Madonna’s thoughts on weight loss ‘The Biggest Loser’

April 11th, 2017

So, have you been watching parts of The Biggest Loser – Tranformation?

I always watch bits and pieces of it – and am constantly reminded how hard it is to lose weight.  These are people taken from their daily lives, with no distractions, who get really disappointed with their weight loss – if it’s ‘ONLY’ a kilo, or two, or three – per week.  These people are not given the appreciation of what it really means to lose this weight.

I know TV is just about the numbers, but here re some things that are NEVER mentioned on the show, which frustrate the hell out of me!  You’ve got to remember when we ae losing weight we are shifting our entire body composition.  Here are some overall body shifts that happen throughout weight loss:

  • As we remove inflammatory foods (grains, sugars, alcohol, breads, cereals, soft-drinks, diet drinks (aspartame) our body has the ability to become more hydrated.  As we become more hydrated we are weighing more – in every cell in our body!
  • As we increase herbal and water we are adding water-weight to our total weigh-in.  Water is anti-inflammatory.  We are aiming to have more than 50% of fluid INSIDE the cells…  When we have less than 50% of fluid inside the cells our cells are oozing nutrients – we’re not shifting what we need to shift.  Oestrogen, for women (or men with lots of tummy fat) is inflammatory and hinders our ability to hydrate our cells, therefore men will often have 55%-65% of fluid inside their cells easily (on a crappy diet) whereas women struggle to get 50-55%.  But we do see the increase slowly but surely as clients do weight loss processes along with detoxification
  • We gain muscle mass!  These people on these shows often start their journeys with an incredibly low level of muscle mass.  Therefore as they are changing their diet, doing heaps of exercise, weights, training – they may be building muscle mass.   As we increase the muscle quality and the muscle mass (you have to create micro-damage in the muscles in order to create more muscle mass) our cellular energy starts to increase.  This also improves the heart quality as well, simultaneously.

These 3 factors are really important to consider when losing weight.  It’s easy to get disheartened.  Our VLA BioImpedance Screening process will let you know EXACTLY what is going on in your body at a cellular level!

Some people are lucky enough to be able to lose weight easily when they put their mind to it – but many of us aren’t that lucky.  Talk to us about ways we can support your weight loss journey today.

Madonna Guy ND
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HCG Challenges and Struggles – ‘side-effects’ of the detoxification process on HCG

March 24th, 2017

It doesn’t happen very often, but occasionally someone struggles with detox-side-effects of HCG…

We have a client at the moment who’s really struggling…. dizziness, tiredness, exhaustion. Why? Many people have heaps of energy on HCG due to the fact that as we’re releasing brown fat lots of minerals and vitamins are being released (it’s brown because of iron, zinc etc etc) BUT it also holds toxins.

Fat is an insulator. Our bloodstream is constantly removing toxins and either trying to remove them or storing them in our fat mass (if our organs of detoxification …are sluggish).  This is a good thing – until we detoxifiy – then we need to support our organs of detoxification so that we can move forwards safely.

Dizziness, tiredness and exhaustion are generally a side-effect due to toxins being released back out into the bloodstream from the brown fat.

– As insulin is released from the tummy fat, we can get highs and lows of blood sugar – making us feel cranky and moody, hungry and challenged.

– As heavy metals are released from brown fat, they can bind with our minerals like magnesium, calcium, potassium – which can inhibit our body from relaxing our muscles and nerves, giving us cramps and muscle twitches and somtimes nerve pain.

– Fat (like cholesterol) that is known to store on capillary and artery walls doesn’t attach to the capilliaries or arteries unless it’s full of toxins – heavy metals, bacterial and viral particles, insulin… so as we get into deeper rounds of HCG and start moving this type of fat we can release old infections and feel a little sick or fluey (if the immune system isn’t coping with the levels of toxins being released).

So, our favourite supplements during HCG are:

Metagenics G-Tox: supports kidney and gut detoxification, breaks down biofilm, alkalises and supports gut healing. Detoxification takes a long time – don’t think it’s an overnight thing or you’ll be disappointed.

Chromium Plus; Gluco Balance; Gymnema; Resist X; Lipoic Acid: if our insulin is out of whack on HCG we need at least 3-6 daily of one or a combination of these. Losing weight with these supplements can not only reduce the risk of type 2 diabetes but sometimes reverse it completely once your cells heal!

