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Urinary Tract Infections – do we really need to take anti-biotics?

Tuesday, January 21st, 2014

Great question from a client today… ‘What can I do if I get a urinary tract infection, anything naturally? Can we avoid anti-biotics?’ Gabby, our intuitive energy healer also asked me the same question about 6 years ago, having been seeing me for many years. Interesting for me, this client has been seeing me on and off for 5 years (at a guess) and here’s the answer. Yes. We can treat anything naturally.

Urinary Tract Infections can be chronic, frustrating and stressful.  They can affects our relationships, our sex life, our fertility.  We can do urine tests to find out how active/nasty they are and live blood screenings to find out how much work we need to do to get your urinary tract health and happy again!

For example, there are great urinary tract herbs such as bearberry, buchu, crataeva and nettles, all of which help to take the pain and itch out of the urinary tract.  We would combine them with  immune boosting herbs such as golden seal, andrographis, Echinacea.

Vitamin C is a naturopathic must!  We need to flood the urinary tract with vitamin C – a minimum of 280mg per hour so that the excess goes straight to the urinary tract (kidneys and bladder), boosts the immunity, destroys the bacterial or viral particles that are attached to the bladder wall, and effectively stops the biofilm from building up and allowing old viral and bacterial particles to live in it, and wait until our defences are down and then they cause another infection.

NCD zeolite (fully-cleansed): also pulls viral and bacterial particles out of the body so our body doesn’t create ‘biofilm’ for the particles to live in, thereby creating a chronic low level infection that doesn’t show up in blood tests but causes problems.

There are many other things we can do:  Chi Nei Tsang Abdominal Massage;  Boost the immune system with kinesiology; other herbs, other supplements & nutrients.

So yes, we can treat anything, and treat it well!

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Adrenal Fatigue/Chronic Fatigue – Natural Support at New Leaf

Friday, June 14th, 2013

Adrenal Fatigue is such a huge problem in society these days, each person’s history is totally different, and the ability to prescribe a one-off bottle of Adrenotone and fixing it is just about over.

Signs that you may have adrenal fatigue!

1. increased caffeine intake
2. increased snacking to control blood sugar fluctuations
3. increased fatigue
4. increased irritability
5. increased sleep problems If you feel “wired but tired” you likely need some adrenal support.
6. development of any long-term disease
7. ADD, ADHD, inability to think clearly
Some of our favourite supplements and protocols for Adrenal Fatigue are:
1.  Kinesiology for Immune & Endocrine balancing, stress, dealing with traumas
2.  Frequency Specific Microcurrent:  helps to remove toxins caused by inflammation
3.  Remedial Massage, Hot Stone Massage, Relaxing Massage & Infrared Saunas:  increases serotonin levels, reduces inflammatory hormones and helps us to heal
4.  Supplements:
*  Adrenotone – combination of nutrients which help thyroid and adrenal fatigue
*  Ultra Flora Immune, Andro NK, Bactrex, Parex, Costat, Waiora NCD – for those who have a history with infections preceding fatigue
*  Gaba, Proxan, Resilian, Stressan, Relaxan, Estrofactors, Oestroclear – for those with a history of stress/depression/anxiety/hormonal imbalances
*  Resist X, Chromium Plus, MetaPure EPA/DHA, Mitochondrial Complex – balances blood sugar and increases Mitochondrial Function…
*  Lipoic Acid, Glutathione, NCD, Oxidant Protection, non-acidic Vitamin C
We also see signs of exhaustion in a number of our clinical tests including Live Blood Screenings and Bio-impedance Analysis Screenings.
Call us to book an appointment (phone appointments or in-clinic appointments) on 3348 6098
Madonna Guy
Chief Clinician
New Leaf Natural Therapies
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Detox Support Naturally…

Monday, September 17th, 2012

A common story about one of our clients…

Had a client who, using another weight-loss programme lost 33 kilos, incredibly close to her goal weight now. Fantastic right? Well, not so much. Exhausted. Bloated. Aching. Worn out. Allergies. Not sleeping. She had been so excited about getting back into exercise, which she hadn’t done for so many months.

