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Sugar Cravings; Sugars in foods; Why we crave sugar!!

Friday, May 26th, 2017
Good morning! Challenges with maintaining our weight throughout life are going to be constant and inevitable. Sugar is constantly in the news lately – yes, manufacturers of our food deliberately add the exact amount which makes us addicted! No wonder it’s so challenging.
Diabetes in Australia is increasing at such a rapid rate that it’s estimated that 50% of us will have dementia by the age of 50within 25years – and diabetes is a major cause.  This is ridiculous!  We’ve modified our food, DNA and genes so much these days our cells become primed to develop chronic illness such as diabetes, cancer and heart disease so much earlier in our bodies than even 30 years ago.
May favourite 3 products for sugar cravings are:
1. Bactrex and Ultra Flora SB Dysbiosis – for underlying candida, fungus, bacterial infections that make us want to eat sweets (they love a sweet, acidic environment!) 3-6 daily depending on the severity and combination of the infections.
2. Gymnema tablets – known as ‘the sugar killer’ in Indian – it’s a herb which over a period of time makes our tongue need less sweet. Long-term (2 year) studies have shown pancreatic cells regnerating with gymnema use. 4-6 daily when sugar cravings are bad.
3. Resist X – definitely a favourite – contains herbs and nutrients which reduce insulin resistance (pre-diabetes); increase cellular energy and work on eating away our tummy fat. 2-6 daily depending on energy levels, tummy fat stubborness, sugar cravings.
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Body Composition and Weight Loss! Why It’s So Important!

Thursday, April 27th, 2017
We’ve specialised in weight loss processes at New Leaf for over 10 years – using several types of weight loss processes including the HCG Rapid Weight Loss programme, Shake It, Keto, Paleo… and I TRULY BELIEVE that weight loss without regular (weekly is optimal!) VLA BioImpedance Screenings is dangerous!
A few years ago I had two people in a short space of time that had both lost muscle mass and muscle quality on HCG.  This confused me until I realised that they had both decided to continue the HCG diet BEYOND the allowed 42 days maximum.  Both had done an extra 2 weeks instead of going back onto consolidation as the protocol requires.  It was really interesting to see because it highlighted that the HCG rules are really important.  Many of my clients say they could do HCG or Steak Days or Apple Days forever!
I had another client who (with another naturopath) had done 6 weeks of juice fasting and her inflammation was through the roof, her muscle mass and muscle quality was a joke.  It was scary the damage that had been done to her body.  She said ‘but I feel great’!  I said, ‘well, that’s because your body is running on sugar all day every day!’.  We had a lot of work to do to repair her body.  If juice fasting is to be done to prevent or help health problems (such as cancer) increasing inflammation during the process is not the way to go….
Another client (this was who I call my mars bar lady!) on the Shake It weight loss programme, who was continually losing about 1/2 kilo per week and had done incredibly well, turned up for her apt and said ‘I’ve been a bit naughty, I don’t expect to lose weight this week’.  We did her VLA and found:
  • weight about the same as previously
  • 2 kilos LOSS of muscle mass
  • 30% decrease in muscle quality
  • 2 kilos of combination extra fat and fluid.
  • she’d eaten 3 mars bars (on special at a service station – don’t do it!!) at a servo 2 days earlier.
  • it took 3 weeks to regain her muscle mass and muscle quality and bring her fat mass down to ‘before’ the mars bar day!
One of my ladies in yesterday had only lost 200g this week (had missed 4 doses of HCG and hadn’t had optimal diet over weekend)… but overall there had still been good changes:
  • 450g reduced normal fat
  • 500g reduced tummy fat
  • less hydrated in muscles
  • more fluid outside cells
 So  don’t allow your body to fall apart while losing weight.  Talk to us about maintaining or losing weight healthily!!
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In other words, there had been a kilo shift for the better, a kilo of inflammatory fluid (which needs releasing – yes!) but she wouldn’t have known without weekly VLA BioImpedance Screenings….

Madonna’s thoughts on weight loss ‘The Biggest Loser’

Tuesday, April 11th, 2017

So, have you been watching parts of The Biggest Loser – Tranformation?

I always watch bits and pieces of it – and am constantly reminded how hard it is to lose weight.  These are people taken from their daily lives, with no distractions, who get really disappointed with their weight loss – if it’s ‘ONLY’ a kilo, or two, or three – per week.  These people are not given the appreciation of what it really means to lose this weight.

