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Back to School Assessment: with NOT and LEAP assessment

Wednesday, January 18th, 2012

Are you sick of people telling your kids are lazy? Not paying attention?  Not focussed?  And you know something’s going on with them?

Is your child stressed about going to school, feeling picked on or stupid?

There is help available – and NOT drugs or years of counselling…  we are specialists in this area and have many many years of experience…

We do a combination of treatments in our clinic that can help your children:  NOT (Neural Organisational Technique); LEAP (Learning Enhancment Acupressure Programme) and FSM (Frequency Specific Microcurrent) which can help to determine and correct, what’s going on in the brain of your kids.

What does this mean?

We can FIND and CORRECT:

  • Issues which have been there since birth: poor oxygen to certain parts of the brain; jammed cranial bones; poor nutritional supply to the brain due to caesarian sections; anesthetics still in the system due to epidurals and anesthetics.
  • Old Stress Patterns that are Hindering the Ability to Learn: once a child has been repeatedly in trouble for ‘being lazy’, ‘not trying hard enough’, ‘feeling like the class idiot’, their body starts shutting down as soon as they go to do something they’ve failed at in the past.
  • Vaccination Side-Effects: some children don’t cope with vaccination toxins.  It can (in susceptible children) hinder liver function, brain function, immune system function…
  • Neurological Switching: sometimes the brain simply isn’t sending information to the correct areas, or ‘switch off’ crucial pathways and functions (for example logical thinking) under stress.
  • DPP4 Enzyme Deficiency: means that certain foods may be acting like ‘opioids’ in your childs brain and stopping or hindering brain function, making them tired and stressed and unable to cope or learn.

Sound like you or your children could do with a session!??  We have a Learning Enhancement Programme which will save you lots of $$$ per month if you believe this programme would be good for you or your family.

Madonna Guy ND
New Leaf Natural Therapies
Chief Clinician