We did a VLA / bioimpedance analysis and found signs of massive levels of toxicity, inflammation,…fluid retention, LOW LEVELS OF MUSCLE MASS, and poor quality muscle tissue. TOO MUCH FAT MASS… So this is called Sarcopenia. This is when we have too much fat, not enough muscle and the body acts as though it is obese.

Imagine 33 kilos of fat mass, releasing all of the toxins, acids, hormones – that had been dumped into the bloodstream and gut over those months…

Without nutritional support for detoxification and VLA’s to monitor the progress – she now has a condition likely to create more health problems.

What did we do for the client below who became toxic after weight loss (not using HCG – but there may be some gems in here for anyone on the weight loss journey)…

It was predominantly her ‘gut’ that was upset after her weight loss – no exercise in many many months, a very low calorie high protein, low carb diet (which loses muscle mass) – BUT she felt great throughout the programme – totally committed and it never occurred to her she would feel like crap once she finished and started re-introducing other foods back into her world. So we are:

1. Using G-Tox (Green formula which is heals leaky gut, alkalises the body, pulls heavy metals from the blood stream, cleanses the kidneys and boosts gut immunity)
2. We’re adding in digestive enzymes. Her gut has totally forgotten how to break down any foods – so we’ve added Digestaid which supports digestion of carbs, sugars, proteins, fruits…
3. We’re supporting liver support. When the gut is shut down, we simply reabsorb toxins back in through the liver. We added Silymarin (liver detoxifier) to start binding with these toxins and support removal from the body.

Other supplements I love for HCG, depending on a person’s individual health issues are:
** Estrofactors or Meta I3C – these are for those who have had oestrogen issues in the past – fibroids, cysts, PMT etc
** NCD Waiora Zeolite – A fully-cleansed form of zeolite which detoxifies the worst toxins from our bloodstream first
** Oxidant Protection – If we do a live blood screening and see toxicity issues – we use this as a fantastic anti-oxidant to remove anti-nutrients!

Madonna Guy ND
New Leaf Natural Therapies
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Testimonial for LEAP: ADD, ADHD, Aspergers, Autism, Learning Problems; Pain Relief; Hormonal Balancing for a whole family!! Everything available here in Wynnum, Brisbane!!

Wednesday, October 6th, 2010

Over the last four years, 12 members of my family, friends, and students have been treated at the New Leaf Natural Therapies Centre run by Madonna Guy and Associates.

Initially I approached Madonna Guy for therapy for my two adopted daughters  both of whom  have severe learning problems due to health problems. A friend, Jen, told me about the clinic because her grandson had had wonderful results with the Leap Programme. Although he seemed just as intelligent as his brother who was a straight A student, he only achieved C’s at school and was totally uninterested in reading.

After just four treatments of the Leap Programme, he began to achieve A marks and began to really enjoy reading. Jen had had severe bowel problems for over 20 years, but Madonna, with her Naturopathic skills and the Leap Programme gave her pain free results.

We gave the whole Leap Programme to our daughter Chrissy who was adopted at 2 years from Brazil, starving and with 4 severe sicknesses that were killing her. She struggled with severe health and learning problems. In grade 2 Chrissy was diagnosed with A.D.H.D with an IQ of 86. Later in grade 7 the QLD Government guidance officer diagnosed her with an IQ of 70-75 (borderline intellectually impaired) with a Reading Age of 8 years.

After 10 Leap treatments her teachers were amazed at the reduction of hyperactivity, improvement in focus and confidence in learning tasks.

At home I was delighted with the marked improvement in household tasks, a new ability to relate to me without tantrums and an ability to show affection towards me for the first time in 10 years.

After the Leap Programme her Reading Age leapt to 12 years. She had previously been diagnosed 8 years 6 months before. In grade 5 in the statewide testing, her Maths came in the bottom 10% to 20%. After Leap in grade 7 in similar testing she performed above average in all areas.

