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What are Lectins?

Monday, May 15th, 2017

What are Lectins?

Do you suffer from symptoms after eating? Such as digestive symptoms, foggy brain, sinus congestion or aches and pains. Do you notice it after gluten containing foods or just can’t track what’s causing it? Chances are you’re body is reacting to components in plants called lectins.

What are lectins? So happy you asked!

Lectins are the plants natural compounds to ward off pests, fungal and bacterial attack. That is, the plants natural immune system. When plants are under attack they raise their lectin numbers to fend off the attacking pests. This is the system by which pesticides work. However, pests are gaining tolerance resulting in needing an increase of pesticide to be applied to the plant and thus a further increase of the plants lectins.

Modern wheat strains vs old style grains

Our modern wheat strains have been modified to produce more lectins to be highly pest resistant. This very clever genetically engineering won Norman Borlaug a Nobel peace prize in 1970 and changed the industry inexplicably. However, years later we are discovering the health consequences of our daily foods containing such an immense amount of lectins.

Let me explain:

The modern wheat (Triticum aestivum) is a genetically engineered species containing three distinct sets of chromosomes. These chromosomes can produce over 23,000 unique proteins. Thus this modern species contains high protein and gluten levels plus wheat germ agglutinin (WGA). WGA is a lectin which provides wheat with its resistance to insect pests, yeasts and bacteria.  Interestingly WGA binds to N-acetyl D glucosamine in the chitin of the insects, disrupting their cell structures and killing them.

Why are lectins so bad?

It is this WGA (lectins)  which can also directly damage tissues of the human body wherever N-acetyl glucosamine is present, even if the individual doesn’t have any genetic predispositions or susceptibilities to immune mediated mechanisms. For example, the auto-immune conditions or inflammatory reactions. However, the presence of lectins can and do exacerbate inflammation for auto-immune conditions such as Coeliac’s Disease, making symptoms worse. This can explain why chronic inflammatory and degenerative conditions are gaining prevalence in wheat-consuming populations.  It destroys the villi in your intestines, leading to malabsorption, nutrient deficiencies and infections!

Tissues within the human body that contain N-acetyl D glucosamine are:

  • All mucosal membranes throughout the digestive system, respiratory system, etc.
  • Connective tissues in joints
  • Brain cells and organs
  • Skin
  • Arterial bifurcations, including around the heart.

It is proposed that it is the increased lectin content that are causing major health problems for people rather than gluten. For example, many Australians experience health problems after eating products made from Australian grown wheat. Where as if they travel to other countries and consume wheat based products from there they do not, i.e. France or Italy. Such countries grew different strains of wheat which were largely unmodified like our Australian grains. Hence, the end product (croissants, baguettes, pasta, pizza bases) had less lectin resulting in fewer reactions after eating. Of course this has now changed as the high yield strains are now more global.

Is it just grains which we get lectins from?

Furthermore, when livestock are fed grains high in WGA lectins this then passes through their system to the products we consume. For example, dairy milk. Therefore, if you’re experiencing symptoms after consuming dairy it may not be lactose or actual dairy protein but the lectins passed through the dairy cow to their milk. Likewise with meats, hence the advantage of consuming grass fed meats only.

There have been some notable improvements when individuals have ceased dairy and gluten products, possibly due to the decrease of consumed lectins. Some of these conditions include:

  • (Gut mucosa) – Irritable bowel syndrome:  bloating, burping, wind, flatulence, diarrhoea, constipation
  • (Joints) – arthritis, fibromyalgia
  • (Hippocampal cells) – mental and behavioural conditions
  • (Lung mucosa) – asthma
  • (Beta pancreatic cells) – diabetes
  • (Coronary artery cells) – Cardiovascular disease
  • (Skin) – psoriasis and eczema
  • Autism & Aspergers, non-verbal children and adults

How can lectin intake be reduced in diet?

As it is impossible to maintain a healthy diet and avoid lectins if you are experiencing symptoms pertaining to lectins the key is reduce intake and increase tolerance.

Firstly, even organic and spray free fresh fruit and vegetables contain lectins, but if they’re not engineered they should contain less. Grass-fed meats and dairy is the best way forward for proteins to reduce lectin intake.

