology such as Frequency Specific Microcurrent which helps reduce inflammation, pain and chronic disease patterns, we use supplements which increase Stem Cell Production, we have supplements which gently repair and regenerate areas of the body, brain and nervous system.  We have listened and learned from experts all around the world who are using natural therapies to reverse dementia, depression and type II diabetes.

We can see in our live blood analysis when people already have a ‘dodgy gene’ activated within their immune system.  What’s really exciting is that seems to take 3-4 months to reverse.  Studies in the USA show that we can reverse 70-80 dodgy genes every 3-4 months with a healthy lifestyle, supplementation and a good mental attitude.  There’s a particular white blood cell called a monocyte which should have only 1 nucleus.  When it has 2 or more nucleii, it means we’re on a downhill slide of ‘dodgy gene activation’.  It is very well known now, that just because we have the gene for something, doesn’t mean we will get the disease.  The disease must be ‘activated’ somehow, usually by our diets and lifestyle.

Some medications at the symposium in June 2009 were mentioned as being drugs which activated dodgy genes in many study participants.

We are confident that a healthier way of life is available to everyone on the planet.  We know from experience that 99% of people can be helped.  We look forward to nurturing many clients in years to come take their health to a level they never thought was possible.

Madonna Guy ND

Chief Clinician at New Leaf.

Combining Natural Therapies with Medications and Drugs from your doctor

Saturday, November 21st, 2009

A lot of people are concerned about the interactions between the medications they are taking from their doctor, and natural supplements.  Others hear from the specialists that natural therapies do absolutely nothing and not to waste their time.  It’s a frustrating world we live in when we are bombarded with differing opinions and information all the time.

The way we work, here at New Leaf Natural Therapies, for our naturopathic clients, is that we do a range of tests and look for healthy levels of nutrients in your body and prescribe accordingly.  It may differ from what your doctor or specialist has mentioned since they are looking for disease.  So you see, we are looking for different things.  Medically, doctors are trying to work out what medication they can prescribe to alleviate your symptoms.  We are looking for a way to balance your body so that it comes back into harmony.

Some doctors simply don’t understand natural therapies, and some naturopaths don’t understand the benefits of doctors and specialists.  Both have their place and both are necessary to get the world well.  We try to work in with your doctors, and we hope they’ll work with us.

So if you’re taking some medications from your doctor and are concerned that we’ll tell you to go off them, don’t!  It’s up to you and your doctor to decide when you are healthy enough to make that choice!

Balance is the key. 

Madonna Guy ND

Chief Clinician at New Leaf