I know TV is just about the numbers, but here re some things that are NEVER mentioned on the show, which frustrate the hell out of me!  You’ve got to remember when we ae losing weight we are shifting our entire body composition.  Here are some overall body shifts that happen throughout weight loss:

  • As we remove inflammatory foods (grains, sugars, alcohol, breads, cereals, soft-drinks, diet drinks (aspartame) our body has the ability to become more hydrated.  As we become more hydrated we are weighing more – in every cell in our body!
  • As we increase herbal and water we are adding water-weight to our total weigh-in.  Water is anti-inflammatory.  We are aiming to have more than 50% of fluid INSIDE the cells…  When we have less than 50% of fluid inside the cells our cells are oozing nutrients – we’re not shifting what we need to shift.  Oestrogen, for women (or men with lots of tummy fat) is inflammatory and hinders our ability to hydrate our cells, therefore men will often have 55%-65% of fluid inside their cells easily (on a crappy diet) whereas women struggle to get 50-55%.  But we do see the increase slowly but surely as clients do weight loss processes along with detoxification
  • We gain muscle mass!  These people on these shows often start their journeys with an incredibly low level of muscle mass.  Therefore as they are changing their diet, doing heaps of exercise, weights, training – they may be building muscle mass.   As we increase the muscle quality and the muscle mass (you have to create micro-damage in the muscles in order to create more muscle mass) our cellular energy starts to increase.  This also improves the heart quality as well, simultaneously.

These 3 factors are really important to consider when losing weight.  It’s easy to get disheartened.  Our VLA BioImpedance Screening process will let you know EXACTLY what is going on in your body at a cellular level!

Some people are lucky enough to be able to lose weight easily when they put their mind to it – but many of us aren’t that lucky.  Talk to us about ways we can support your weight loss journey today.

Madonna Guy ND
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Fasting Benefits at New Leaf

Thursday, May 26th, 2016

Another HCG Tip…

One of Dr Simeon’s proven techniques for maintaining our weight during and after consolidation is intermittent fasting. During a fasting day we drink plenty of herbal teas, drink lots of lemon water, utilise powdered supplements (greens, magnesiums, n acetyl-carnitine) and then eat a normal protein & veg meal at night time.

This is like a fat-cell-resizing process! Any time we’ve weighed more than 900g more than our end-weight (end of HCG – on the first day of regular eating – after your 2 days off HCG drops still on 500 cals per day) we do a fasting day to reset our fat cells!

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Thursday, December 3rd, 2015
It’s so wonderful to see New Leaf clients reaching their goals – weight loss is usually one way of my clients hitting their goals:
Goals may be:
* being more active
* more energy to play with kids/grandkids
* better energy / libido to connect with partner (better sex life!!!)
* feeling increased self-worth, self-esteem
* feeling self-love
* enjoying a happier, longer, healthier life
* reducing / eliminating medications…
If you were to write a list of 10-25 things you want to achieve over the next 1-5 years – what would some of these things be? Have you ever thought that sharing your goals with loved ones / friends / family can help your brain move towards these goals faster?
Some of mine are (it’s always important for goals to be in the ‘now’ and as if it’s already ‘true’ and ‘positive’ so that the brain starts to believe it in the here and now)…
And then…it’s good to print them up and have them somewhere that you look at them regularly.
What would be most important to you?
1. I maintain my healthy weight with the sensible combination of movement, exercise and healthy eating. I choose to do rounds of HCG / Shake It when necessary to move a few kilos quickly and easily.
2. I ensure happy healthy relationships in my life so that life is good, enjoyable and fun.
3. I love to learn and continually upgrade my skills so that I can be the best I can be.
4. I love to travel – I constantly have travel plans in my future that I am looking foward to. In the next 4 years I plan on enjoying a cruise and another overseas trip along with seeing more of Australia.
5. Keeping a healthy work-life balance is important to me… I constantly keep myself balanced through treatments so that my brain doesn’t get overloaded being business owner, boss, practitioner.
Kinesiology and Counselling can help you move towards these goals faster, getting rid of self-sabotages holding you back.
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Avoid these ingredients when you’re buying processed foods!

