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Natural Support for Cancer

Friday, June 28th, 2013
How can New Leaf do for cancer??

People end up in a state of shock with any diagnosis… but I’m healthy. I exercise. I look after myself…

However, the standard things we consider with our cancer clients are (all cancer has the same causes – our genetics have been hugely disturbed – and has effects deep inside the body)

1. BMI – keeping it under 25 – Obviously many people gain weight as they get older – and the BMI over 25 starts putting us in an inflammatory state … cancer is inflammatory. Once our BMI is over 30, it’s releasing inflammatory hormones 100% of the time.  The VLA bioimpedance analysis also gives inflammatory signs – how inflamed the cells are, how much nutrition is stored in the body – or not. These are all cancer risks and can be improved. HCG is fantastic as shifting weight that’s built up over a lifetime.

2. Acidity levels – urine acidity and saliva acid…should be 7ish… the lower it is (closer to 5) puts us in a higher risk for cancer, osteoarthritis, osteoporosis. Cancer doesn’t just magically appear in our bodies. It takes at least (usually) 4 years to develop – requires lots of genetic changes, acidity, less than adequate nutrition to appear. Acidity is caused by many things (this is why we do lots of testing):

  • Parasites, bacterial and fungal infections:  the human microbiome being out of balance
  • Nutritional deficiencies:  we can’t create cancer without deficiencies – it is simply impossible
  • Food allergies and intolerances:  food plays such a huge role – if we constantly have allergies we’re activating TH2 cells in the immune system, this switches down our ability to fight cancer cells which require TH1 activity.
  • Stress, survival patterns, trauma
  • Weight gain

3. Iron, B12, folate – optimal levels. When we do live blood screenings these parameters are crucial. The size of the red blood cells is so important because lots of nutrients travel around the body in the red blood cells – if too small (classic iron deficiency) if too large (classic B12 deficiency). B12 and folate are now known to repair DNA/genetic disturbances (in big enough doses). These nutrients also support methylation in the liver – when this pathway doesn’t work we have a higher risk of heart disease. DNA changes can be reversed with big enough doses of MetagenB12/folate, Stem Enhance and anti-inflammatory substances such as MetaPure EPA/DHA. Anaesthetics bind with B12 and make it unavailable. We then need huge doses (2000-4000mcg daily) in order to 1. Pull out anaesthetics and 2. Start the DNA repair process. Less than that simply doesn’t cut it.

4. Heavy Metal Toxicity. Heavy metals are positively charged. They create inflammation in the body. Cancer is negatively charged. When there is cancer in the body we always find heavy metal toxicity. This is crucial. There is always toxicity where there is cancer. Radiation and chemo and anaesthetics all add to the toxic load, creating an environment where cancer can return.

5. Thyroid levels. Nearly everyone comes is ‘yep my thyroid is fine’. However, TSH within normal range isn’t perfect, it just isn’t the point where we need medication yet. TSH over 1.84 is dangerous for the entire body. It means that the thyroid is pumping out hormones way more than it should, and that just about any organ in the body can be struggling because of it. If our body is struggling through the thyroid – it also slows down liver function (detox) gut function (absorption) DNA repair and maintenance (allowing genetic changes which allow cancer)

So that’s just a few thoughts about different things that we can work with long term to create a healthier body where you’re less likely to get another cancer. Chemo, operations and radiation are obviously toxic… but if you know how your body has coped (bioimpedance analysis, live blood screenings, kinesiology for heavy metals/allergies/emotional support than you have a much much better chance long-term….


So, these are a few of the things we do for cancer.  We work systematically through a detox process, using testing processes to guide us as to what needs work first, and we slowly but surely work on the ‘health’ of your body instead of focussing on the disease.  By working on the ‘health’ of the body, it’s creating an environment where cancer finds it harder to survive.

Madonna Guy ND
New Leaf Natural Therapies
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Foundations of health – What and Why?