How can tolerance to lectins be improved?

There is no definitive answer to improving the individual’s lectin tolerance, however there is some key things you can do. Have good healthy nutrient intake particularly zinc. The herb ginger is particularly high in zinc and is very good at reducing inflammation and calming and supporting function all along the digestive track. Having said that, if there is any history of stomach ulcers please consult your local herbalist or naturopath for advice.

And then there’s Kinesiology 🙂

How can Kinesiology help improve tolerance to lectins?

Kinesiology is a way to ask your body what is stressing it by what we call indicator muscles. It is largely based on Traditional Chinese Medicine meridian system and acupuncture points which are like reference points. Via assessing where the stress is the body can also indicate how to relieve the stress, thus reducing the symptoms one is experiencing. Therefore kinesiology balancing is a remarkable way to reduce symptoms.

What about Acupuncture and Chi Nei Tsang Abdominal Massage?

Also great ways to increase the energy to the gut, reduce stress and increase energy.  Chi Nei Tsang Abdominal Massage is nearly an hour on your gut – it helps to break down the scar tissue that has built up around the abdomen due to years of food-abuse that’s destroyed the villi –  let the healing begin!!!

Call us on 3348 6098 to book an apt with our Naturopaths…

Madonna Guy ND
New Leaf Natural Therapies
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You Tube:  New Leaf Health Team channel 🙂


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Pain – Neuroplasticity and Sports Injuries

Tuesday, March 24th, 2015

Have you heard of the term neuroplasticity and wondered what it means? No, our brains are not made of plastic. However, it does refer to the neural pathways in our brains can be as malleable as plastic allowing our brain to adapt to different circumstances. This means that each signal that enters our brain follows a particular pathway. This pathway can be altered by a change in behaviour.

Recently there has been several case studies to confirm the suggestion that chronic pain is not so much a true indication of current pain but that neural pathways have been developed in the brain to re-affirm the original pain that was experienced. Therefore, the pain which we perceive as chronic pain is not a true indication of anatomical pain but a memory of past pain experienced. Neuroplasticity suggests that neural pathway that has developed can be altered via different input.

There have been several cases which have successfully abated their chronic pain to minimal or none ultimately changing their lives. This has been achieved via activating the neural pathway pattern and flooding the brain with another sensory input. This in turn allows an alternative neural pathway to develop. Each time the new neural pathway is reinforced allows for the new pathway to develop and the old pathway (of pain) decreases in strength and slowly dissipates. Literally turning the old statement of if you don’t use it you lose it to an advantage!

Alternate sensory input may be light or sound. That is, by flooding the neural pathway with another direction to go in each time chronic pain is experienced stimulates new neurons to develop. If this new neuron pathway is reinforced regularly throughout the day the experience of pain has been reported to significantly reduce over a 6 week period.

Chronic pain is usually associated with osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis or other degenerative conditions. However, chronic pain is actually classified after 3 months of experiencing pain in the same region consistently. Therefore this includes sports injuries which are often exacerbated by repetitive movements or sitting stationary for long periods of time (often work related). When this starts to happen reactive muscles can be a factor.

Reactive muscles is the concept of when one muscle is switched on it essentially bullies other muscles that switch off i.e. muscles are reactive towards one another as opposed to firing when appropriate. Reactive muscles can create dysfunctional movement patterns when the body moves. When this is done repetitively it can be reinforced and put strain on muscles which can lead to events causing injury. Upon injury acute inflammation and pain is experienced which is the body’s warning system to rest that area. However, when the acute inflammation dies down is a crucial stage to change the reactive pattern of muscles before the neuronal network of ‘pain’ is laid down and reinforced altering the way the body moves. This pattern can start to reinforce itself in a negative way.

By switching off the reactive muscles allows for any neuronal networks for ‘pain’ to not be reinforced thus reducing the experience of pain. This can be done by kinesiology. Essentially kinesiology identifies and activates a negative neuronal pathway, floods it with a positive stimulus allowing a new neuronal pathway to form i.e. neuroplasticity.

