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Remedial massage – have you tried cupping? hot stone? musculo-skeletal therapies?

Wednesday, September 8th, 2010

Our fully qualified, caring and fun Musculo-Skeletal therapist Ms Katherine Lynn has experience and training in many areas: cupping techniques, hot stone massage, kinesiology training in addition to the extensive musculo-skeletal therapy training.

Have you ever tried remedial massage cupping techniques?  I was in China recently and met a man who has a ‘cupping massage’ once per month.  He does a lot of travel in air-conditioned buses, and finds that once per month have a ‘cupping massage’ improves his muscular tension and pain hugely.  His idea was that the cupping techniques help to remove the built up ‘cold air/wind energy’ in his muscles and allow heat to flow again.

Regardless of how it works, cupping techniques have great health benefits for muscular pain.  Give it a try sometime!

And now, have you tried hot stone massage??  Mmmmm, Katherine does the most fantastic hot stone massage which blisses you out and destresses to the max!  Hot Stone Massage is a beautiful relaxing type of massage, and utilises both moving and stationery hot stones in order to relax the body to the full.

So give us a call – if you’re in pain, if you need some TLC and relaxation or if you’ve just been looking for a fantastic clinic to look after your healthcare needs!

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Testimonial for Remedial Massage, Wynnum, with Cherice Day & Katherine Lynn

Wednesday, March 31st, 2010

Hi.  I’ve had massages with both Cherice Day and Katherine Lynn in the past few weeks in order to sort out (mainly) a lower back issue.  No surprise was that they found other areas needing work as well.  Cherice did Chinese cupping & remedial massage.  I found she could easily massage deeper after allowing the ‘cups’ to do their work.  I’ve also had a hot stone massage from Cherice in the past, which is just bliss!

The past few days I’ve had 2 massages with Katherine Lynn and she’s worked through much more than my lower back.  Katherine has used techniques to.  It feels that we’ll need to do more work on my lower back, although I’ve already felt quite a big improvement. loosen my shoulders, my neck and my back and hips

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Focus on Remedial Massage: Cupping Techniques by Katherine Lynn & Cherice Day

Tuesday, March 30th, 2010

Chinese Cupping Techniques:  by Katherine Lynn & Nathan Leach

What can Chinese Cupping Techniques be used for…

Respiratory Diseases: For chronic bronchitis and asthma

Digestive Diseases: For dysentery, early morning diarrhea, and acute and chronic gastritis

Pain Syndromes

· Shoulder blade

· Loins

· Head

· Soft tissue injury: treating local pressure pain points and area of swelling

Gynecological Disorders

· Infertility and irregular menstruation

· Leukorrhea

· Uterine cramps

Common cold


Cupping is an ancient Chinese practice where the cup is suctioned, applied to the skin, and the pressure in the cup is reduced (by using change in heat or by suctioning out air), so that the skin and outer layers of the muscles are drawn up and into the cup. Sometimes the cup may be moved while the suction of skin is still active, causing pulling of the skin and muscle (gliding cupping).

This treatment has similarities to other massage techniques, such as the rapid skin pinching along the back. In that practice, the skin is pinched, sometimes at specific points (e.g., bladder meridian points), until a redness is generated. Cupping is applied by acupuncturists to certain acupuncture points, as well as to regions of the body that are affected by pain (where the pain is deeper than the tissues to be pulled).

When the cups are moved along the surface of the skin, the treatment is similar to sand scraping, a folk remedy of southeast Asia which is often carried out by scraping the skin with a coin or other object with the intention of breaking up stagnation. Movement of the cups is a gentler technique than sand scraping, as a lubricant allows the cup to slide. Still, a certain amount of bruising is expected both from fixed position cupping (especially at the site of the cup rim) and with movement of the cups (up to 2 weeks of bruising should be expected after cupping massage techniques).

Traditional cupping, with use of heated cups, also has some similarity to moxibustion therapy. Heating of the cups was the method used to obtain suction: the hot air in the cups has a low density and, as the cups cool with the opening sealed by the skin, the pressure within the cups declines, sucking the skin into it. In this case, the cups are hot and have a stimulating effect something like that of burning moxa wool.