Adrenotone, Meta B Complex, Resist X, ThyroBalance, N Acetyl Carnitine: if our body is struggling making energy – these supplements can all help improve energy.

Bactrex; Andro NK; Andrographis; Ultra Probioplex:  boosts and supports improved immunity and sops up viral and bacteria particles that are released during the HCG process from biofilm and fat mass

NCD Zeolites; NAC; Lipoic Acid: all help support the release of heavy metals from the body: which are linked to chronic fatigue and fibromyalgia, joint pain, inability to have good energy

O-Clear, Meta I-3-C; T-Clear: supports the release of toxic oestrogens or testosterones which are linked to many cancers.

Obviously we also do many testing processes that help us to know exactly what’s going on in your body:

Insulin Resistance (how well your body is coping with blood sugar issues)

Blood – looking at a drop of your blood to see signs of toxins, immune deficiencies, liver stress and gut challenges.

OligoScan – heavy metal levels and mineral levels.

Give us a call and have a chat. 3348 6098

Heart Disease protected by physical activity. What a surprise haha!

February 15th, 2017
New Leaf Natural Therapies

Alcohol Heart Disease and Exercise chart

So I know that during consolidation the occasional glass of exercise is fine (weight wise).  But check out this study that shows the higher levels we do of exercise, the more protected we are from heart disease.  It makes sense since people who exercise at higher intensity and more often, usually drink more water, have better blood supply around the body, often take supplements (that support heart function and energy) like magnesium, coenzyme Q10 and anti-oxidants, and generally live a ‘healthier’ lifestyle.  Also, the quality of our muscle mass improves with exercise – and your heart is a big muscle!!!
Ask about our VLA BioImpedance Screening; Insulin Resistance Test and OligoScan testing to find out the quality of your muscles and how your heart/cardiovascular system is tracking…
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Australia’s Healthy Weight Week 13th-19th February 2017

February 14th, 2017

We all know that being overweight is unhealthy.  But many don’t realise the complete list of health issues that can come from being over or under weight … it’s all about how out of balance we are.  We can support everything to do with weight loss or weight gain – how long it takes depends on how out of balance we are!

For example, here’s a few crucial ideas and concepts:

  • Healthy BMI (Body Mass Index) is 20-24.99
  • Overweight BMI is 25-29.99
  • Obese BMI is 30-39.99.     (This is 20% more than highest optimal weight)
  • Morbidly Obese BMI is over 40
  • And yes, footballers and weight lifters are an obvious group who we would look at the VLA carefully, as they’re huge but not obese!
  • SUCKED IN your abdomen should be less than 32.5 inches / 82.55 cm for women OR 34.5 inches / 87.6 cm for men


Our VLA BioImpedance Screening shows us where your body is sitting.  But there’s more to it than that (what a surprise!!)  You can be a ‘healthy overweight person’ if your fat cells aren’t toxic and if your muscles aren’t marbled with fat.  But once the body is inflamed, it eats away at the muscle mass and creates fat tissue.  We would recommend our VLA BioImpedance Screening; Insulin Resistance Testing; and OligoScan to check this out.

Sarcopoenic Obesity:

This is where we are ‘skinny fat’.  Not enough muscle, too much fat.  It adds to how ‘out of balance’ we are.  You know you see young girls these days who have pale, marbled skin (as opposed to muscley).  They often (according to VLA BioImpedance Screening) are the correct weight and BMI but coming to us for low energy, poor immunity, inability to concentrate, cranky and hormonal!!  Well, problems associated with Sarcopoenic Obesity are:

  • less muscle mass, therefore less ATP (energy molecules).  The less muscle mass, the less cellular energy being created.
  • poor hormonal balance – we need a combination of protein (muscle); fats and nutrients to make hormones:  the body can eat away muscle mass to create hormones if our diet is deficient
  • hard to diagnose or recognise (if you don’t know a practitioner with a VLA!) since these people are often healthy weight.
  • we can also be obese (more than 20% of optimal weight) and have a huge deficit of muscle mass
  • if the COMBINATION of excess fat PLUS how much muscle you need to gain, adds up to 20% of your weight – you get the same health issues as being obese.