Mitochondrial Disease

Tuesday, September 17th, 2013

New Leaf Notes:

This is a great article about the challenges to do with Mitochondrial Disease.  Unlike the medical profession which looks for a ‘drug’ to correct a cellular imbalance we look at Mitochondrial Disease in the following way:

  • high levels nutrition
  • sensible nutrition based on science and what YOUR body can handle
  • detoxification of cell walls and mitochondria
  • enhancing stem cell production and telomere health
  • dealing with stress and pain symptomatically whilst correcting the underlying causes.
  • doing live blood screenings and bio-impedance screenings to see results / improvement / deterioration so that we can adjust our programme.  Generally inflammation improves, but detoxification can create minor side-effects in the short term

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Struggle against disease

      By                       Michèle Jedlicka          

  • Andrew and Hilary Fuller frequently face the challenges presented by mitochondrial disease.Andrew and Hilary Fuller frequently face the challenges presented by mitochondrial disease.

This week heralds awareness of two debilitating health issues. Dementia Awareness week began yesterday and World Alzheimer’s Day is on Saturday.

It is also awareness week for a less well-known disease. Global Mitochondrial Disease Awareness Week is a time where mitochondrial disease-related organisations from all around the world join forces to promote our joint cause- to find a cure for mitochondrial disease.

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Local resident Andrew Fuller, 72, was diagnosed with a mild form of MD about four years ago, the specialist pinpointing the cause to be the Statin medication he had been taking for his cholesterol. Blood tests profiled a rising item in the results.

Andrew’s wife Hilary said: “Nobody seemed to know what it was until he had a muscle biopsy and they said, ‘This is what it is you’ve got Mitochondrial disease. Mild mitochondrial myopathy.’

“He wakes every morning being sore; his muscles are sore, his forearms, his forearms, his legs. He says it’s a feeling, while there’s tingling with it…but the other part is that the feeling after you’ve had a cramp… an ache that’s left with you with that. Fatigue is the other thing.” Andrew finds he frequently has to rest after breakfast.

He often finds it painful to stand for any length of time, to walk any distance or climb up into tractor cabs.

“He was always a very mobile man,” said Hilary. “He used to play football until he was 60 … gone-so that part of his life has changed completely.”

Mitochondrial disease is a complex genetic mutation when mitochondria within body cells have a predisposition to fail early. Mitochondria are found in all cells except for red blood cells, and convert fuel from food into pure energy called ATP to power cell nuclei and so promote healthy cell function, be it a brain cell, a muscle cell or a nerve cell.

The Australian Mitochondrial Disease Foundation, established in 2009, explains: “Since the high energy organs require so many mitochondria within their cells, they are usually the first to be affected in mitochondrial disease. These include the brain (using 20 per cent of our total energy), nerves, muscles, eyes, ears, heart, bowels, liver, kidney and pancreas.”

Symptoms range widely including dementia, chronic pain, stroke, abdominal and digestive malfunction, blindness or deafness, seizures, neuro-psychiatric disturbances and fatigue and exhaustion which are most common, to name a few.

There is no cure and few effective treatments. The principal rule is ‘energy balance equation’. As rest is mandatory for the mitochondria to ‘catch up’ with body function, Sunday, September 22 is “Stay in Bed Day’, a global event to support those who have to rest to stay on top of MD.

The AMD Foundation states: “Recent research demonstrates that mitochondrial mutations are present in at least one in 250 people and that at least one in 5000 will develop serious illness.” Many are children.

“The woman who’s the powerhouse behind the information phone help-line, has two children, both of which have got mitochondrial disease,” Hilary said. “And the girl has had a number of strokes as a result of her manifestation of the disease and now has dementia…she’s about 12 or 14.”

Dementia Awareness Week is the national flagship week for Alzheimer Australia’s community awareness activities each year. The theme this year is Brain Health: Making the Connections. This theme gives organisations and individuals an opportunity to get involved in promoting brain-healthy lifestyles, promoting early detection and raising awareness of dementia.

The Australian Department for Health and Ageing defines dementia as “an umbrella term describing a syndrome associated with more than 100 different diseases that are characterised by the impairment of brain functions. Although the type and severity of symptoms and their pattern of development varies with the type of dementia, it is usually of gradual onset, progressive in nature and irreversible.

