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Sugar Cravings; Sugars in foods; Why we crave sugar!!

Friday, May 26th, 2017
Good morning! Challenges with maintaining our weight throughout life are going to be constant and inevitable. Sugar is constantly in the news lately – yes, manufacturers of our food deliberately add the exact amount which makes us addicted! No wonder it’s so challenging.
Diabetes in Australia is increasing at such a rapid rate that it’s estimated that 50% of us will have dementia by the age of 50within 25years – and diabetes is a major cause.  This is ridiculous!  We’ve modified our food, DNA and genes so much these days our cells become primed to develop chronic illness such as diabetes, cancer and heart disease so much earlier in our bodies than even 30 years ago.
May favourite 3 products for sugar cravings are:
1. Bactrex and Ultra Flora SB Dysbiosis – for underlying candida, fungus, bacterial infections that make us want to eat sweets (they love a sweet, acidic environment!) 3-6 daily depending on the severity and combination of the infections.
2. Gymnema tablets – known as ‘the sugar killer’ in Indian – it’s a herb which over a period of time makes our tongue need less sweet. Long-term (2 year) studies have shown pancreatic cells regnerating with gymnema use. 4-6 daily when sugar cravings are bad.
3. Resist X – definitely a favourite – contains herbs and nutrients which reduce insulin resistance (pre-diabetes); increase cellular energy and work on eating away our tummy fat. 2-6 daily depending on energy levels, tummy fat stubborness, sugar cravings.
Get your health under control today!
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Natural Supplements for Depression, Cravings and Mood Disorders…

Monday, November 26th, 2012
Supplements For Depression and Mood Disorders…
How many of us choose carbs and sugars because of our moods?  Our weight spirals out of control??  We end up feeling anxious, stressed, angry, depressed…
Can we support our neurological function with natural supplements, or do we need to take ‘chemicals’ to sort our out ‘chemical imbalances’. Firstly, the chemical imbalances that are being discussed are hormones like dopamine and seratonin…  Did you know that we make these ‘feel good’ hormones with nutrients we get from fruits, vegies, proteins, eggs, raw nuts and seeds?  Gee, a good diet – you may be thinking? Whereas, when we eat carbs and sugars we create a need for more carbs and sugars.  The breakdown of these foods create inflammation, increase our likelyhood of developing (and growing) parasites, candida, fungus, dodgy bacterial infections – all of which like a sweet, acidic environment to live in.  They love it when we eat sweets!!!
So, we’ve all heard about chromium for blood sugar – at a basic level chromium supports balancing blood sugar – but what causes the blood sugar problems?  Did you know that our bugs – parasites, bacteria, fungus, candida – all release enzymes that make us crave sugar?  Cheeky little blighters, aren’t they?
So, some of the supplements I love for balancing our hormones are:
1.  Eagle Chrome, Metagenics Resist X, Insulex, Energy X:  All of these support balancing the blood sugar.  Resist X and Insulex contain ingredients which reverse insulin resistance, a condition happening in the core of each cell in our body; Energy X is a powder with liver and thyroid support, energy support, blood sugar balancing and detoxification support.
2.  Relaxan, Resilian, Stressan:  These 3 metagenics formulas are fabulous for balancing moods.  Relaxan for PMT, irritability and stress created by female hormonal imbalances.  Stressan is for full-on anger, excess ‘chi’ they call it in Chinese medicine, great for sleep disorders and stress, has a little gut and liver support as well.  Resilian is for teariness.  Unable to hold in your emotions.  Emotional resiliance.  All of these formulas support adrenal exhaustion; nerve disorders; increase dopamine and feel-good hormones and are safe to take with medications such as anti-depressants, anti-anxiety medication under supervision from your naturopath.
3.  Proxan and Neurolift:  both of these formulas raise serotonin.  Proxan is a formula we use to support people reducing their doses (slowly and carefully) and increasing natural support for balancing the nervous system.  Neurolift is a combination of herbs and nutrients for the thyroid and nervous system, particularly increasing serotonin and thyroxin.
4.  EPA (as in fish oils):  EPA is a nutrient found in fish oils.  When fully cleansed (be very, very careful of brands) and when we’re taking 2000mg daily of the EPA component in fish oil, it raises serotonin safely and easily.  Best in a liquid form such as Metagenics or BioCeuticals.  Dose is key.
5.  Gut Support:  We make a massive amountof hormones in the gut.  Dopamine and Serotonin (feel good hormones), Oestrogen are found to be released from the small intestines.  Take care of your gut.  If it is playing up, find out what is wrong (possibly best through your naturopath as the gut is one of our specialties) and fix it.  Without sorting out the gut, it’s really difficult to balance moods and hormones long-term.
Good luck!!
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Q. First Few Days on HCG: Madonna’s comments