Obesity – 20% more than highest healthy weight

  • historically our bodies gain fat to keep us alive
  • therefore, it’s linked to survival
  • therefore, it’s linked to an overactive adrenal system; a slowed down thyroid system, poor liver and digestive function, inability to store fluid in the cells.  It gets to the point where even when life is good, the stress hormones being released (all the time) make it harder and harder to feel happy and optimistic.
  • abdominal/visceral fat particularly is linked to releasing AT LEAST 32 inflammatory hormones at all times!
  • abdominal fat constantly releases fatty acids into the bloodstream which overloads the liver and small intestines
  • these fatty acids make our body more acidic; are linked to mineral deficiencies; leaky gut and poor immunity
  • obesity increases the risk of all disease including heart disease; cancer; diabetes; dementia and stress
  • obesity is linked to anxiety, chronic illness, stress and insomnia
  • losing just 5-7 kg increases fertility by 10-20%

Talk to us about weight balance and what we can do:

  • Foundations of Health Naturopathic Programme to support weight loss/gain; detoxification; improvement of chronic disease
  • Fat Loss Programme / Fat Loss Testing Bundle
  • Kinesiology and Acupuncture for stress; sabotage and motivation
  • HCG Weight Loss Programme
  • Shake It Weight Loss Programme
  • Foundations of Health Testing Bundle

Initial Special offers:

  • Ask about our VLA BioImpedance / Insulin Resistance Testing Bundles
  • Ask about our OligoScan / Consult Combination specials (heavy metals and mineral levels)
  • Ask about us looking at a drop of your blood / consult combo
  • Ask about our special offers for your initial kinesiology or acupuncture or massage sessions…

take care,

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Tuina Massage – Robert Coombs at New Leaf Natural Therapies

January 11th, 2017
Tuina Chinese Remedial MassageI know it’s always a challenge trying a new technique if you don’t know what it is.  I’ve had lots of massage over the past 22 years, but I didn’t know what to expect – TuiNa Chinese Remedial Massage is definitely a deep-tissue remedial massage.  I’ve had issues with my shoulders and neck and lower back problems for several years – feet problems forever (several big sprains 25 years ago) so I was curious as to how ‘specific’ the process was.This Chinese therapy makes use of rhythmic compression techniques along different energy channels of the body to establish harmonious flow of Qi throughout the body and bringing it back to balance. It works deeply with the positive energy of the body.Robert found and worked on all my sore spots – and some I didn’t know were there!  Obviously the trick to a great massage is communication with your massage therapist – make sure you chat about the strength on different parts of your body – you may be able to handle deep tissue on your spine, but not on your legs, for example.I would highly recommend TuiNa Chinese Remedial Massage and I’ll be booking again this week.  As Robert is also an acupuncturist, you can choose a longer session and have a combination of both!

About TuiNa Massage

Tui Na makes use of various hand techniques in combination with acupuncture and other manipulation techniques. Many of the techniques used in this massage resemble that of a western massage like gliding, kneading, vibration, tapping, friction, pulling, rolling, pressing and shaking. In Tui Na massage, the muscles and tendons are massaged with the help of hands, and an acupressure technique is applied to directly affect the flow of Qi at different acupressure points of the body, thus facilitating the healing process. It removes the blockages and keeps the energy moving through the meridians as well as the muscles.

This technique is very beneficial in reducing the pain of neck, shoulders, hips, back, arms, highs, legs and ankle disorders. It is a very effective therapy for arthritis, pain, sciatica and muscle spasms. Other benefits of this massage therapy include alleviation of the stress related disorders like insomnia, constipation, headaches and other disorders related to digestive, respiratory and reproductive systems.

The greatest advantage of Tui Na is that it focuses on maintaining overall balance with both physical and mental health. Any one who wants to avoid the side effects of drugs or a chemical based treatment can adopt this effective massage technique to alleviate their pain. Tui Na massage therapy is now becoming a more common therapy method due to its focus on specific problems rather than providing a general treatment.

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Bowel motions on HCG

November 18th, 2016
Obviously bowel motions (yep, let’s just say it!) can and will affect your morning weights… If your bowels are a little sluggish on HCG:
* ensure you’re drinking enough water
* make sure you’re getting all your veggies in
* make sure you’re exercising (walking, swimming, yoga) – movement stimulates peristalsis in the intestines
* make sure you’re not drinking too much black coffee or black tea (these can dehydrate the bowels in some blood groups)
* make sure you’re not drinking aspartame filled soft drinks – toxic!!
* we can help you with natural non-toxic supplements such as Cascara complex; lipoplex; lipogen; probiotics to support happy poop!
*  sometimes detoxification is necessary – toxins can ‘dry up’ the bowels through inflammation – my favourites on HCG are G-Tox (Green powder with kidney, lymph and gut detox support); Fully cleansed zeolites and really high dose anti-oxidants.
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What are Steak Days on HCG and Why are they So Effective??