As a mother the change in family stress levels was enormous as a new Chrissy emerged with new confidence and interest in life and learning. Recently our local treating psychologist tested her IQ at 99 with a projected IQ of 118 as her brain function improves. She is now in grade 10.

My elder daughter, Jo, adopted from Korea as a tiny baby, has suffered  from a very severe hormonal imbalance caused by xeno-hormones from toxins received in a factory where her mother worked when Jo was in the womb. Her progesterone levels were 3 at 13 instead of 20 – 100which is normal. This caused excessive and at times uncontrollable bleeding and  necessity of artificial hormones from our gynecologist to try to control the condition which had awful side effects including such severe depression that she was given an antidepressant so she could tolerate the drugs stopping the bleeding. After we changed to natural progesterone cream, her condition slowly improved, but her extremely heavy periods still came every 20 – 23 days. Madonna gave her a product to detox her body, called Zeolite (Natural Cellular Defense – the only one Madonna will use).

Within 2mths she had a normal 28 day cycle. Part of her condition was total exhaustion. At 13 she was referred to a heart specialist. He found that her heart was so strained because of such low levels of oxygen to all the cells in her body caused by the progesterone deficiency, that she had developed a heart murmur.

Recently whilst in hospital, the oxygen levels in her red blood cells were tested at 99%, very high indeed. The heart murmur was no longer present. Her body healed itself when the toxins were removed.

So impressed was I, by these results, I asked Madonna if she could give me a few treatments of the Leap Programme. 18 years ago I had 8 ½ hours of radical neurosurgery for a massive brain tumor on my brain stem and behind my spinal cord. Although I had had three books published and a number of children’s songs before surgery, my life now changed totally. Due to damaged nerves in my brain, my life was controlled by pain and trauma as I struggled emotionally to survive through life with my much longed for adopted daughters but with a damaged body and brain.

In Madonna’s first treatment she discovered that I was operating in survival mode with my brain functioning on the logic side. Gone was all my creativity and relaxation I had enjoyed as a teacher in special education and in mainstream teaching. Madonna not only gave me three treatments but she also taught me brain integration exercises which Chrissy and I used daily after our relaxation therapy together.

I had begun tutoring as teaching has always been one of the joys of my life. My sister, a counsellor at a most prestigious private school, rang me about a little boy needing tutoring. The little boy (Peter) after a year at school had uncontrollable behaviour and could not read at all. His mother was searching for a tutor to help her son over the Christmas holidays.

Peter was already on large doses of dexamphetamine for A.D.H.D but the school could not deal with him unless he was placed on an antidepressant. We decided that I would tutor him three mornings every week and he would have the Leap Programme 1 day a week.

He had been recently diagnosed with Aspergers Disease and his treating paediatrician felt a special school for intellectually impaired children might be a better solution.

As I began working with Peter, I realised that he was a highly intelligent boy with very mature language development but severe brain dysfunction.

After a few Leap treatments I began to realise his potential and interests. I began to capture his imagination. Learning for him had meant fear, trauma, and failure but we were able to change this attitude to fun, fun, fun and success! His treating specialist was totally amazed after 3mths as his Reading Age had improved 2 years and he was so stable even without antidepressants he could cope in his classroom.

The work he received on his Brain Function and his new desire to achieve allowed his reading to accelerate to his real potential so that in 8mths this little grade 2 boy tested at R.A. 11.5 years performing at grade 6 standard.

Many of my students have now received help with the Leap Programme. For me, new horizons have opened up as my tutoring business expands.

At present I am writing a new book which is very practical introducing parents to all the therapies I have found to be most helpful with teaching children with Autism, Aspergers Disease, A.D.H.D., brilliant children and Down Syndrome children .