Wednesday, November 14th, 2012
From an HCGer…
Hi, I am on day 5 (including 2 loading days) and have lost 2kgs, however today I have a bad headache and am really hungry. I have just taken some panadol but am struggling today. My loading days I ate HEAPS but was thinking the whole time I wasn’t hungry and wasn’t craving anything. Now of course every time I turn on the TV there is a food as and I want it!!
Madonna’s Comments:
1. Headaches are due to detoxification… the body is releasing toxins from the fat tissue, and our body is struggling dealing with it. Drink heaps and heaps of purified water.  In our clinic we have infrared saunas (an hour is recommended on HCG), kinesiology protocols that support detoxification, raindrop technique (essential oil technique), and energetic healings, all of which support the body’s lymphatic system and major organs to eliminate toxins faster.  Lipoic Acid (4 daily available at New Leaf) is both a fat soluble and water soluble anti-oxidant – in other words it sops up toxins from both the blood and the fat tissue.  It’s fantastic for HCG.  It also helps with blood sugar balancing which can be a major cause of headaches on HCG.
2. Hunger: homeopathic drops take different amounts of time for different people to kick in. It’s only day 3 on the VLCD, some people take up to day 5 before homeopathic drops kick in. Make sure the drops are away from eating, drinking, coffee, cleaning teeth, and keep away from electrical appliances.  We use products such as Resist X to settle down the hunger – drink heaps of filtered water, gymnema settles hunger and sugar cravings, chromium helps to create energy within the cells – there’s lots we can do for hunger!
3. Panadol: do the best you can, but obviously your adding another toxin to the body which will have to be dealt with.  Hopefully it will only be the first few days for these headaches – let’s us know whats stored in our fat tissue doesn’t it??
4. Have a treatment with Norm or Kat and start balancing the hormones – getting them to kick the hypothalamus into action might be a possibility from the kinesiology perspective as well. Kinesiology can re-connect the hypothalamus with many parts of the body so that it speeds up the process of supporting HCG to kick in as quickly as possible.
5. Resist X: 2 tabs 3-4 x daily – if you need it, it increases cellular energy, gets the sugar activated properly within the cells (supports insulin resistance) – great for hunger on HCG.  One of my favourite supplements for clients on HCG.
6. Kinesiology for food sabotage… can also be used to help your brain and body settle down into the hcg process..  HCG is a process that helps to re-frame our food tendencies, and helps us deal with sabotages, bad eating habits, munchies…things that we may not even be aware that we’re doing!  Kinesiology, energetic healings, reiki, raindrop technique all help to settle our nervous system down.
7. Raindrop Technique: essential oil technique performed by Rachel that kicks the nervous system into action.  Gives energy.  Settles the adrenals and cortisol levels so that hunger may be normalised.  Good luck!!!  Total bliss, either an hour of Raindrops Technique or 1.5 hours of Raindrop/Reiki combination.
HCG Brisbane
Madonna Guy ND
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HCG reduces inflammatory markers in Bio-Impedance Analysis…

Tuesday, October 23rd, 2012
Inflammation decreases during HCG: I’ve had clients who have struggled with weight for years, and HCG turns them around brilliantly. Did you know that inflammation and weight gain go hand in hand?
* BMI over 30 means the fat tissue releases over 32 inflammatory hormones (that’s only 20% more than optimal weight)
* Inflammation switches off feel-good hormones which can be crucial in helping us maintain our enthusiasm for weight loss
* Inflammation switches on the adrenals, cortisol which switch off thyroid (which controls our metabolism)
* Stress does all of these things and more…
* Inflammation is also the key to developing cancer, heart disease and diabetes… a great reason to get your BMI’s back in the perfect range…

Good luck and keep the faith. HCG works!