November 7th, 2016
NewLeafNaturalTherapies HCG WeightLossSTEAK/SALMON DAYS!

In HCG’s Phase 3 / Consolidation, we are introduced to the “Steak Day.” On any day in Phase 3 that you weigh yourself and notice that you have gone more than 900grams (approx 2 lbs.) above the weight you ended Phase 2 at, you go to Steak Day. So, what is this Steak Day and what will it do for you?

Phase 3 gives you 3 weeks to stabilize your weight. If you gain more than 900gr…ams (approx 2 lbs) during phase 3, you have probably:

? Eaten something your body reacted badly to (causing fluid retention,)
? Eaten foods outside the Phase 3 dietary guidelines (starches, alcohol or sugars)
? Need to evaluate your portion sizes.

Whichever of these is the source of the problem, a Steak Day will give you a day to reset and get back on-track again.

Always consider booking in at New Leaf for a VLA BioImpedance Screening which will let us know your levels of fat mass, muscle mass and inflammatory fluid in the body. 3348 6098

Steak Day Specifics

? Eat nothing during the day.
? Drink plenty of water / clear soups / herbal teas / black coffee
? Evening meal — eat as much as you comfortably can of a large, lean-cut of steak or salmon, with nothing else (you can use salt).
? A couple of hours later in the evening, you may eat either one medium-sized apple or one tomato.

Why nothing but water until the evening meal?

? If your weight gain is from something your body is reacting poorly to, then not eating during the day and drinking plenty of water will help give your body a way to flush your system.
? If you over-ate or ate food outside the Phase 3 guidelines, not eating will create a considerable calorie deficit. The energy source your body will turn to will largely consist of body fat.

Why eat a large steak?

? It provides a large amount of slow-digesting protein than your body will need for cellular repair later at night, while you are sleeping.
? You won’t go to bed hungry. The fact that slow-digesting proteins are good appetite suppressors is supported by a lot of research.
? Meat proteins have a high thermic effect (around 30.) This means that a significant amount of calories are burned just digesting your steak…which is definitely a bonus!

Why eat an apple or tomato later in the evening?

? It ensures you eat a maximum amount of protein. If you ate an apple with your meal, you wouldn’t have as much room for your steak.
? It provides your body with fiber and enzymes to keep the large amount of protein you just consumed moving through your digestive system. If you have trouble with constipation, an apple is for you!
? Your body digests protein at a much slower rate than fruits and vegetables. Even if you chew the steak carefully, it will still sit in your stomach acid for a few hours before it is digested sufficiently to be released to your intestinal tract. Eating an apple or tomato a few hours later ensures that everything moves through your digestive tract together, instead of having your apple or tomato ferment in your stomach acids and cause uncomfortable gas.

Do I have to eat the apple or tomato at the end of the Steak Day?

No, you don’t have to eat the apple or tomato at the end of the steak day. This is optional—you only use it if you need it. You may not even want it if you eat a large enough portion of steak. However, if you struggle with constipation, eating a bit less meat and sending an apple along to escort that meat through your system is probably a wise choice…

Can I do a Steak Day if I have gained some, but still less than 2 lbs. (900g)?

It’s not recommended to do a steak day when you’ve gained less than 2 lbs (1kg), and here’s why: You are training your body to stabilize the existing weight, and training yourself to interact with food in a way that allows your body to do so. The danger of going on a steak day if you have not gained more than 2 lbs., is that you are falling back to an extremely low cal diet to maintain your weight, rather than training your body to sustain this weight with regular, healthy eating. This is particularly important in Phase 3.

Can I do more than one Steak Day in a row?

Yes, but never more than two. Without the hCG in your system, more than two Steak Days in a row is actually counterproductive in Phase 3, as you risk slowing your metabolism. One Steak Day should give you what you need. However, if it is not enough, it is usually a more effective strategy to do one Steak Day, then give your body a break before you come back the next week for another one. This approach is the best for Phase 3 as you seek to stabilize and maintain what you’ve earned. Again, if you feel the need to really reset, and want to do more than one steak day in a row, just limit it to two days, and don’t repeat it again until the following week, if needed. You want to keep your metabolism up, and without the hCG in your system, too low of calories for an extended period of time can slow your metabolism down and ultimately cause weight gain.