I heard from a friend’s child recently about her daughter that had auditory processing problems and struggled with Reading and Phonics when I was tutoring her in grade 1. She went to Madonna for treatment with health problems and also had 7 Leap Treatments. She is at a private school giving wonderful support in learning problems. She is now in grade 9 receiving A’s and B’s for assignments and is very motivated to succeed. She is aiming to be a vet; her horizons have opened.

As tutoring and helping children with learning problems is my passion, I can tell you dozens of other success stories. If you choose help with the Leap Programme, your child will Leap over problems in learning.

Marj Lumley.

Zeolite – Waiora Natural Cellular Defense: Why is it so different from normal detoxification methods?

Thursday, September 9th, 2010

Natural Cellular Defense: Why is it so different from normal detoxification methods?

NCD activated Zeolite is a revolutionary new detoxification product: the ONLY fully cleansed zeolite product available.

I feel it is important to understand what makes this product so different from other means of detoxification.

Traditional detoxification methods like dietary change, take the pressure off the bodies detoxification pathways by giving the body less work to do.

Vitamins, minerals, herbal extracts and other nutritional based detoxifiers support and improve our bodies built in detox pathways of the liver and within our cells.

Traditionally mixing the two together, i.e. dietary changes and supplementation can lead to fat loss; this allows toxins that have been stored in the fat to be released into circulation. With the additional support of the supplements it is more possible for the body to detoxify these toxins and have them removed from the body before they are stored again.

Natural Cellular Defense has an indirect effect on these pathways by mopping up the toxic load on the body, but its true revolutionary affect is that it

Bypasses these pathways and interacts directly with the circulating and stored toxins in the body.

Within its cage shaped structure there are negative charges that create an ionic transfer with small highly charged molecules. In our bodies these particles are heavy metals, viral and immune compounds.

So as the NCD travels through our bodies it just starts interacting with the highest charged toxins first. NCD encages the toxin in its structure, which renders the toxin inert, so there is no damage to the cells of the body during transportation through the body and elimination via the kidneys.

This is quite revolutionary, as the Zeolites bypass our traditional means of detoxification. In doing this stored toxins that may otherwise never be removed begin to be mopped up by the NCD.  For a person who has a defect in their detoxification pathways which leads an individual to accumulate more of a toxic burden than average, this is a long awaited product. These people now have a product that can reduce significantly the toxic load of their body. Where as before these individuals tend to get sicker and sicker struggling to live on planet earth in the modern environment. Now with the removal of their toxic burden their bodies can begin to heal, biochemical pathways that were once blocked begin to unblock and proper function can start to return.

Symptoms that these people often experience are:


Chronic Fatigue




Chronic Pain


Tenderness and generalized soreness of their body

Chemical sensitivities

Intolerance to chemical smells

Feeling nauseous around chemicals

Poor health and immunity

Constant sore throats

Frequents colds

Heal poorly

Difficulty thinking and understanding things

The other revolutionary things about NCD is that it has been shown to remove Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC’s) from the body such as




Methylene Chloride







This list comprises the top ten VOC that NCD has an affinity for, there are other chemicals that are also removed.

These chemicals are removed in a different way to heavy metals, it has been shown that the zeolite molecules in time, after clearing a lot of the heavy metal load of the body start to sandwich these VOC toxins between themselves, to remove the compounds from the body.

This again is quite revolutionary because some chemicals like Dioxins are flat molecules. Our bodies have known receptors for flat molecules, so essentially these toxins are unseen by our body. They then end up in our neural tissue and cellulite, interfering with our nervous system and hormonal pathways. The only way they have ever been shown to move from our bodies are with females. Dioxins have been shown to cross the placenta into unborn children and are also detectable in breast milk. So essentially in its own tragic way this decreases the mother’s burden of these toxins.

So for the first time we have at our availability a product that can remove dioxin from the body which is considered in general the most toxic substance that we accumulate.

Just to note they have taken biopsies of Eskimos who have never seen a pesticide or a bleached product (main dioxin causing chemicals ) and they have dioxin residues within their fat, there is not a person on the planet free from dioxin poisoning.