Common Errors on HCG Diet…

Wednesday, September 19th, 2012

The kit/diet is available at New Leaf AND
The RFM HCG Homoeopathic Drops are available at New Leaf on 3348 6098 (o7)

Support for HCG on Facebook:  HCG Weightloss Support Group
AND New Leaf Natural Therapies Group and Page

We’ve had over 100 people do HCG RFM Diet this year alone (and we’re 2/3 the way through the year!)… so we’re finding the mistakes people make:

  1. Using contaminated spices:  lots have herbicides or pesticides or are irradiated.  Some are past their use-by date.  This can be toxic to your body and cause fluid retention, and therefore weight stalls.  If you don’t detox these toxins, then they will store somewhere else in your body.
  2. Using spices that contain oils or sugars – this will add calories and stop you from losing weight.
  3. Not drinking enough water.  This is crucial.  2.5 – 3 litres daily – from water, herbal teas and other water-based drinks daily.  Coffee doesn’t count.
  4. Drinking too much coffee.  Some people cope with lots of black coffee on HCG, others don’t.  Coffee may stop your body from creating energy that so many people love during HCG and make you retain fluid, and add a toxic load to your system, thereby slowing weightloss.
  5. Forgetting to take supplements.  We recommend several (depending on the individual):
    **  Silymarin to support the liver (if you have a fat roll under the rib cage)
    **  ResistX to support insulin and fat removal from the bloodstream (if you have a below-the-belly-button-layer of fat)
    **  Multi-vitamin such as Femme Essentials or Meta B – definitely superior to most on the market
    **  Cascara to support bowel movements
  6. Eating fatty meat or exposing your hands, face or body to creams, fats and oils.
  7. Not doing your two Feast Days properly when beginning the programme.  They are important.
  8. Mixing vegetables at a meal.  Simeons is clear about eating only a single vegetable at each meal.  the only exception is green leafy vegetables which can be combined.
  9. Putting other things in your mouth, like gum.  Even sugarless mints, gums etc interfere with the Protocol.  Don’t use them.
  10. Drinking diet drinks – including diet soft drinks.  They are toxic to your body and cause you to gain weight, due to this toxicity.  Dont’ use them.
  11. Eating meats, veggies, starches in the wrong combinations (ie 2 veggies at a meal, 2 fruits at a meal, more than 100g protein at a meal…)

Our Pracitioners who work with weight loss issues, emotional connections and sabotages and do the bio-impedance testing are:

  • Madonna Guy ND (HCG specialist)
  • Doug Newitt ND (Naturopath/Nutritionist)
  • Katherine Lynn (Kinesiologist/Coach)
  • Norm Todkill (Kinesiologist/Coach)
  • Gabby Graham (Intuitive Energy Healer)

Book for our Fat Loss Combination of Tests at New Leaf to find out what’s going on in your body!  3348 6098

Our Practitioners at New Leaf at a glance… 2012

Wednesday, September 19th, 2012

Madonna Guy ND

  • Working locally since 1995
  • Speaks regularly on the radio:  4BC Thursday nights 9pm and BayFM Friday mornings 9.15am
  • Created New Leaf Natural Therapies in 2008
  • Naturopath
  • Herbalist
  • Homeopath
  • Kinesiologist
  • LEAP (Learning Enhancement Acupressure Programme) Therapist
  • NOT (Neural Organisational Technique) Therapist
  • Natural Fertility Specialist
  • Remedial Massage Therapist
  • Trained in Microcurrent Therapies
  • Trained in Live Blood Screenings
  • Trained in VLA Bio-impedance Analysis
  • HCG Weight Loss
  • Shake It Weight Loss
  • Helps clients from a ‘wholistic’ perspective
  • Many years helping people to detoxify – heavy metals, hormones, foods and intolerances

Katherine Lynn MST

  • Working at New Leaf since 2010
  • University trained Musculo-Skeletal Therapist
  • Remedial Massage Therapist
  • Trained in Live Blood Screenings
  • LEAP (Learning Enhancement Acupressure Programme) Therapist
  • Uses a combination of Live Blood Screenings and Kinesiology to find the best nutrition combination for your body
  • Uses kinesiology to balance the body:  Physically, mentally, spiritually
  • Kinesiology teacher at Create Your Reality

Norm Todkill

  • Member of New Leaf team since 2011
  • Bachelor of Science
  • Remedial Massage Therapist
  • 20 years experience as a teacher which developed his interest in supporting children with learning problems
  • Kinesiologist
  • LEAP (Learning Enhancement Acupressure Programme) Therapist
  • Specialising in:  learning problems, behavioural problems, chronic fatigue and fibromyalgia, chronic pain issues, dyslexia, ADHD, poor memory, stress
  • NOT (Neural Organisational Technique) Therapist
  • Loves working on the underlying causes of any health problems, whether or not it’s pain, emotional stress, weight issues, hormonal problems, acne