Thursday, June 20th, 2013


Foundations of Health is our Gold Standard health care plan. It’s a 9 month Naturopathic plan and addresses your health in a deep, systematic way. We focus on an in-depth cleansing process, starting with clearing the gut and boosting digestive function – vital to our overall health. We continue with the other major filtration systems in the body – the liver, immune system and kidneys. 9 months flies by, there is so much work to do!

Our aim is to lift you out of sub-optimal health and to keep you in excellent health for the long term. It’s ideal for long term health issues (with a medical diagnosis or not!), such as chronic fatigue, poor immunity, cancer, diabetes, allergies, digestive disorders, and many others.

Our Foundations of Health clients enjoy fantastic discount on all other services and Naturopathic testing – Live Blood, VLA, Insulin/Cholesterol, Kinesiology, Remedial massage, Infrared Sauna, Microcurrent, Raindrop Aromatherapy, Chi Nei Tsang Abdominal massage, and Facials.

Feeling Tired All The Time: 1st sign of chronic disease!

Tuesday, April 13th, 2010

Feeling tired all the time? Exhausted?  Burnt out? Did you know that it’s not just a symptom – it’s a sign that some crucial bodily functions aren’t working properly!  Medical tests just don’t find anything MOST of the time, but if you’re sick of feeling zonked, then read on!!

How long since you woke up feeling energised??  Have you been feeling  tired all the time? Exhausted from the moment you get up, unless you use stimulants – sugar, coffee & tea, cigarettes, stress…  Needing these stimulants is a sign that your cells aren’t functioning properly.  Medically, nothing can be done until a disease is present, but trust me, you DON’T want to wait until you’re a medical mess.

Here’s a 7 part process to more energy!  Talk to us today and get your journey started!

  1. Have a cellular analysis (VLA) and find out how much energy your cells are giving you.  Your Active Tissue Mass (muscle) is what feeds your energy cycle.  With low quality muscle mass and low amounts of muscle mass, your cells ARE NOT GIVING YOU ENERGY!  Work on improving your muscle mass!
  2. Have a look at your cells with Live Blood Analysis: there are 2 types of anaemia we see regularly – Iron deficiency and B12/folate deficiency.  We regularly find both types of anaemia in Live Blood Analysis with Chronically Tired People.
  3. How acidic are you? We do urine tests which let us know if you are acidic – if your body has a ph (acidity) of 6.5 or lower (more acidic) than the body is working harder than it needs to:  it has a harder time hydrating your cells, detoxifying your cells, removing inflammation, killing bacteria, viruses, helicobacter, parasites and more.
  4. Remove inflammation: With live blood analysis and cellular analysis we know how inflamed you are, this gives us a starting point.  We use infrared saunas, natural  supplements, massage therapies, frequency specific microcurrent, structural kinesiology to reduce inflammation.
  5. huge doses of fish oils that are heavy metal free.  Now, this sounds easier than it is, since nearly every supplement claims to be free of toxins.  However, did you know the government rules on toxicity are a joke?  We only recommend Metagenics fish oils and 100% of their range is completely non-toxic, whereas most ranges are very dodgy.  You then need a therapeutic dose of the fish oils to reduce inflammation and allow the cells to function a little better!
  6. Removing anesthetics: even dental work can impact on energy levels, having moles removed, veins stripped.  Tiny amounts of anesthetics can attach to nerve membranes and stop them from being functional, hindering the nerve conduction in the body.  We use B12 (at least 2000mg daily); infrared saunas and frequency specific microcurrent to pull anesthetics out of your body.
  7. Detoxify!  Our Foundations of Health Programme is a 9 month programme which works through the body’s filters 1 by 1 and cleanses them.  Chronic Fatigue Syndrome is linked to all of the filters being clogged, hindering nerve and cellular conduction.  We work through balancing the ph (acidity) as well as cleansing the gut (candida, parasites, helicobacter, fungus, leaky gut, allergens); the liver; the immune system and the kidneys.

So don’t despair, if you’re feeling really tired, you need to start at the beginning and treat the symptoms initially, and then cleanse, cleanse, cleanse!  Slowly but surely, you’ll get better and better.  Start your journey today – call Gabby or Annette on 3348 6098!

Madonna Guy
New Leaf Natural Therapies