So with these direct detoxifying effects the pressure is taken off the liver and intracellular detox pathways, so these pathways can naturally function better.

A secondary detoxification effect also happens in the body as the toxicity gradients start to change.

An example of toxicity gradients is Mercury toxicity. If a person has Mercury amalgam fillings they will be emitting a certain amount of Mercury constantly into the bloodstream, so there is a constant amount of mercury in the bloodstream. This creates a gradient and as the vaporized mercury continues there is a point where the blood level gradient moves the mercury into the tissues of the body. So before NCD it was very difficult to detoxify someone of Mercury as they were constantly vaporizing mercury into their bloodstream and forcing it into their tissues. So on the removal of the amalgam fillings the blood level drops and the gradient reverses allowing a movement of mercury from the tissues back out into the bloodstream.

So the secondary detoxification affect of NCD works in the same way. As the soft tissues of your body are cleaned the gradients which have forced heavy metals deeper into your body, i.e. into your bones, changes and these deeply stored toxins start to move from the bone back into the bloodstream.

This is why it is important to take the NCD at a detox dose for a reasonable amount of time and then continue on a maintenance dose, because at a level you cannot see there is a deeper detoxification process continuing to occur that needs to be supported.

Madonna Guy ND

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Why Detox? Is it really necessary??

Thursday, September 9th, 2010

Why Detox??  Is detoxification really necessary?

Many of us are oblivious to the amount of toxins we breathe in, digest, and create daily.  Estimates range up to 70,000 toxins that we breathe in daily, and up to 10,000 that we ingest.  The humble shiny green apple has between 36-70 chemicals just to make it shiny!  Our power plants (there are 23 in Australia and 100’s throughout the world) release 4000 tonnes of mercury into the atmosphere every year.  No wonder our waterways have fish, known to be full of mercury and other toxins…

If we have ANY health problems, there’s over a 90% chance our inflammation, acidity, toxicity can be helped through detoxing.  Many doctors say 100% are caused by toxicity of numerous kinds. Our body’s simply can’t catch up with the amounts of toxins in the environment, and release them all.

There are viral and bacterial connections to many chronic health problems, fungal and candida connections to just about every disease.  Everything from arthritis to glandular fever, chronic fatigue to hashimotos, asthma to ulcers, has been linked to a gut problem, where these infections find a home base to live – not a good thing!

For someone who has allergic symptoms: sneezing, runny nose, sinusitis, rashes, hayfever, itches, often we have stored toxins, which are positively charged and creating inflammation.  Everytime our nose runs and our eyes itch, not only are there toxins plaguing our already unhappy body, but we are also storing inflammatory hormones, and often the drugs we use to treat these problems.

With aspergers, autism, ADD, ADHD there are links to heavy metals and allergens.  There are numerous studies which show high levels of heavy metals in hair mineral analysis, along with large amounts of stress hormones, such as cortisol and adrenalin, running through the system. Nearly all show intolerances to wheat and dairy.  The organs of elimination and digestion simply don’t have the capacity to break them down properly.

In issues associated with weight loss, it is a well established fact that people who detoxify lose weight faster and don’t reach the hump that others reach.  Fat tissue also creates at least 30 inflammatory substances, all of which then need to be stored in the body, often in the fat tissue, once again.

With inflammatory conditions such as arthritis and osteoporosis, it is often shown that large amounts of toxins are attached to the bone cells.  This creates inflammation and causes degenerations to the area.

WHAT CAN WE DO?  The most universal detox product of all, which only detoxes and has no other function, is Waiora Natural Cellular Defense Zeolite product.  Ask Madonna for more information:  Email at or phone: 0417 643 849 / 3348 6098

We also have full detoxification programmes which work through the body organ by organ and take the toxic load out of our systems!


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For more information on the product, including its history and scientific basis,   or assistance with the ordering process, please call Madonna Guy at New Leaf Natural Therapies on 0417 643 849 or 3348 6098 or email