Doug Newitt ND

  • Member of the New Leaf team since 2010
  • Naturopath
  • Herbalist
  • Clinical Nutritionist
  • Remedial Massage Therapist
  • Lester Cox Technique – process which realigns ligaments and tendons
  • Trained in Live Blood Screenings
  • Health coach (many years coaching experience with the Australian Cycling Team)
  • Weight Loss Programmes
  • Detox Programmes

Gabby Graham

  • Member of the team at New Leaf since 2007
  • Gabby has been working with Reiki/Energetic Healing for 10 years.  In that time Gabby has developed skills which help people clear ‘energetic’ rubbish that are causing disruptions in our ability to move forward with our live
  • This process helps the body to heal at a faster rate.  If you are someone who is super-sensitive to other people’s energy, or feels like a trauma in your life has stopped you moving forward – ask about Energetic Healing for you

New Leaf Natural Therapies
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Bio-impedance Analysis/VLA process

Thursday, September 13th, 2012

Client Question: What is the VLA/Bioimpedance Analysis approach and how much is it?

Answer: It is a 15 minute test with a practitioner (so it includes 15 minute consultation time) at New Leaf and gives the following information:

1. Accurate Body Mass Index
2. Biological Age Based on Bone and Muscle Quality, Fat Mass, Active Tissue Mass and Cellular energy
3. Phase Angle – the amount of cellular energy we are getting
4. Fluid – we are supposed to … have about 60% of fluid inside the cells and 40% on the outside of the cells – it lets us know if this is happening, and if not, how ‘leaky’ our cells are
5. Risk factor for heart disease and diabetes based on fat mass, muscle mass, muscle quality, abdominal fat
6. Muscle Quality and Muscle Mass
7. Fat Mass

The cost for the 15 minutes at New Leaf is from $73.  Cheaper for those on health plans.
For people who have had weight issues long-term we also have a 1 hour combination which is normally over $290 – ask about internet specials when you call – that includes the VLA, an insulin resistance test, some urine tests to find acid levels, kidney function etc and a consult…

Fantastic for those with chronic fatigue, chronic inflammation, adrenal fatigue, weight issues, thyroid issues…

07 3348 6098

Weight Loss Stalls on New Leaf’s Homeopathic HCG Fat Loss Process…

Friday, August 24th, 2012

What causes weight loss stalls for many days on the HCG weight loss programme?

HCG works.  Even if the weight on the scales aren’t showing it, biochemically you’re body is probably changing inside for the better.  The RFM HCG Drops support cleansing of the body, as does the simple, easy very low calorie diet.  We find this consistently (using bioimpedance VLA technology to monitor our clients), however stalls do happen – here’s some ideas why…

1.  Assuming you’re drinking plenty of healthy, filtered water, as the fat cells empty they can fill up with fluid, therefore the overall weight can stay the same
2.  If the body has hit some toxic fat that is holding some nasty toxins that have been there for a long time, the fat has become ‘calcified’ to protect our body from the toxins.  Fat tissue neutralises or stores toxins.  The body has to work away at breaking down this tissue – plenty of green tea, detoxificiation nutrients that stimulate metabolism such as Thermoburn and Silymarin help to speed up this process and allow the detoxification safely
3.  Infrared saunas can shift this:  infrared saunas help to break down calcification, move lactic acid, stimulate fat metabolism and help all the detox processes
4.  Check your diet… go back to basics (make sure you are ONLY doing fruit, veg, protein from Dr Simeon’s original list)
–   1 protein per meal 100g raw (and only the proteins on the list):  two meals per day
–   1 vegetable per meal (minimum 2 cups) – do not mix your veg:  two meals per day
–   increase your water intake
–   make sure you are only having 1 black coffee daily – more than that may dehydrate your cells, slow down your metabolism and shut down weight loss
–  1 grissini twice daily OR 1 melba toast twice daily OR 1 rice cracker twice daily
–  1 serve fruit, twice daily
5.  Quite often when weight isn’t shifting we see changes biochemically in VLA bioimpedance analysis anyway…  fat mass may be shifting from ‘brown fat’ to ‘normal fat’ – ie moving it from deep inside the body to being available to use.
6.   We sometimes see the body is much more hydrated – more fluid inside the cells, so the body ‘weighs more’.

