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Asthma: Natural Strategies to improve your breathing!!

Sunday, March 7th, 2010

Natural strategies for asthma have improved hugely over the last five years.  Breathing is such a natural process that it’s hard to imagine the lungs conspiring to stop us…however, it now happens to many, many Australians each year!

2.2 million adults have asthma (1/10) and 1/6 children (the third highest rate of childhood asthma in the world!

Around 400 deaths per year are a result of asthma and around 60% of these are fully preventable – even moreso when the lungs and respiratory system are supported with natural therapies… it takes time, but it may save your life!

New Leaf Natural Therapies have strategies to help you improve your lungs and take control of your life!

  1. natural supplements strong enough to create an anti-inflammatory process within the lungs: thereby allowing us to reduce medication as appropriate
  2. supplements and frequency specific microcurrent help to repair the lungs and bronchial tissue which has been inflamed for so long
  3. reduce allergens and allergic tendencies: the number one reason for asthma attacks – we do treatments to improve allergic tendencies: these include supplements; kinesiology and frequency specific microcurrent.  In our live blood analysis testing we usually find massive levels of eosinophils (allergy markers in the bloodstream) in asthmatics.  We consistenly find these improve over time with this combination of treatments.
  4. repair the gut! We find that just about 100% of our clients with asthma have ‘leaky gut syndrome’ in our Live Blood Analysis.  The tissue in the gut (endothelial tissue) is identical to that of the lungs and inflammation tends to happen simultaneously in both areas with affected asthmatics.  So ‘leaky lung syndrome’ and ‘leaky gut syndrome go hand in hand!
  5. Many chronic coughs are a result of either subclinical asthmatic tendencies or allergies.  It is important to get to the bottom of it as these coughs can last for years!
  6. Asthmatics tend to have low oxygen levels due to inefficient lungs: increasing substances like co-enzyme Q10 and oxygen supplements help the body to re-oxygenate.

Madonna Guy ND
New Leaf Natural Therapies