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Kidney Issues – how natural therapies can help you!

Sunday, October 17th, 2010

Has the term ‘ kidney failure’ or ‘kidney issues’ been mentioned by the doctors?  It’s pretty scary since the only answer is transplant and/or dialysis and lifetime medication.  Holy cow, what a prognosis!  Not only that but the amount of time to wait for an available kidney is huge – how much time out of your life will be spent worried about the future.

Have you even considered natural therapies support/cures for kidney issues?  Nephritis, kidney failure, kidney cysts, kidney tumours… is there any other help available?  Well, there are herbs, nutrients and supplements that may support your kidney function…

  1. We have ways of supporting the body’s inflammation, cysts, toxicity, stress etc
  2. Natural Supplements such as Waiora NCD / Stem Enhance / Uroplex, Kidney Care & Renoxyl and more… there are products that support detoxification processes through the kidneys and bladder
  3. supporting the other conditions which may be linked to kidney failure:
  • blood pressure
  • poor digestion, liver stress or poor immune function – if any of these are not serving you well, the kidneys can fail!
  • chemical toxicity (the kidneys are the last ‘filter’ of the body)

So there IS help available – we may be able to support your kidneys, sometimes hugely improving quality of life for you and your kidneys!

Madonna Guy
New Leaf Natural Therapies
Wynnum, Brisbane, Australia