Thursday, November 26th, 2015

We know that processed foods aren’t optimal these days – but did you know they can be harming your health long term?  Here’s just a few ingredients that can cause long-term health issues…  such as immune issues, ADHD, behavioural issues, mitochondrial dysfunction and chronic fatigue.

3 tips for eating well:  1.  Eat organic  2.  Eat fresh  3.  Cut out sugar.

1 – Sodium Benzoate
Sodium benzoate is added to food to prevent the growth of pathogenic microbes, like fungi. A recent study published in 2015 revealed that sodium benzoate caused mutation and cytotoxicity through the formation of micronuclei and chromosome breaks – both characteristics found in cancer cells.  Another study in 2014 linked the intake of sodium benzoate-containing beverages to ADHD-like symptoms in college students.

2 – BHA (Butylated Hydroxyanisole)
BHA is used to prevent oils and fats from going rancid and is added to butters and chips. Similar to the results of the sodium benzoate study in 2015, a 2013 study revealed both cytotoxic and DNA fragmentation properties of BHA when used on human cells.  BHA also potentiates the harmful effects of propylparaben, a preservative found in most cosmetics.

3 – MSG (Monosodium glutamate)
Not only is MSG a preservative found in chips and other snacks, it is also used in cooking to enhance the flavor of certain dishes. While the FDA declares MSG as safe to consume, many others disagree and a recent study in 2013 revealed contraindicating results. The study revealed that MSG could cause kidney damage through the formation of kidney stones, along with increasing the levels of serum creatinine.

4 – Artificial Sweeteners
Although artificial sweeteners like aspartame are popular among diabetics and people watching their weight, a 2014 study revealed how people who regularly used AS experienced a sharp spike in glucose levels followed by a lengthy decline after consuming sugary food – a characteristic found in diabetes or other metabolic disorders. The study found out the AS altered the body’s gut bacteria, increasing the number of gut bacteria that fed on AS and have been linked with obesity.

5 – Potassium Bromate
Widely used in bread products, potassium bromate has been linked to tumor formation in the kidneys, abdomen, and thyroid, which is why it is banned in certain places like Canada and Europe.  A more recent study revealed that potassium bromate caused damage and oxidative stress in human red blood cells, causing the cells to lyse or break – which can contribute to numerous immunity disorders and cancers.

6 – High Fructose Corn Syrup
High fructose corn syrup found in most carbonated beverages has been linked to a variety of conditions like diabetes, liver disease, and obesity.  Not only is soda a source of empty calories, it can cause diseases as well.

7 – Artificial Coloring (blue 1, blue 2, yellow 5, and yellow 6)
There have been many studies on artificial food coloring and its effects on children, particularly their behavior. Studies in 2009 and 2012 reveal that AFC has effects on hyperactivity in children, as well as links to ADHD.

8 – Acrylamide
Acrylamide isn’t an “ingredient”, per se, but it can be found in certain food products (e.g. French fries, coffee, breakfast cereal) after going through high-heat processing. It also happens to be classified as a probable human carcinogen by the IARC, the International Agency for Research on Cancer. Two studies in 2011 focused on the carcinogenic effects of acrylamide, linking it to prostate cancer and cytotoxicity, a condition that causes cancer.

9 – Sodium Nitrite
Sodium nitrite is popularly used as a preservative in the food industry to prevent the growth of bacteria, prolonging the shelf life of the food product. While it is regarded as safe in small amounts, research has proven that SNT is not completely excreted by the body. About 60 percent remains circulating in the blood, forming nitrogen compounds that damage tissue and cause various diseases.

10 – BPA
It’s not exactly an ingredient… but it sure can end up in your food: Bisphenol A or BPA is used to line the inside of cans used to contain food. While certain canned goods that don’t use other preservatives on this list, the cans themselves can cause food to be contaminated with BPA. BPA is known as an EDC – or endocrine disrupting chemical. Intake of BPA in high doses can cause the body’s hormones to go haywire, which science has indicated can cause obesity and diabetes.  Note that the new “replacement” – BPS – which is sometimes found in products marked “BPA free” may also have problems. In short, you are better off with fresh foods if possible.

Key reasons HCG rapid weight loss doesn’t ‘feel’ like it’s working …. by New Leaf HCG Specialists!

