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Inflammatory Foods make me put on weight! Madonna Guy ND

Thursday, October 26th, 2017
I have a confession to make. I’ve weighed myself every morning for at least 15 years, probably 20 or more, and I have at least 8 years of that on a spreadsheet, so I exactly what happens when I eat certain foods, or drink certain things.  I know that if I drink beer, eat nachos, bread, pasta, pizza – I’ll put on a kilo or two over night and it’ll take days to get rid of if I’m really really good!
Clients are often surprised when they start the weight loss journey how quickly they put on weight if they go to a party, eat out a few nights a week, have friends over several nights in a row… I suppose I’m never surprised.  People are equally surprised and think it’s not normal if the weight goes up a kilo or two with an average western diet…
There are many inflammatory foods these days – which increase your body’s need to store FLUID, which means you gain much more weight than the ‘weight’ of the food.  In other words, that sandwich might only weigh 200g but you might gain a kilo of fluid as well, if grains are inflammatory for you…
Then most inflammatory foods are:
Grains:  glutens, rice (for many people), GMO soy, wheat
Alcohol:  all.  The least inflammatory drink is vodka, soda and lime..  Make it your mantra!!
Sugar:  every 10-13 tsp sugar (1 bottle coke) reduces your immune system by 10%.  10%!!!!!  That’s massive!
GMO Foods/Animal Products:  nearly always require more pesticides, more antibiotics, more vaccines
Non-Purified Water:  chlorine and fluoride slow down your metabolism and can add to thyroid issues
Dairy:  for many people dairy is inflammatory, especially with grains!  (cereal and milk; pizza; cheese on burgers…)   On it’s own often people can handle it.  Organic dairy is often fine as there are less lectins, less hormones, less pesticides (from the foods the cows are eating)
“Life” means I have techniques like HCG, steak days, apple days, products to support faster metabolism and better detox processes up my sleeve and run a round of HCG when I need to…
I believe that part of the reason people are overweight these days is because we don’t weigh ourselves often enough. But how can we maintain health without information? We know so many health issues are challenged with excess weight, it seems like such silly advice for people not to keep an eye on it.
I love our testing.
I love HCG.
I love feeling my correct weight for me.
At New Leaf we can do testing to find out what foods are right for you!  Which weight loss process and/or detoxification process is right for you!
Have a beautiful day everyone!
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About Dr Simeons: HCG Diet Programme creator….

Tuesday, January 3rd, 2012

About Dr Simeons – who developed one of the most interesting, simple & effective weight loss programmes we’ve ever found here at New Leaf Natural Therapies:

Dr Albert T.W. Simeons was born 1900 In England. Educated in Germany, he studied and qualified as an endocrinologist at a time when that discipline was in its infancy. Endocrinology is concerned with the endocrine system – the biological system involving the functions of hormones, and the cells of the glands that secrete them. Hormones drive many processes within our bodies.

At the age of 30 years, Dr Simeons moved to work in India where he studied an endocrine disorder known as “fat boys” syndrome. This disorder was attributed to the pituitary gland that caused extreme obesity in boys whilst delaying puberty. It was at this time that he found the link between fat loss and a naturally occurring hormone accompanied by a low calorie diet.

Around 1950, Dr Simeons set up a clinic in Rome, Italy where he worked diligently to refine his “diet and weight loss protocol”. His manuscript “Pounds and Inches – A New Approach to Obesity” to which many people frequently refer in preparation and throughout their program was originally penned in 1954 with updated editions produced over the following two decades. The protocol facilitates the release of the long-term locked-away fat stores known as adipose tissue. Adipose is a rich source of energy and nutrients but it is not available to the human body when calories are reduced – it is only released when with a specific low calorie diet is undertaken in conjunction with specially prepared diet drops that mimic the effects of the raw hormone that he used nearly 60 years ago. In evolutionary terms, it is the body’s way of providing life-giving nutrients to a mother’s unborn child in near-starvation situations. In our affluent western culture, this natural back-stop – almost never needed – has created a burden on those of us who carry this locked away adiposity.

Dr Simeons passed away in 1970 at the age of 70 years. He had accomplished much during his career that increased understandings of biological processes to improve human health. His diet research is undoubtedly the area of health that is most often connected to his name.

Reading his manuscript:  Pounds and Inches (available on CD from New Leaf Natural Therapies) is a fabulous read…  he developed this manuscript for doctors helping people through the HCG programme.

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