I missed my Steak Day timeframe. Can I do it at a later time?

Yes, although it may not be quite as effective as the day after you hit the 900g/two pound gain mark, it is still beneficial. If you watch your calories and increase your physical activity levels, it is our experience that you will often naturally drop back to your end-Phase 2 weight, as long as you don’t let things get out of hand for more than a couple of days.

Is Steak Day effective in Phase 4/Life?

Absolutely! Fasting/Steak days bring our body back into balance quickly and effectively!

eating healthy food at New Leaf Natural Therapies.  3349 6098

HCG Rapid Weight Loss Diet FAQ

July 29th, 2016

HCG Diet Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

HCG is a hormone that is naturally produced in the body. HCG diet drops are a relatively new product based on the classic diet protocol developed by Dr. Simeons in the 1950s. The HCG diet protocol has been used by thousands, perhaps hundreds of thousands of people, to effectively tell the body to use stored fat as energy and help individuals lose weight.

Many people who hear of HCG diet drops and the HCG diet for the first time have questions. Following are some of the most common questions we hear.

Is HCG safe?

HCG diet drops are completely safe to take. HCG is a hormone naturally produced in women during pregnancy. Many pregnant women experience incredibly high surges of HCG with no adverse effects. Some HCG dieting products contain small amounts of HCG, with a correspondingly small risk of side effects. Other HCG dieting products do not contain any HCG, but are specially designed to mimic the HCG hormone, resulting in shedding of excess weight with no side effects from the HCG product itself.

Will HCG make men feminized?

HCG is a hormone produce by women during pregnancy. It’s also used as a medication to promote fertility in women. A less well known use of HCG is to promote sexual development in boys with underdeveloped gonads. But regardless of HCG’s uses, the amount of HCG that is used for weight loss is too small to have such effects anyway. Men will not become feminized by using HCG for weight loss.

Who can use the HCG diet?

Almost all individuals, male, female, old and young are able to use the HCG diet, with some exceptions. People who should not use the HCG diet include: those with a BMI less than 20, pregnant or nursing women, children under the age of 18, and anyone with serious health problems (for example, heart disease, cancer, kidney disease, liver problems, or type one diabetes). You should always check with a naturopath at New Leaf before starting any diet or exercise program.

Can I just get on a low calorie diet without HCG?

On the HCG diet, you will be eating just 450-500 calories a day while taking HCG diet drops. HCG diet drops are intended to decrease hunger and prevent common symptoms of very low calorie diets, all while recalibrating your hypothalamus and your metabolism. You can eat just 500 calories a day without taking HCG diet drops, but you will simply be starving yourself—it’s miserable. If you go on a diet that has you eating more calories, you most likely will not lose as much weight. For best results, HCG and the 500 calorie diet are both required.

What about hunger on the 500-calorie diet?

Many experience no hunger at all on the HCG diet. Hunger can occur in the first week or two of the HCG diet; however, after about the second week, even very small portions will likely start to make you feel full. This is due to the huge amounts of calories your body is getting from its stored fat reserves. Hunger during the first week can often be eliminated by following the two initial loading days properly. Occasional hunger during the rest of the diet can occur, but there are strategies to deal with it effectively.

Why is there so much controversy over the HCG diet?

There are a few reasons for controversy. First, HCG has never been approved for weight loss. However, Dr. Simeons’ diet has many thousands of success stories, leading doctors prescribe it to their patients off-label and encouraging dieters to seek out alternative products like homeopathic HCG. The bottom line is that the diet really works for many people.

Secondly, the fact that the HCG diet is a very low calorie diet causes some heartburn among conservative nutritionists and doctors. But the truth is that very low calorie diets that provide high-quality protein and proper nutrition (like the HCG diet) have been shown to be perfectly safe for healthy individuals. The best HCG suppliers will provide multivitamin supplements along with the diet, as well as higher-calorie plans for those who need or desire them.

Finally, many individuals have known of weight loss scams and are skeptical of anything that might just be a fad. But fad or not, you can’t argue with results. As with most things in life, there is no one size fits all diet. HCG works for a lot of people. Maybe it will work for you, too.