Tuesday, October 6th, 2015
There are some key reasons HCG doesn’t feel like it’s working – come on in and have a VLA Consultation so you KNOW what’s going on…
* you’re cheating!!!! once you’re eating over 500 calories daily, you can switch off the brown-fat-burning then you’re starving and weak! This is where people really struggle to stay motivated…
* you’re not drinking enough purified water and herbal teas – when we’re overweight our hunger/thirst mechanisms are out of whack – it’s time to retrain your tummy and brain!
* eating too much – if you add a little protein, a little extra veg, an extra fruit or grissini stick – you won’t get the results you’re after.  Dr Simeons trialled this process on over 10,000 people.  Stick to the rules, get the results!
* your body is making muscle out of the mitochondria being released from your brown fat … did you know you get about 1000+ calories from your brown fat?  This is why we’re not extra hungry on HCG.
* your cells are becoming more hydrated – obesity makes us incredibly dehydrated
* your body is moving toxins from your fat cells – then your body stores fluid to dilute the toxins before shifting them out of the body…
When you do regular VLA’s you know what’s going on, you stress less, and your feel confident that your body is in BETTER HEALTH than before HCG.   Our VLA consults give you the information you need to keep the process a motivating one!
Call us on 3348 6098 to ask about weight loss / consolidation options!
Trust the process, book on in!

Weight loss – time to kick in for summer?

Tuesday, September 15th, 2015

healthy foodIt’s hard to imagine a life without fun, happiness, family and friend connection – or activity.  But once we start not being able to do anything due to weight, it becomes a vicious cycles.  Have you seen any of ‘The Biggest Loser’ this week – it’s easy to lose sight of health and happiness in the food-addiction-cycle.  People with weight issues suffer a higher amount of depression and anxiety, phobia of going outdoors, fear of being unloved and unlovable.

We have several weight loss processes which increase / maintain muscle mass and muscle quality whilst decreasing fat mass.  But where do we start?

Work out which weight loss process is for you…  Consolidation (maintaining weight) MUST be done in order to maintain re-sizing of your fat cells regardless of what process you choose to do.  Both Georgia and Madonna can help you make this decision

  • HCG Weight Loss loses 7 kilos on average in 23 days and 12 kilos on average in 40 days.
  • Shake It weight loss loses 500g – 1 kilo on average per week
  • 5 / 2 diet utilises a 500 calorie day twice to week to take the load off the digestive tract and liver.  Many people lose weight slowly over a period of time and feel better in their skin while doing it.
  • Intermittent fasting / Hump day fasting – choose a day per week where you ONLY drink herbal teas that detoxify – dandelion teas, ginger teas, juniper tea etc
  • Food Intolerances and Allergies – these can be causing you inflammation on a daily basis, slowing down your metabolism, without you suffering any symptoms.  Our food intolerance testing can let you know which foods do not support your weight loss goals.
  • De-stressing techniques – did you know that stress increases cortisol, which is a fat-storing hormone.  Having excess fat on the tummy and hips is simply one sign of hormonal dysfunction…it doesn’t just make shopping for clothes challenging!

Allergies, Cold, Flu, Spring Fever!

Tuesday, September 15th, 2015

Allergy Support at New Leaf Natural TherapiesAre you or your family suffering:

  • increased allergies, eczema
  • increased asthma, wheezing
  • cold and flu
  • The awful Brisbane flu strain!

Time to get it sorted! 

Spring has it’s own challenges.  Pollens in the air, dust, changes in weather, changes of diet and the ever-changes bug-epidemic!  By the time we start sneezing and wheezing there are some changes happening in our immune system:

  • Increased T Helper 2 immune cells – these are the ones that cause allergic tendencies.  To quench these T Helper 2 cells we use products such as Allergeze, Zinc ACE, and Eyebright Complex.  There are also homeopathics and herbal tonics which help to settle down your T Helper 2 cells.
  • Decreased T Helper 1 immune cells – these are the cells that when boosted fight viruses, bacteria, fungus, cancer cells and candida.  T Helper Immune Cells are boosted by Zinc ACE, Many herbs such as andrographis, Echinacea and Manuka.
  • Your T Helper 3 immune cells are fast asleep!  Well, not really, but they do balance the T Helper cells, so if we are suffering spring fever, they’re probably not functioning properly!  Prebiotics such as Ultra Flora Digest and Probiotics such as Ultra Flora Immune, Ultra Biotic 45 and Kids Flora Care are some of the products we use – but everyone is different and may require something more specific!
  • There are specific supplements for cold, flu… depending on your symptoms.
  • You need a combination of these long-term to get your immune system issues under control.

