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Challenges on HCG…

Friday, January 12th, 2018
2.9 kilos down to far this week on HCG (6 kilos to go on this round). Hubby – 600g just eating well with a little exercise. Interesting.   I’ve done my VLA’s a few times (since I can and I have the machine) and it is mostly fat at this stage – not fluid.  But the weight loss, of course, settles down as we get into the deeper, harder packed fat which we lay down with stress, binge eating, dehydration…
Why HCG?
* eliminates fat cells (if done correctly)
* re-establishes hormonal function
* maintains muscle mass (we do VLA BioImpedance Screenings) – occasionally someone drinks heaps of diet drinks during HCG – that SLOWS metabolism, EATS your muscle mass, REDUCES your muscle quality. Be wary!!
* It works!
Without naturopathic testing we don’t know what’s going on. Trust your body. Chat to us about the best testing combination for you…
Go the HCG!!

HCG – successful weight loss challenges….

Tuesday, November 1st, 2011

It’s really interesting now that our clinic has been using HCG for months…  So far it has been 100% successful.  The minimum weight loss we’ve seen in 23 days (including the binge days) is 5.5kg.  The maximum we’ve seen in 23 days is 8.3kg.  Not bad, huh?  These are people who have struggled, self-sabotages, become annoyed and frustrated with regular weight loss programmes (including Shake It and Keto – which we have found successful…)

Shake It and Keto Programmes lose up to 2kg per week – but that’s with about 5-10% of clients.  The average client loses 500g per week on Shake It with the occasional burst of weight loss that’s higher…

We have people who joke that they have ‘no metabolism’ who lose the weight, people whos thyroid is cactus, are incredibly toxic, are used to doing 8-10 hours + of exercise per week…  you can imagine.

So, if you’re after a cool new way to keep your weight under control, perhaps doing the programme every couple of years if the weight creeps on slowly, it works!

I was talking to my clinical assistant, Gabby today, because my hubby and I (had a great weekend) and put on 3.5 kilos.  Given that this is what we do: binge then exericise and exercise and exercise and exercise and eventually maybe get the weight down, it has surprised us…again… that we have lost 2 kilos in 2 days by doing the steak days…

Gabby said, ‘Well, believe it! The HCG works!’.  Weird, but I’m still proving it to myself and I haven’t founda flaw in the programme yet, if people do the work, and stick to it!  Dr Simeons was a genius, ahead of his time!

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