“In 2011, there was an estimated 298,000 people living with dementia in Australia. Among Australians aged 65 and over, almost 1 in 10 (nine per cent) had dementia. And among those aged 85 and over, 3 in 10 (30 per cent) had dementia.

The term Younger Onset Dementia refers to people aged under 65 who are living with dementia. In 2011 there was an estimated 23,900 Australians living with younger onset dementia.

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“Dementia was the third leading cause of death in 2010, with 9003 deaths recorded across Australia. For people aged 65 and over, dementia was the second leading cause of burden of disease and the leading cause of disability burden.”

Health issues and don’t know why? Is it leaky gut?!

Thursday, June 6th, 2013


Bio-impedance Analysis/VLA process

Thursday, September 13th, 2012

Client Question: What is the VLA/Bioimpedance Analysis approach and how much is it?

Answer: It is a 15 minute test with a practitioner (so it includes 15 minute consultation time) at New Leaf and gives the following information:

1. Accurate Body Mass Index
2. Biological Age Based on Bone and Muscle Quality, Fat Mass, Active Tissue Mass and Cellular energy
3. Phase Angle – the amount of cellular energy we are getting
4. Fluid – we are supposed to … have about 60% of fluid inside the cells and 40% on the outside of the cells – it lets us know if this is happening, and if not, how ‘leaky’ our cells are
5. Risk factor for heart disease and diabetes based on fat mass, muscle mass, muscle quality, abdominal fat
6. Muscle Quality and Muscle Mass
7. Fat Mass

The cost for the 15 minutes at New Leaf is from $73.  Cheaper for those on health plans.
For people who have had weight issues long-term we also have a 1 hour combination which is normally over $290 – ask about internet specials when you call – that includes the VLA, an insulin resistance test, some urine tests to find acid levels, kidney function etc and a consult…

Fantastic for those with chronic fatigue, chronic inflammation, adrenal fatigue, weight issues, thyroid issues…

07 3348 6098

Let’s Talk Allergies!!!

Thursday, May 24th, 2012

Aren’t allergies annoying!  They can make the best day the worst in a flash…  How do you suffer?

We treat individuals, not allergies!  But we have had success with:

  • hives, welts
  • eczema
  • dermatitis
  • acne
  • tummy pains: bloating, burping, belching, wind, flatulence, diarrhoea, cramping
  • hayfever and sinusitis
  • ADHD or hyperactivity
  • Chronic fatigue, mood swings, aches and pains from head to toe…
  • Asthma, bronchial asthma, stress
  • Depression, anxiety, panic attacks

Seems like a big list, doesn’t it?  But these are the obvious symptoms of allergy that people really understand.  But allergies can be linked to cancer, diabetes, heart disease, multiple sclerosis, cystic fibrosis, aspergers, autism, you name it, it can be affected if your body doesn’t cope with a substance…

Now medically, the AMA and TGA have decreed that natural therapies can’t treat allergies, diagnose allergies or improve allergies in any way, however we find in our clinic with a whole-body approach we get great relief from the symptoms…

Would you feel better getting through hayfever season more easily?
Would it be easier if you didn’t need to go to the toilet 10 minutes after eating spices?
What about those welts that appear every time you mow?

We look at the individual – so many things are linked to allergies:

  • the body being too acidic:  there’s a white blood cell (that we find in live blood screenings) that nature has designed to drop acid on half-digested particles that have ended up in the bloodstream.  This morning I saw a young, vital man with 21% of eosinophils in his blood (it should be less than 4%), but his only symptoms are tiredness and crankiness…  We need to find his untreated, unfound substances that are lowering his body’s energy – they’re probably not allergies, but there’s definitely something going on!!
  • poor digestion – dairy and wheat are classic – the dairy and wheat ‘particles’ are about 8 x larger than what should be released into the bloodstream – no wonder so many people have an immune response to these substances
  • toxicity – the more toxic our body is, the more overloaded our body becomes and the more dysfunctional our detox organs become.  Our detox organs are the gut, the immune system, the kidneys and liver, not to mention the skin and the lungs!

