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Challenges on HCG…

Friday, January 12th, 2018
2.9 kilos down to far this week on HCG (6 kilos to go on this round). Hubby – 600g just eating well with a little exercise. Interesting.   I’ve done my VLA’s a few times (since I can and I have the machine) and it is mostly fat at this stage – not fluid.  But the weight loss, of course, settles down as we get into the deeper, harder packed fat which we lay down with stress, binge eating, dehydration…
Why HCG?
* eliminates fat cells (if done correctly)
* re-establishes hormonal function
* maintains muscle mass (we do VLA BioImpedance Screenings) – occasionally someone drinks heaps of diet drinks during HCG – that SLOWS metabolism, EATS your muscle mass, REDUCES your muscle quality. Be wary!!
* It works!
Without naturopathic testing we don’t know what’s going on. Trust your body. Chat to us about the best testing combination for you…
Go the HCG!!

Fasting Benefits at New Leaf

Thursday, May 26th, 2016

Another HCG Tip…

One of Dr Simeon’s proven techniques for maintaining our weight during and after consolidation is intermittent fasting. During a fasting day we drink plenty of herbal teas, drink lots of lemon water, utilise powdered supplements (greens, magnesiums, n acetyl-carnitine) and then eat a normal protein & veg meal at night time.

This is like a fat-cell-resizing process! Any time we’ve weighed more than 900g more than our end-weight (end of HCG – on the first day of regular eating – after your 2 days off HCG drops still on 500 cals per day) we do a fasting day to reset our fat cells!

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