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Friday, November 16th, 2012

I am 54 years old and have been a carer for my wife for the last 13 years, but over the last few years my health has suffered. I suffer from Osteoarthritis and had an operation last year to put a plate in my right knee to straighten my leg. Also since May this year I have had a frozen left shoulder.


Since I started taking StemEnhance 4 weeks ago my life has changed. My left shoulder has started to loosen up and I am now able to use my left arm. I am now able to walk distances with no trouble at all and I can climb stairs comfortably which I have not been able to do for years. But the biggest improvement is my energy level, I feel like I can keep going all day long. The more I do, the more I want to do.


Also as an extra bonus, my grey hair is getting darker in colour and I am growing some hair on my bald spots. I am feeling younger and I recommend the use of StemEnhance to everyone who would like improved health and a better quality of life.



Testimonial for LEAP: ADD, ADHD, Aspergers, Autism, Learning Problems; Pain Relief; Hormonal Balancing for a whole family!! Everything available here in Wynnum, Brisbane!!

Wednesday, October 6th, 2010

Over the last four years, 12 members of my family, friends, and students have been treated at the New Leaf Natural Therapies Centre run by Madonna Guy and Associates.

Initially I approached Madonna Guy for therapy for my two adopted daughters  both of whom  have severe learning problems due to health problems. A friend, Jen, told me about the clinic because her grandson had had wonderful results with the Leap Programme. Although he seemed just as intelligent as his brother who was a straight A student, he only achieved C’s at school and was totally uninterested in reading.

After just four treatments of the Leap Programme, he began to achieve A marks and began to really enjoy reading. Jen had had severe bowel problems for over 20 years, but Madonna, with her Naturopathic skills and the Leap Programme gave her pain free results.

We gave the whole Leap Programme to our daughter Chrissy who was adopted at 2 years from Brazil, starving and with 4 severe sicknesses that were killing her. She struggled with severe health and learning problems. In grade 2 Chrissy was diagnosed with A.D.H.D with an IQ of 86. Later in grade 7 the QLD Government guidance officer diagnosed her with an IQ of 70-75 (borderline intellectually impaired) with a Reading Age of 8 years.

After 10 Leap treatments her teachers were amazed at the reduction of hyperactivity, improvement in focus and confidence in learning tasks.

At home I was delighted with the marked improvement in household tasks, a new ability to relate to me without tantrums and an ability to show affection towards me for the first time in 10 years.

After the Leap Programme her Reading Age leapt to 12 years. She had previously been diagnosed 8 years 6 months before. In grade 5 in the statewide testing, her Maths came in the bottom 10% to 20%. After Leap in grade 7 in similar testing she performed above average in all areas.

As a mother the change in family stress levels was enormous as a new Chrissy emerged with new confidence and interest in life and learning. Recently our local treating psychologist tested her IQ at 99 with a projected IQ of 118 as her brain function improves. She is now in grade 10.

My elder daughter, Jo, adopted from Korea as a tiny baby, has suffered  from a very severe hormonal imbalance caused by xeno-hormones from toxins received in a factory where her mother worked when Jo was in the womb. Her progesterone levels were 3 at 13 instead of 20 – 100which is normal. This caused excessive and at times uncontrollable bleeding and  necessity of artificial hormones from our gynecologist to try to control the condition which had awful side effects including such severe depression that she was given an antidepressant so she could tolerate the drugs stopping the bleeding. After we changed to natural progesterone cream, her condition slowly improved, but her extremely heavy periods still came every 20 – 23 days. Madonna gave her a product to detox her body, called Zeolite (Natural Cellular Defense – the only one Madonna will use).

Within 2mths she had a normal 28 day cycle. Part of her condition was total exhaustion. At 13 she was referred to a heart specialist. He found that her heart was so strained because of such low levels of oxygen to all the cells in her body caused by the progesterone deficiency, that she had developed a heart murmur.

Recently whilst in hospital, the oxygen levels in her red blood cells were tested at 99%, very high indeed. The heart murmur was no longer present. Her body healed itself when the toxins were removed.

So impressed was I, by these results, I asked Madonna if she could give me a few treatments of the Leap Programme. 18 years ago I had 8 ½ hours of radical neurosurgery for a massive brain tumor on my brain stem and behind my spinal cord. Although I had had three books published and a number of children’s songs before surgery, my life now changed totally. Due to damaged nerves in my brain, my life was controlled by pain and trauma as I struggled emotionally to survive through life with my much longed for adopted daughters but with a damaged body and brain.

In Madonna’s first treatment she discovered that I was operating in survival mode with my brain functioning on the logic side. Gone was all my creativity and relaxation I had enjoyed as a teacher in special education and in mainstream teaching. Madonna not only gave me three treatments but she also taught me brain integration exercises which Chrissy and I used daily after our relaxation therapy together.

I had begun tutoring as teaching has always been one of the joys of my life. My sister, a counsellor at a most prestigious private school, rang me about a little boy needing tutoring. The little boy (Peter) after a year at school had uncontrollable behaviour and could not read at all. His mother was searching for a tutor to help her son over the Christmas holidays.

