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Our Fat-Loss Testing Bundle…let’s you know WHY weight has been such a challenge!

Wednesday, November 25th, 2009

Time to get your weight issues under control!  See special offer for new clients below…

We have spent several years developing this ‘Fat-Loss Bundle’ of tests which gives our naturopaths a massive amount of information: often surpassing the information they’ve ever been given from their doctors and specialists within 30 minutes.

Have you been frustrated by going to the doctors: your thyroid’s ok, liver tests normal, cholesterol ok, BP fine and you’re sent away, yet again, with the message of ‘eat less, exercise more’.  It’s a frustration we hear every single day in the clinic.

Our group of tests let us know how insulin resistant you are (huge reason for inability to lose weight); how your fat/muscle ratio is (the more out of balance this is, the slower your metabolism is…); how acidic you are (the more acidic the harder it is to lose weight); blood pressure and blood oxygen; cellular energy, not to mention these group of tests give us risk factors for diabetes, cancer, heart disease and stroke.

Both Jacqueline Dekoke ND and Madonna Guy ND have years of experience is working with these health issues and getting them under control, so that weight loss becomes a much easier process.

Special Offer:  so you’ve found your way to our website through New Leaf Natural Therapies Facebook page or ad? 4BC radio ads or Madonna’s session; internet…  For new clients who mention this special offer when they call we are offering a huge discount until 31st December, 2009.  It’s ridiculously low, but we’re so keen to help you on your weight-loss journey, we’re happy to do so. 

  • Normally this group of tests is $173 and
  • an initial consultation with Jacqueline is $77 or with Madonna is $105;
  • Total up to $278. 
  • For you, it will be 50% off until 31st December; maximum of $139…
  • Book now and mention this bonus!

Madonna Guy ND
Chief Clinician
New Leaf Natural Therapies

Advanced Injury Repair – with Frequency Specific Microcurrent: see special offer limited spaces

Sunday, November 22nd, 2009

We’ve had such fantastic results with our Advanced Injury Repair programme, using frequency specific microcurrent, that we often feel like it makes no sense how well it works.  But it does!  The treatment has been developed in the U.S. over the past 100 years with improvements in technology that have allowed better and better results.  More recently Dr Carolyn McMakin has published several medical research papers which proves the anti-inflammatory and repair effects on the body.  As the FSM equipment is TGA approved in Australia, it has been through rigorous testing which have PROVEN the increase in cellular energy, the decrease in inflammatory hormones and the increase in the immune boosting capacity of the frequency specific microcurrent technology.

And…we use 2 machines simultaneously!  We’ll be discussing this treatment at our free pain talks in November: 25th & 26th – ring to book on 07 3348 6098 (see our ‘News’ page).

For people with recent injuries who need the Advanced Injury Repair we recommend 1-2 treatments per week: it has been proven to:

  • increase the hormones which stimulate healing and reduce inflammation (broken bones, wound healing, infections, pulled ligaments and tendons, nerve damage),
  • strengthening weakened tissues
  • for chronic pain issues more like fibromyalgia,
  • parkinsons & multiple sclerosis (we’re recommending long term, twice per month with nutritional supplementation to support the nervous and muscular systems)

It has been shown that 1 hour (1 machine) with our Advanced Injury Repair programme is equivalent to about 5 hours of massage.  The benefit of this is that people with some chronic health issues such as fibromyalgia cannot handle massage due to pain afterwards, whereas they do seem to handle frequency specific microcurrent quite well.

Call Gabby or Helen today on 3348 6098 to book…  always ask if there’s a special on offer, as we sometimes have ‘get started packages!’