7.  I know Dr Simeons (who died 40 years ago) said the only drug that upset the process with Oroxine, Thyroxine – thyroid medication.  However, there are some incredibly nasty drugs around these days that simply weren’t around at the time.  Who knows how these impact??

8.  Inflammation – the more inflamed your body is the more we may need to support your system with natural anti-inflammatories that don’t stop/hinder the weight loss process – inflavonoid intensive care, kaprex etc

9.  Insulin Resistance – if the cells have been insulin resistant for many years – you may be releasing more insulin from the cells than your body can handle – Resist X is the type of product that would help with energy and insulin resistance.

Do an apple day.  Maximum of 6 apples between 12pm and 8pm.  Have a Bioimpedance VLA Analysis or a Live Blood Screening done so that we can monitor your progress and see what’s truly going on in your body.  Trust the process and do it correctly and your body will surprise you!

Good luck!!

Madonna Guy ND
New Leaf Natural Therapies
3348 6098 / 0417 643 849

Natural Support for Cancer

Friday, August 17th, 2012
  • What can New Leaf do for cancer?? I often get asked “Do you treat pancreatic cancer”, “Do you treat kidney cancer”…  As natural therapists we support the body – and the person – behind the cancer.  We support people going through conventional medicine (chemo, radiation) and simply help with healthy diet, nutritional and emotional support.

    People end up in a state of shock with any diagnosis… but I’m healthy. I exercise. I look after myself…  All of that is often true, however cancer has still taken hold – something has gone wrong.

    The standard things we consider with our cancer clients are (all cancer has the same cause and effects deep inside the body)

    1. BMI – keeping it under 25 – Obviously many people gain weight as they get older – and the BMI over 25 starts putting us in an inflammatory state … cancer is inflammatory in nature.  Working on maintaining health – reducing inflammation – cancer risks and may be reduced. HCG and Shake It Weight Loss Programmes are fantastic for shifting weight that’s built up over a lifetime.

    2. Acidity levels – urine acidity and saliva acid…should be 7ish… the lower it is (closer to 5) puts us in a higher risk for cancer, osteoarthritis, osterporosis. Cancer doesn’t just magically appear in our bodies. It takes at least (usually) 4 years to develop – requires lots of genetic mutations, acidity, less than adequate nutrition to appear. Acidity may be caused by many things:

    Parasites, bacterial and fungal infections
    Nutritional deficiencies and insulin resistance
    Food allergies and intolerances
    Weight gain

  • 3. Iron, B12, folate – optimal levels.  B12 and folate are now known to support repairing DNA/genetic disturbances (in therapeutic doses). These nutrients also support methylation in the liver – when this pathway doesn’t work we have a higher risk of heart disease. DNA changes can be reversed with big enough doses of MetagenB12/folate, Stem Enhance and anti-inflammatory substances such as MetaPure EPA/DHA. Anesthetics bind with B12 and make it unavailable. We then need doses (2000-4000mcg daily) in order to 1. Pull out anesthetics and 2. Start the DNA repair process. Less than that simply doesn’t cut it.4. Heavy Metal Toxicity.Heavy metals are positively charged. They create inflammation in the body. Cancer is negatively charged. When there is cancer in the body we always find heavy metal toxicity. This is crucial. There is always toxicity where there is cancer. Radiation, chemo and anesthetics may add to the toxic load, this is where supporting the body with juicing, healthy food and diet, nutritional support may be helpful in getting the body feeling great again.5. Thyroid levels. Nearly everyone comes is ‘yep my thyroid is fine’. However, TSH within normal range isn’t perfect, it just isn’t the point where we need medication yet. TSH over 1.84 is letting us know the thyroid is becoming sluggish – the thyroid is pumping out hormones way more than it should, and that just about any organ in the body can be struggling because of it. If the thyroid is sluggish it may slow down liver function (detox) gut function (absorption) DNA repair and maintenance.

    So that’s just a few thoughts about different things that we can work with long term to create a healthier body where you’re less likely to get another cancer. Chemo, operations and radiation are obviously toxic… working with a natural therapist you trust can help get the body into a healthy place again!

    Good luck!