Peter was already on large doses of dexamphetamine for A.D.H.D but the school could not deal with him unless he was placed on an antidepressant. We decided that I would tutor him three mornings every week and he would have the Leap Programme 1 day a week.

He had been recently diagnosed with Aspergers Disease and his treating paediatrician felt a special school for intellectually impaired children might be a better solution.

As I began working with Peter, I realised that he was a highly intelligent boy with very mature language development but severe brain dysfunction.

After a few Leap treatments I began to realise his potential and interests. I began to capture his imagination. Learning for him had meant fear, trauma, and failure but we were able to change this attitude to fun, fun, fun and success! His treating specialist was totally amazed after 3mths as his Reading Age had improved 2 years and he was so stable even without antidepressants he could cope in his classroom.

The work he received on his Brain Function and his new desire to achieve allowed his reading to accelerate to his real potential so that in 8mths this little grade 2 boy tested at R.A. 11.5 years performing at grade 6 standard.

Many of my students have now received help with the Leap Programme. For me, new horizons have opened up as my tutoring business expands.

At present I am writing a new book which is very practical introducing parents to all the therapies I have found to be most helpful with teaching children with Autism, Aspergers Disease, A.D.H.D., brilliant children and Down Syndrome children .

I heard from a friend’s child recently about her daughter that had auditory processing problems and struggled with Reading and Phonics when I was tutoring her in grade 1. She went to Madonna for treatment with health problems and also had 7 Leap Treatments. She is at a private school giving wonderful support in learning problems. She is now in grade 9 receiving A’s and B’s for assignments and is very motivated to succeed. She is aiming to be a vet; her horizons have opened.

As tutoring and helping children with learning problems is my passion, I can tell you dozens of other success stories. If you choose help with the Leap Programme, your child will Leap over problems in learning.

Marj Lumley.

Testimonial: musculo-skeletal problems, kinesiology & remedial massage

Wednesday, March 31st, 2010

Over the years a variety of problems in the musculo-skeletal area, have been improved with kinesiology and massage therapies by Madonna and New Leaf  Natural Therapies, including things that have been debilitating for many years!

My main pains have been in the lower back area, the bit between the shoulder blades, the knees and many, debilitating cramps!  It had even been so bad that ambulances had been called on several occasions in order to help with the cramps, now they are a thing of the past (as long as I stay on fibroplex!!!).

Joy Drescher

Testimonial for Remedial Massage, Wynnum, with Cherice Day & Katherine Lynn

Wednesday, March 31st, 2010

Hi.  I’ve had massages with both Cherice Day and Katherine Lynn in the past few weeks in order to sort out (mainly) a lower back issue.  No surprise was that they found other areas needing work as well.  Cherice did Chinese cupping & remedial massage.  I found she could easily massage deeper after allowing the ‘cups’ to do their work.  I’ve also had a hot stone massage from Cherice in the past, which is just bliss!

The past few days I’ve had 2 massages with Katherine Lynn and she’s worked through much more than my lower back.  Katherine has used techniques to.  It feels that we’ll need to do more work on my lower back, although I’ve already felt quite a big improvement. loosen my shoulders, my neck and my back and hips

Madonna, Manly West

Testimonial: ADHD, tantrums & moods…ADHD

Saturday, March 20th, 2010

Approaching his third birthday, my son was displaying the systems normally associated with ADHD and I was extremely concerned.  I am so glad I decided to give Madonna a go at New leaf Natural Therapies.  After performing a Live Blood Analysis on him, she then treated him with Kinesiology and Naturopathy.  After about two weeks I noticed a positive change in his behaviour and people started commenting on his improvement soon after that.  His screaming, frequent tantrums, crying and gagging are a thing of the past and he is now a happy, sweet boy with a hearty appetite! All achieved with the power of nature, rather than the horrors of drugs like Ritalin.

Thankyou Madonna and team.


Testimonial: General wellbeing

Sunday, February 28th, 2010

My two girls and I have only been seeing Madonna and her Team for about three months. During that time our overall general health and wellbeing has increased incredibly. I highly recommend Madonna for any health issues that you are concerned with as she really listens and is easy to talk to. Thanks very much, Karen.

Testimonials: Live Blood Analysis & Corrective Care Programme

Sunday, February 28th, 2010

I decided to enrol in the Corrective Care Programme to improve my body. I was extremely interested to see the live blood cell analysis which picked a number of deficiencies that I was not even aware I had. Madonna and her very capable team have made a huge difference to my ongoing good health. Thank you all. ~ Susan K.

Testimonials: stress & anxiety

Sunday, February 28th, 2010

I was a nervous wreck… I feel so energised and so balanced … and it’s just generally having a really good, positive flow on effect in my life.  Alison

Testimonials: learning problems (kinesiology)

Sunday, February 28th, 2010

Madonna fixed my brain… Now I am going good with my reading. Thank you.  Arabella G. 6yo

Testimonials: pregnancy!

Sunday, February 28th, 2010

Within two months I actually managed to get pregnant so I’m very happy with that. Thank you!  Angela G.