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Deep Tissue/Remedial Massage at New Leaf Natural Therapies (Wynnum, Brisbane)… Madonna Guy ND

Wednesday, June 1st, 2011

We are continuing our tradition of fabulous Deep Tissue/Remedial Massage at New Leaf Natural Therapies…

Are you having pain in your neck? back? shoulders?  Let’s have a think about what’s going on…  the muscles are tightening, they are getting dehydrated and ‘gluey’ and they shorten.  They start pinching the nerves, start pulling the ribs out of whack, create nerve pain…  goodness me, given that 70% of Aussies have back and neck pain regularly – we could all do with a fantastic massage regularly…

Our massage therapists have lots of experience in different techniques that will start to reset your muscles back into normal shape.  Given their nutritional and naturopathic experience they may also recommend products that help with chronic pain such as:

  • Fibroplex for muscle pain and fibromyalgia
  • Kaprex for chronic pain
  • Inflavonoid Intensive care for acute pain..

It really isn’t that hard to get muscle problems, nerve pain, fibromyalgia on the right track to health.  We’ll probably recommend a programme which will even save you lots of $$$ too…  but that’s up to you.

Give us a call and book in with Doug or Kat on 3348 6098

Madonna Guy ND
New Leaf Natural Therapies
Wynnum, Brisbane

Remedial Massage – bonus for new clients in the Bayside area: Wynnum, Manly, Lota, Hemmant, Carindale, Carina, Capalaba…

Wednesday, August 11th, 2010

Remedial Massages (with our Musculo-Skeletal Therapists) currently discounted at New Leaf Natural Therapies, Wynnum:  save 30-50% off your initial massages!

Our remedial massage therapists are all multi-skilled therapists…  Katherine Lynn has completed a degree in MST and is a kinesiology trainer, this means exceptional treatments for you…  Doug Newitt is a Remedial Massage Therapist along with being a Lester Cox technique and Naturopath.  Norm Todkill is a Remedial Massage Therapist and Kinesiologist.  These practitioners can help with:

  • fibromyalgia or muscle aches and pains
  • arthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, joint aches and pains
  • neck, back and shoulder problems
  • foot, leg and ankle pain
  • hip and knee alignments
  • cranial issues, headaches and migraines.

Call us on 3348 6098 and ask about our current specials with Katherine, Doug and Norm.  Available Monday to Saturday

What to do for Foot spurs, heel spurs, plantar fasciitis…

Wednesday, June 30th, 2010

It’s amazing to me how many people ring me on 4BC to ask about foot spurs, heel spurs and plantar fasciitis…  It seems to be a very important, painful, and debilitating issue for many people in Australia.

Firstly, we need good connective tissue support so that the foot can heal and repair properly.  Nutrients that can be used are things like silica, magnesium, calcium…  Products that support connective tissue support:  Metagenics Arthrex; BioCeuticals Silica liquid; Metagenics Cartrin; Blackmores SCF; Metagenics Glucosamine Intensive Care.

Secondly, ensure weight is optimal…  carrying excess weight puts huge amounts of pressure on the feet, and they will of course, be inflamed over time.  Foot spurs, heel spurs and plantar fasciitis and natural side-effects of long term weight issues.  See us about our fat loss programme which has a fantastic success rate and saves you money long term.

Thirdly, structural balancing can be very beneficial:  in our clinic we do:

  • remedial massage to increase blood supply to the extremities
  • structural kinesiology to balance hips, knees, ankles, feet
  • foot manipulation to ensure all the bones of the feet are in correct positions
  • frequency specific microcurrent to help to break down calcification in the joints

So, there really is plenty of help for heel spurs, foot spurs and plantar fasciitis.  Call us today to book your appointment!

Madonna Guy, Naturopath, Wynnum, Brisbane
New Leaf Natural Therapies
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