There are so many things that lead to allergies, this is why natural therapies are so good for treating the underlying CAUSES of allergies, not the allergies themselves:

  • by boosting the gut and liver function the body will be able to eliminate toxins more easily, break down foods more easily and start to regenerate and heal correctly
  • using kinesiology to reduce the stress associated with allergies. How often has someone you’ve known has an asthma attack under stress, a hyperactive outburst when the stress gets too much, or had diarrhoea when you hear bad news…
  • using live blood screenings and cellular analysis and various urine tests to find kidney function, acid levels, dodgy gut bacteria levels…

Give us a call, and start the process!!

Madonna Guy ND
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Chronic Fatigue Sufferers – there really is hope!!!

Tuesday, September 13th, 2011

So you’ve had every test done under the sun, and they can’t find anything wrong.

We can help!

We are specialists in finding the causes of problems such as chronic fatigue syndrome and fibromyalgia!  Here are a few things your doctor may never have told you:

  1. Genetic breakdown – we can see in live blood analysis a damaged monocyte – monocytes should have one nuclei, and yet when our telomeres (which protect our genes from damage) shrink, the monocytes start having more than one nuclei – we can see this and determine if this is part of your chronic fatigue/fibromyalgia.
  2. Liver Toxicity – the liver does a million things – we all know this, but it’s not a very good multi-tasker.  If it is overloaded by stress hormones, adrenalin hormones, pain hormones or toxicity from an environmental cause, then quite often it just shuts down.  Normal liver tests only show us when the liver is breaking down.  We can see signs with live blood analysis and bio-impedance analysis…  further signs that the medical tests aren’t looking for.
  3. Caffeine/Sugar/Wheat/Dairy Addiction – if our body has low cellular energy (which we can determine correctly from VLA/bio-impedance analysis testing), then we turn to foods, caffeine, sugar, wheat and dairy to give us what we need…  Wheat and dairy, particularly, can cause total exhaustion if we have a DPP4 enzyme deficiency – this can cause wheat and dairy to create ‘opioids’ in the bloodstream.  Opioids can cause either total exhaustion or manic behaviour depending on how it affects us.  If it’s caffeine and sugar, these exhaust the adrenal glands further and make the chronic fatigue last longer.
  4. Allergies:  quite often people have NO signs of allergies other than exhaution.  Over the years we’ve seen allergy signs such as depression and anxiety, stress, hormonal toxicity, pain, headaches and migraines and more.  We use live blood analysis and kinesiology to determine how allergic the body is and what we’re allergic to.  This is VERY DIFFERENT to medical allergy testing.  We also find sensitivites and intolerances, which can cause all of the huge problems that allergies do.  We also do a rotational diet, where appropriate, and slowly re-introduce foods and find out if they are causing issues.
  5. Insulin Resistance: Doctors will always check for blood sugar, but rarely (we’ve NEVER seen it) checked for insulin resistance.  You can have the most perfect diet, but not be getting nutrients out of your food.  All cells, including the brain, require insulin for energy.  If your body is insulin resistant, you are not getting energy from your food, you are burning muscle and muscle nutrients for energy…  this is a very bad, pre-diabetic condition.
  6. What do we suggest for long-term improvement and recovery from chronic fatigue syndrome/fibromyalgia? Firstly we need to safely, carefully and slowly detoxify.  We use a combination of infrared saunas, frequency specific microcurrent, natural supplements such as Adrenotone, Resist X, Meta B Complex.  For oestrogen detoxification we use Estrofactors, Meta I3C, OestroCalm.  For Adrenal and nerve regeneration we use Adaptan, Stressan, Relaxan and Resilian.  For liver toxicity we use Phyto Essentials, PhytoPro, Lipogen and Silymarin.  We also recommend lymphatic drainage massage and kinesiology to help detoxify emotional toxins, liver toxins etc.

Madonna Guy ND
New Leaf Natural Therapies
Wynnum, Brisbane, Australia
3348 6098 / 0417 643 849

Zeolite – Waiora Natural Cellular Defense: Why is it so different from normal detoxification methods?

Thursday, September 9th, 2010

Natural Cellular Defense: Why is it so different from normal detoxification methods?

NCD activated Zeolite is a revolutionary new detoxification product: the ONLY fully cleansed zeolite product available.

I feel it is important to understand what makes this product so different from other means of detoxification.