Madonna Guy ND
Chief Clinician
New Leaf Natural Therapies
3348 6098 (07)

ADD, ADHD, Autism, Aspergers, Memory Loss… is your brain inflamed?

Tuesday, November 15th, 2011

Brain Inflammation… sounds awful doesn’t it? Did you know that it’s impossible to have any of ADD, ADHD, Autism, Aspergers, Memory Loss without brain inflammation?  It’s an increasing problems these days:

  1. 1 in 12 kids have ADD/ADHD
  2. 1 in 91 kids have autism/aspergers (this was 1/1000 10 years ago…)
  3. 1 in 3-6 kids have allergies (very much linked with ADD/ADHD/Aspergers/Autism)
  4. 1 in 2 people over 50 years old will have dementia by 2030

Scary statistics!

But does it feel like there’s nothing that can be done? Medically it’s a matter of give this drug (a calming down drug) in the morning and this drug (another calming down drug) at night…  not to mention the side-effects and family stress associated with the problems of these conditions.

There are some things we can do immediately to start the process of reducing the inflammation in the brain!  Kinesiology helps us target the correct things for you and your family – not everyone needs every intervention, and that would be exhausting!

  1. Stop wheat, gluten and dairy: many kids have a DPP4 enzyme deficiency which creates an ‘opioid’ effect in the bloodstream which can literally make them act like they’re on drugs!  Hyperactivity, tantrums, exhaustion, brain-dead…
  2. Colourings, preservatives and flavourings: these overload metallothioneine pathways in the liver, the ‘particles’ create the inflammation in the brain, and cause hyperactivity and extreme anger symptoms in susceptible bodies…
  3. Salicylate Sensitivity: often in kids with nasal allergies, red rashes.  Salicylates are an aspirin-like substance that thin the blood (the liver, the skin, the gut – in susceptible people) and can cause huge problems where there’s an issue.
  4. Sugars, fructose, glucose issues: many kids don’t have an ability to break down sugars properly.  Kids foods are soooooo linked with sugars these days, all the pre-packaged spreads and biscuis, tiny teddies, fruit juices, cereals, muffins…  If there is ‘insulin resistance’ the body is not getting the sugar into the cells, insulin is floating around outside the cells – yep, creating more inflammation!
  5. Auto-Immune Components: Through live blood screenings and kinesiology we can find out if there’s the possibility of an auto-immune condition affecting the brain.  Current thinking with Autism (particularly) is that an old staph/strep infection is affecting the basal ganglia in the brain, directly affecting moods, behaviour and how we interact with our world around us.
  6. Heavy Metal toxicity: Lead, mercury, cadmium and aluminium (regularly in medications we give our children such as vaccines) are very well documented to  be a link in ADD, ADHD (lead particularly), Autism (aluminium and mercury particularly), Aspergers and Allergies
  7. LEAP Kinesiology: is a specific process done at New Leaf Natural Therapies that re-integrates the pathways of the brain.  The more toxic the brain is (the more inflammation, insulin, opioid-like-substances, sugars, flavourings, colourings, preservatives) the more likely our brain pathways won’t be functioning properly.  See if any of these problems sound familar for someone you love!

Amygdala stress: the amygdala is a part of the brain that is activated when we’re under stress.  IF we’re stressing, and we don’t get our logical and creative thought processes finding a solution quickly enough, we whip into an old ‘amygdala’ pattern.  (This is the same pattern that people with PTSD and Vietnam Vets know all about)  The amygdala holds patterns of:

  • fight and flight (these can be fully activated or have exhaustion)
  • pain and punishment circuits (kids who are constantly in trouble are easily ‘labelled’ and therefore their brains and always expecting the worst.  This doesn’t help behaviour in any circumstance where there’s always a pattern in place
  • escape, submission, freeze: some kids brains just ‘switch off’, they look like they’re ‘not paying attention’ but their brains are just overloaded and they can’t take anymore
  • rage, anger, frustration (need I say more?!?)
  • pleasure and reward centres – switched off!  this creates depression, anxiety, panic attacks, lack of enjoyment with day to day activities

Our Learning Enhancement Programme has been put together to get the best results and to save you $$$.  Ask about our 9 month programme (standard length of time for ‘normal’ learning and behavioural issues).  More complicated health problems take longer to resolve – but we’ll see how we’re going as we go through the sessions.

Madonna Guy ND
Chief Clinician
New Leaf Natural Therapies
3348 6098 / 0417 643 849