Why do these immune system cells get out of balance?

  • anti-biotics – they are clever at fighting specific infections but leave the immune system weakened!  You need to find out what probiotics you need to reinoculate and make your gut and immune system healthy again
  • studies show that people with chronic asthma and allergies tummies contain few, if any, of the healthy gut bacteria that keep us safe from allergies, colds and flu.  This is the naturopath domain, not the doctors.
  • Stress.  stress, pain, anxiety – increase cortisol and that kills some of our good bacteria in the gut.  Not a bad idea to take probiotics when we’re stress.  There’s a massive gut-brain connection as you would have heard about…  Hugely important.
  • Diet.  A diet high in refined sugars, carbohydrates, flour, processed foods – contains no pre-biotics and destroys good gut flora.  Talk to us about healthy eating with an open mind if you want to live a long and healthy life.
  • Weight.  Yes, weight.  Having a BMI over 30 (20% more than optimal) means you’re releasing at least 32 inflammatory hormones 100% of the time – it shuts down the immune system, increases stress hormones, activates fight and flight, and causes leaky gut.  Start improving your weight/fat/muscle ratio – we can help!

VLA BioImpedance Results and HCG … Madonna Guy’s HCG Results up to day 12

Friday, July 31st, 2015

It’s hard when you’re standing on the scales daily…  and sometimes you don’t see the shifts you’re after.  But lots of stuff is happening during HCG… muscle mass is made, inflammation goes down, fluid moves around the body, fat mass is moved from deep inside the body – and shifted into the recognised ‘fat stores’ that the VLA bioimpedance screening can see…

Okay.. so here’s the results of my VLA BioImpedance Screenings so far. It’s been a busy few months – away in Melbourne for a week enjoying way too much delicious food, visit from my sister for a week, 2 weeks travelling in a car (5300km – lots of sitting and having fun!)…

Today is day 12. We do eat out (to our disadvantage) several times a week due to evening commitments on HCG, so I realise that slows me down… I haven’t decided how much weight to lose, but definitely need my BMI to be under 25 to be in a healthy-normal-range.

Pre-binge days    68.7
Post-binge days:
Day 1    70.3kg    Fat to lose:    10.33kg    BMI 27.73
Day 2    69.9    Fat to lose:    9.28kg    BMI 27.3
Day 3    69.1
Day 4    68.6    Fat to lose:    9.01kg    BMI 26.76 (back to before binge days)
Day 5    67.9    Fat to lose:    7.39kg    BMI 26.48
Day 6    67.1
Day 7    66.8    Fat to lose:    9.1kg    BMI 26.33    (back to before 2 week holiday!)

* Note when fat mass goes up (but weight and BMI and inflammatory markers go down, this is the brown fat being released from deep inside the body – it is now recognised by the VLA BioImpedance Screening equipment as ‘fat’. This is a good thing – most people don’t see it, as they only do VLA’s once per week on HCG. It’s a great thing to know what’s happening!

Day 8   66.8    Fat to lose:    8.28kg    BMI 25.98

* Note: Day 7 and 8 are the same weight – but see the fat mass and BMI have reduced. Inflammatory markers were up which indicates the body has released toxins that the body is ‘diluting’ with extra fluid. Trust the process!

Day 9    66.4
Day 10    66.5    Fat to lose:    6.71kg    BMI 25.94

* Note – weight is up! But I had a low-fat latte yesterday and we ate out and had a nandos wrap and I forgot to ask without sauce. Yummy, but bad! But se the fat and BMI have improved anyway?

Day 11 66.5 Fat to lose: 6.3kg BMI 25.86kg

* Note – weight is the same. Should I do an apple day? Yes – if you don’t have access to VLA – but I did my test and my fat mass and BMI were down, so I trusted the process. We ate out for a pub meal – shared a 200g steak with green salad. No problems.

Day 12    65.7kg    Fat to lose: 6.03    BMI 25.74

So this is why VLA BioImpedance Screenings are so fabulous… You see when brown fat has been released, you see inflammation increasing or decreasing, you see changes in muscle mass and muscle quantity.

Early days, but I have a goal!


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