Traditional detoxification methods like dietary change, take the pressure off the bodies detoxification pathways by giving the body less work to do.

Vitamins, minerals, herbal extracts and other nutritional based detoxifiers support and improve our bodies built in detox pathways of the liver and within our cells.

Traditionally mixing the two together, i.e. dietary changes and supplementation can lead to fat loss; this allows toxins that have been stored in the fat to be released into circulation. With the additional support of the supplements it is more possible for the body to detoxify these toxins and have them removed from the body before they are stored again.

Natural Cellular Defense has an indirect effect on these pathways by mopping up the toxic load on the body, but its true revolutionary affect is that it

Bypasses these pathways and interacts directly with the circulating and stored toxins in the body.

Within its cage shaped structure there are negative charges that create an ionic transfer with small highly charged molecules. In our bodies these particles are heavy metals, viral and immune compounds.

So as the NCD travels through our bodies it just starts interacting with the highest charged toxins first. NCD encages the toxin in its structure, which renders the toxin inert, so there is no damage to the cells of the body during transportation through the body and elimination via the kidneys.

This is quite revolutionary, as the Zeolites bypass our traditional means of detoxification. In doing this stored toxins that may otherwise never be removed begin to be mopped up by the NCD.  For a person who has a defect in their detoxification pathways which leads an individual to accumulate more of a toxic burden than average, this is a long awaited product. These people now have a product that can reduce significantly the toxic load of their body. Where as before these individuals tend to get sicker and sicker struggling to live on planet earth in the modern environment. Now with the removal of their toxic burden their bodies can begin to heal, biochemical pathways that were once blocked begin to unblock and proper function can start to return.

Symptoms that these people often experience are:


Chronic Fatigue




Chronic Pain


Tenderness and generalized soreness of their body

Chemical sensitivities

Intolerance to chemical smells

Feeling nauseous around chemicals

Poor health and immunity

Constant sore throats

Frequents colds

Heal poorly

Difficulty thinking and understanding things

The other revolutionary things about NCD is that it has been shown to remove Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC’s) from the body such as




Methylene Chloride







This list comprises the top ten VOC that NCD has an affinity for, there are other chemicals that are also removed.

These chemicals are removed in a different way to heavy metals, it has been shown that the zeolite molecules in time, after clearing a lot of the heavy metal load of the body start to sandwich these VOC toxins between themselves, to remove the compounds from the body.

This again is quite revolutionary because some chemicals like Dioxins are flat molecules. Our bodies have known receptors for flat molecules, so essentially these toxins are unseen by our body. They then end up in our neural tissue and cellulite, interfering with our nervous system and hormonal pathways. The only way they have ever been shown to move from our bodies are with females. Dioxins have been shown to cross the placenta into unborn children and are also detectable in breast milk. So essentially in its own tragic way this decreases the mother’s burden of these toxins.

So for the first time we have at our availability a product that can remove dioxin from the body which is considered in general the most toxic substance that we accumulate.

Just to note they have taken biopsies of Eskimos who have never seen a pesticide or a bleached product (main dioxin causing chemicals ) and they have dioxin residues within their fat, there is not a person on the planet free from dioxin poisoning.

So with these direct detoxifying effects the pressure is taken off the liver and intracellular detox pathways, so these pathways can naturally function better.

A secondary detoxification effect also happens in the body as the toxicity gradients start to change.

An example of toxicity gradients is Mercury toxicity. If a person has Mercury amalgam fillings they will be emitting a certain amount of Mercury constantly into the bloodstream, so there is a constant amount of mercury in the bloodstream. This creates a gradient and as the vaporized mercury continues there is a point where the blood level gradient moves the mercury into the tissues of the body. So before NCD it was very difficult to detoxify someone of Mercury as they were constantly vaporizing mercury into their bloodstream and forcing it into their tissues. So on the removal of the amalgam fillings the blood level drops and the gradient reverses allowing a movement of mercury from the tissues back out into the bloodstream.

So the secondary detoxification affect of NCD works in the same way. As the soft tissues of your body are cleaned the gradients which have forced heavy metals deeper into your body, i.e. into your bones, changes and these deeply stored toxins start to move from the bone back into the bloodstream.

