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Sugar Cravings; Sugars in foods; Why we crave sugar!!

Friday, May 26th, 2017
Good morning! Challenges with maintaining our weight throughout life are going to be constant and inevitable. Sugar is constantly in the news lately – yes, manufacturers of our food deliberately add the exact amount which makes us addicted! No wonder it’s so challenging.
Diabetes in Australia is increasing at such a rapid rate that it’s estimated that 50% of us will have dementia by the age of 50within 25years – and diabetes is a major cause.  This is ridiculous!  We’ve modified our food, DNA and genes so much these days our cells become primed to develop chronic illness such as diabetes, cancer and heart disease so much earlier in our bodies than even 30 years ago.
May favourite 3 products for sugar cravings are:
1. Bactrex and Ultra Flora SB Dysbiosis – for underlying candida, fungus, bacterial infections that make us want to eat sweets (they love a sweet, acidic environment!) 3-6 daily depending on the severity and combination of the infections.
2. Gymnema tablets – known as ‘the sugar killer’ in Indian – it’s a herb which over a period of time makes our tongue need less sweet. Long-term (2 year) studies have shown pancreatic cells regnerating with gymnema use. 4-6 daily when sugar cravings are bad.
3. Resist X – definitely a favourite – contains herbs and nutrients which reduce insulin resistance (pre-diabetes); increase cellular energy and work on eating away our tummy fat. 2-6 daily depending on energy levels, tummy fat stubborness, sugar cravings.
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Cancer Research Into Natural Therapies…The Results Keep on Coming!

Wednesday, December 12th, 2012

New Leaf Natural Therapies support dealing with any type of cancer – naturally.  Natural therapies are crucial in creating the condition in your body where cancer doesn’t become the only thing in your life.   All studies are showing that those people who choose to combine natural therapies with medical treatments have the best outcomes and longevity.

Cancer research shows that in order to create cancer at least 32 genes on both the mother’s and father’s sides of the family need to be ‘switched on’.  In order to ‘switch on’ these dodgy genes, it takes at least 4 years of long-term issues with:

  • poor dietary choices
  • weight issues
  • lack of exericse
  • too much exericse
  • stress
  • environmental toxicity
  • different medications such as pain killers
  • anesthetics for operations/teeth repair and maintenance
  • and much more.  Any combination can damage our genes to an extent that may create cancer.

New Leaf Natural Therapies can support your body in helping before, during, after medical cancer treatment:

  1. Naturopathy:  we can monitor your progress with Live Blood Screenings, Cellular Health Analysis; Acidity, kidney, liver and pancreatic function testing.  Our experienced naturopaths look at lifestyle and dietary choices, lifestyle stressors, environmental toxins – and help to create a treatment programme which improves every area of your life.
  2. Kinesiology:  like acupuncture, kinesiology boosts energy circuits in the body, targets emotional patterns that may be involved in creating further health problems, boost immune system, boost hormonal function, aid detoxification.
  3. Testing Procedures:  Live Blood Screenings and VLA Bio-impedance Analysis etc.  We can support your health and body through this time.  Keeping an eye on your health with these tools give us concrete information that is useful in determining what needs to be done in terms of supplementation, nutritional support, immune support, detoxification, exercise and more.

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