HCG Diet and Exercise: recommendations and guidelines

July 29th, 2016

HCG Diet and Exercise: Guidelines, Warnings and Recommendations

Weight gain during HCG is frustrating – this is why we recommend VLA BioImpedance Screenings every week or two so that you KNOW what is going on in your body….  This article explains WHY we can have a temporary weight gain with exercise.  Knowledge is power.  Know what is going on in your body – and then the motivation will continue!

As with most things, there are multiple views on whether exercise should be incorporated as part of the HCG diet. Even among those who do recommend exercise, there is no consensus on the intensity, duration, frequency, and types of exercise that should be included.

On the HCG diet it is completely possible to lose a significant amount of weight with very little exercise, or even without exercising at all. In fact, some clinics and practitioners recommend absolutely no exercise. For many dieters, especially those who detest physical activity, this is one of their favorite features of the HCG diet. Many dieters have been told that told repeatedly that their weight problems are mostly caused by laziness or lack of exercise. It can certainly feel relieving to be “allowed” or advised to avoid exercise.

The extra fat deposits you are trying to rid yourself of through the HCG diet are great deposits of energy. While on the HCG diet, your body will be breaking down these deposits. The presence of HCG allows this breakdown to occur more easily. Vigorous exercise demands quickly available energy. Even though your body will have a lot of potential energy from fat deposits more readily available, the energy from it cannot be metabolized quickly enough to supply heavily utilized muscles.

Most HCG dieters will track their weight closely. Weighing in daily, or sometimes multiple times per day. Increases in weight during phase 2 of the HCG diet can be alarming. How can you gain weight when only consuming 500 calories in a day?! The breakdown of muscles that occurs from intense workouts can and usually will cause inflammation in the affected muscles. Your body will absorb additional water to aid in the repair of these muscles and this extra water can easily show up in increased weight from one day to the next. The weight will almost always level out over time, but the psychological effect of the temporary weight increase can be difficult for dieters.

Dr. Simeons recommended only light exercise such as walking and light biking. This exercise should only be done at low intensity and for fairly short periods of time. He noted the weight gain caused by vigorous exercise in this way:

“…the weight can temporarily increase — paradoxical though this may sound — after an exceptional physical exertion of long duration leading to a feeling of exhaustion. A game of tennis, a vigorous swim, a run, a ride on horseback or a round of golf do not have this effect; but a long trek, a day of skiing, rowing or cycling or dancing into the small hours usually result in a gain of weight on the following day, unless the patient is in perfect training. In patients coming from abroad, where they always use their cars, we often see this effect after a strenuous day of shopping on foot, sightseeing and visits to galleries and museums. Though the extra muscular effort involved does consume some additional calories, this appears to be offset by the retention of water which the tired circulation cannot at once eliminate.”

Dr. Simeons also noted that patients who insisted on exercising vigorously while on the program often overate because of exercise-induced hunger, stalling weight loss or even leading to weight gain. Many practitioners and dieters take this statement to mean that all exercise is forbidden during phase 2.

Exercise is not forbidden but must be undertaken with great care during the strict diet (Core Phase or Phase 2). Deliberate workouts during the HCG diet should be tailored to each individual’s capabilities. Each person will have a different level of fitness, different strengths, different preferences, and different abilities.

A dieter with a body that is already accustomed to intense exercise will be able to handle exercise much more easily than one who is very out of shape. A fit body will not sustain as much intramuscular damage and its associated inflammatory effects from exercise that a non-fit body would.

In general it is good to take a very cautious approach to exercise while on the HCG diet. You will be taking in very little food, very little fuel for your body to use to power your muscles during exercise. Fat will be released and metabolized for energy, but carbohydrates are a much more easily and quickly metabolized fuel. They are the body’s main source of energy especially during very intense and very long duration exercise. Without them, exhaustion and fatigue occur much more quickly, often along with dizziness and shortness of breath. Another side effect of lack of carbohydrates during vigorous exercise is an extremely strong feeling of hunger, usually with cravings for carbohydrate-laden foods. All of this can work together synergistically against the dieter. An exhausted, light-headed person has a much harder time resisting the body’s increased demands for carbohydrate rich foods!

If you are used to intense exercise already, you can try to continue with what your are doing, but most likely you will lack the necessary energy and/or will not recover as quickly as usual while you are on phase 2 of the HCG diet. If you are not used to intense exercise, do not attempt it during the HCG diet!

If you are used to light or moderate exercise, you may continue as before, possibly shortening the duration or intensity of your workouts as necessary. As with intense exercisers, watch for overtraining and energy levels. Dial down your training if you see any signs of it.