This is why it is important to take the NCD at a detox dose for a reasonable amount of time and then continue on a maintenance dose, because at a level you cannot see there is a deeper detoxification process continuing to occur that needs to be supported.

Madonna Guy ND

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TO ORDER Waiora Natural Cellular Defense (which detoxifies heavy metals, radium, pesticides and fertilizers safely and easily) AT WHOLESALE PRICES:

Step 1: – click on JOIN.  Tick ‘Australia’s Not For Resale’ box and continue

***  Where it asks for your referrer:   Madonna Guy   /   899205    thank you!!!

Step 2: click to ‘become a member’ (unless planning on doing Waiora as a business)

Step 3: choose ‘to create a personal order’

Step 4: go to ‘Natural Cellular Defense’ and choose your order size (Prices are in US$$)

Step 5: Checkout will include $19.95 NFR membership fee (ongoing $14.95 per year to get wholesale prices)

Like many useful and unusual products, at present until TGA approval this is the only way to get the product.  Make sure you tick the box that says delivery address same as billing address and put Australia ( or your particular country ) at the bottom of your address. Double check your details and click on order. Read the order and make sure you’re your details are correct. Waiora will send you a confirmation email in a few minutes.

For more information on the product, including its history and scientific basis,   or assistance with the ordering process, please call Madonna Guy at New Leaf Natural Therapies on 0417 643 849 or 3348 6098 or email

Remedial Massage – bonus for new clients in the Bayside area: Wynnum, Manly, Lota, Hemmant, Carindale, Carina, Capalaba…

Wednesday, August 11th, 2010

Remedial Massages (with our Musculo-Skeletal Therapists) currently discounted at New Leaf Natural Therapies, Wynnum:  save 30-50% off your initial massages!

Our remedial massage therapists are all multi-skilled therapists…  Katherine Lynn has completed a degree in MST and is a kinesiology trainer, this means exceptional treatments for you…  Doug Newitt is a Remedial Massage Therapist along with being a Lester Cox technique and Naturopath.  Norm Todkill is a Remedial Massage Therapist and Kinesiologist.  These practitioners can help with:

  • fibromyalgia or muscle aches and pains
  • arthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, joint aches and pains
  • neck, back and shoulder problems
  • foot, leg and ankle pain
  • hip and knee alignments
  • cranial issues, headaches and migraines.

Call us on 3348 6098 and ask about our current specials with Katherine, Doug and Norm.  Available Monday to Saturday

Remedial Massage Loyalty Programme: Wynnum Natural Therapies Clinic, Brisbane, Australia

Sunday, June 6th, 2010

Are you looking for a natural therapies clinic who has a Remedial Massage Loyalty Programme? Well, we’ve never seen one which is as good as ours!  Our well-trained therapists Katherine Lynn & Nathan Leach have training in many areas such as:

  • remedial massage
  • sports massage
  • deep tissue massage
  • hot stone massage
  • reflexology
  • lymphatic drainage
  • pregnancy massage
  • cupping techniques
  • massage for pure relaxation
  • natural facials
  • structural alignment and balancing

The benefits of massage in our clinic are:

  • fully enclosed, private rooms
  • 100% organic towelling (warm, safe, healthy, non-toxic)
  • supplements available for muscle pain, stress, cramps, injury repair
  • naturopaths and kinesiologists available for complete health care
  • full reception team – your therapist has the full-allotted time for your appointment
  • fully qualified, experienced therapists
  • all towels are cleaned after EVERY client
  • pure water available before and after your massage

Our therapists are currently available Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturdays.

Our massage loyalty bonuses are as follows:

  • book within 1 week and save 30% off recommended retail price
  • book within 2 weeks and save 20% off RRP
  • book within 3-4 weeks and save 10% off RRP
  • health fund rebates available

OR pay for a remedial massage monthly (for 9 months) and ALWAYS receive 30% off your massages!!!

For those on our monthly payment plan, there are additional bonuses such as discounts off infrared saunas, AUGUST/SEPTEMBER BONUS!!

Book this month and save 30% off your initial massage with BOTH Nathan & Katherine!

Talk to Gabby or Helen about these savings!

Madonna Guy
New Leaf Natural Therapies
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Naturopath, Wynnum, Brisbane, Australia