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Urinary Tract Infections – do we really need to take anti-biotics?

Tuesday, January 21st, 2014

Great question from a client today… ‘What can I do if I get a urinary tract infection, anything naturally? Can we avoid anti-biotics?’ Gabby, our intuitive energy healer also asked me the same question about 6 years ago, having been seeing me for many years. Interesting for me, this client has been seeing me on and off for 5 years (at a guess) and here’s the answer. Yes. We can treat anything naturally.

Urinary Tract Infections can be chronic, frustrating and stressful.  They can affects our relationships, our sex life, our fertility.  We can do urine tests to find out how active/nasty they are and live blood screenings to find out how much work we need to do to get your urinary tract health and happy again!

For example, there are great urinary tract herbs such as bearberry, buchu, crataeva and nettles, all of which help to take the pain and itch out of the urinary tract.  We would combine them with  immune boosting herbs such as golden seal, andrographis, Echinacea.

Vitamin C is a naturopathic must!  We need to flood the urinary tract with vitamin C – a minimum of 280mg per hour so that the excess goes straight to the urinary tract (kidneys and bladder), boosts the immunity, destroys the bacterial or viral particles that are attached to the bladder wall, and effectively stops the biofilm from building up and allowing old viral and bacterial particles to live in it, and wait until our defences are down and then they cause another infection.

NCD zeolite (fully-cleansed): also pulls viral and bacterial particles out of the body so our body doesn’t create ‘biofilm’ for the particles to live in, thereby creating a chronic low level infection that doesn’t show up in blood tests but causes problems.

There are many other things we can do:  Chi Nei Tsang Abdominal Massage;  Boost the immune system with kinesiology; other herbs, other supplements & nutrients.

So yes, we can treat anything, and treat it well!

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