If you are not used to exercise, now is probably not the best time to start.

Some Sample Exercises During Phase 2

Low Intensity (OK for everyone, but always monitor for signs of overtraining)

  • Walking
  • Bicycling
  • Yoga
  • Gentle swimming
  • Lawn mowing

    Medium Intensity (Only for those already accustomed to medium intensity workouts monitor for overtraining)

  • Jogging
  • Snow shoveling
  • Lap swimming
  • Moving furniture

    High intensity (Not Generally Recommended for Phase 2 of HCG Diet)

  • Heavy weight training
  • Running
  • Crossfit
  • Triathlons
  • Sprinting

WINTER: Colds, flu, coughs and sniffles! There’s help at New Leaf 3348 6098

July 26th, 2016

Focus On: Issue 3 2016

Winter is typically the season of colds, flu, coughs and sniffles, but it doesn’t have to be. In this article, we shall discuss how to avoid and ameliorate the acute respiratory infections characteristic of this time of year.

Build Your Defences

If there is such a thing as an “immunity nutrient”, then it has to be zinc. Zinc levels are tightly regulated and when this mechanism is disturbed, zinc availability is reduced, leading to immune impairment.4 Zinc deficiency affects the survival, proliferation and maturation of all cells involved in both innate and adaptive immunity (monocytes, neutrophils, natural killer-, T-, and B-cells).T cell functions, and the balance between the different T helper cell subsets, are particularly susceptible to changes in zinc status. Even slight deficiency causes polarization of immunity to pro-atopic Th2 dominance, with loss of antiviral defence.6 Zinc with Vitamin C Powder provides therapeutic levels of zinc with additional nutrients such as vitamin C and betacarotene, for the ultimate nutritional combination for prophylactic and acute immune support.

Feverish Counterattack

Fever is the first part of the body’s counterattack. As soon as an infection is detected, cytokines are generated which trigger the liver to commence the acute phase response (APR), part of which involves the production of acute phase proteins (APPs) that prepare the body for defence. Although nonspecific, the APR is central to the innate immune response, helping to prevent infection, clear potential pathogens, initiate inflammatory processes, and contribute to resolution and the healing process.

One of the defences activated by the APR is the generation of heat to raise body temperature, i.e., fever. The increased body temperature impairs invader metabolism, such as viral replication, and up-regulates host metabolism.7

Blocking fever and the APR with non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) interferes with antigen processing and may impair development of full immunity to that invader.8 You can, however, encourage the body to process the invader quicker. Herbs that do this are called febrifuges or antipyretics, and one of the most useful is elder (Sambucus nigra). The ability to resolve fever suggests a capacity to resolve the cause of the fever, i.e., the viral invader itself; and indeed, elderberry has been found to be potently antiviral.9

From a traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) point of view, bitters such as Andrographis paniculata and Picrorrhiza kurroa, as featured in NK Cell Regulation, are ‘cooling’, and in fact they have been shown to be antioxidant and anti-inflammatory, and have been traditionally used to reduce fevers.10, 11, 12 These herbs are intensely bitter and are commonly used for liver and digestive complaints, but are also very effective for virally-driven upper respiratory tract infections (URTIs). 13, 14 There may be a connection here, in that the liver is the organ that orchestrates the APR. Elder, andrographis, picrorrhiza and zinc may all be found in NK Cell Regulation to enhance patients’ immunity and reduce the severity and duration of upper respiratory infections.

Regain Your Strength

The APR and associated immune mechanisms use a lot of energy – with the white blood cells busily patrolling, each requiring the energy to do so. Research has shown co-enzyme Q10 may potentially be useful in fuelling immune responses. 15

Further bolstering of the immune system may be garnered from the use of Cordyceps, Coriolus and Reishi for Immune Stimulation, which features oriental medicinal mushrooms such as Cordyceps sinensis, used in TCM for strengthening the immune system and to manage respiratory disorders. Ganoderma lucidum (reishi) has been used to enhance immune activity in people who suffer from frequent or chronic infections. 16 Lentinula edodes (shiitake) can boost resistance and protection against respiratory viral infections such as influenza, probably via induction of interferon. 17

Don’t let your patients succumb to the misery of coughs and colds this winter. Following the simple steps detailed here will support your patients’ immune defences against infection, promote their immune response, and rebuild their immunity after infection. Bring on the winds of winter – we’re ready for them!