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Protein Supplements Healthy for HCG Consolidation

Saturday, May 18th, 2013
I often get asked what SIMPLE meal replacement are HEALTHY (most aren’t – full of sugar, aspartame, preservatives, flavourings) and okay for HCG Consolidation.
*  Keto Bars from Metagenics:  40:30:30 ratio protein, carb, fats – crunchy almond & cranberry; choc mint, cherry coconut, vanilla…
*  Shake It Soup – 93% protein.  Great for building muscle mass & muscle quality if that is still an issue.  Great for adding to stir-fries, dips for extra healthy protein
*  AminoPlex – rice protein supplement.  Clean.  Vanilla Flavoured.
*  Shake It Extra:  has ingredients PROVEN to reverse insulin resistance (pre-diabetes).  Vanilla Flavoured.
So there are lots of simple things we can add.
ALWAYS read ingredients – so many so-called healthy things have many dodgy ingredients!
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