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Chronic Fatigue, Mitochondrial Dysfunction, Depression, Chronic Pain Conditions – there is help!

Wednesday, August 20th, 2014


What may all of these conditions have in common?  Chronic Fatigue, Depression, Mitochondrial Dysfunction and Chronic Pain Conditions are all linked to:

  1. Old infections that haven’t been fully resolved.  The ‘particles’ and ‘byproducts’ of these old infections, staph or strep, e-coli, glandular fever EBV etc etc, live in the tissues in the body and do not show up in regular blood tests.  It is estimated by some researchers that up to 80% of infections live in the biofilm, hidden deep inside the tissues in the body, and create a low-grade inflammation that is hard to shift medically. Depression is an inflammatory process – we simply can’t have depression without brain inflammation – there’s such a huge gut-brain connection that current research is looking at infections crossing the blood-brain barrier and being one of the many causes of depression.  Herbal tonics, nutritionals, chi nei tsang abdominal massage and kinesiology all help the body to break down the biofilm, recognise the infections, and start eliminating these toxins.
  2. Poor nutritional status:  recommended daily allowances of nutrients are ridiculously low (and totally useless) when we have a chronic health condition – of any sort.  Studies done in the 1970’s with Chronic Fatigue and Fibromyalgia showed (40 years ago) that all nutritional needs were higher once we’re stressed, in pain, not sleeping, working too hard, bed-ridden.  So a multi-vitamin or thinking we’re going to get the nutrition from our foods was disproven decades ago.
  3. When we’re unwell, our body goes into ‘crisis mode’.  That is, it starts running survival patterns which override normal day to day activities – digestion, blood pressure, lung activity, muscular function – this is why a cold or flu, or small car accident, or death in the family – can trigger a weird group of symptoms that often aren’t put together as being linked to the initial incident or episode.  We start to put together these parts of your history, so that the medical conditions that have occurred finally make sense.

We specialise in supporting people with chronic health conditions – nutritionally giving the cells what they need, structural balancing to take the pressure of the body, survival pattern kinesiology to allow the body to start healing… and much more.  Our Foundations of Health programme, particularly (which takes 9-18 months), is designed to work through cleansing the major filters of the body – the gut & digestion, the liver, the kidneys and immune systems – which slowly but surely allows all of the individual cells of the body to have better nutritional status, improves detoxification and improves health.


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Natural Supplements for Depression, Cravings and Mood Disorders…

Monday, November 26th, 2012
Supplements For Depression and Mood Disorders…
How many of us choose carbs and sugars because of our moods?  Our weight spirals out of control??  We end up feeling anxious, stressed, angry, depressed…
Can we support our neurological function with natural supplements, or do we need to take ‘chemicals’ to sort our out ‘chemical imbalances’. Firstly, the chemical imbalances that are being discussed are hormones like dopamine and seratonin…  Did you know that we make these ‘feel good’ hormones with nutrients we get from fruits, vegies, proteins, eggs, raw nuts and seeds?  Gee, a good diet – you may be thinking? Whereas, when we eat carbs and sugars we create a need for more carbs and sugars.  The breakdown of these foods create inflammation, increase our likelyhood of developing (and growing) parasites, candida, fungus, dodgy bacterial infections – all of which like a sweet, acidic environment to live in.  They love it when we eat sweets!!!
So, we’ve all heard about chromium for blood sugar – at a basic level chromium supports balancing blood sugar – but what causes the blood sugar problems?  Did you know that our bugs – parasites, bacteria, fungus, candida – all release enzymes that make us crave sugar?  Cheeky little blighters, aren’t they?
So, some of the supplements I love for balancing our hormones are:
1.  Eagle Chrome, Metagenics Resist X, Insulex, Energy X:  All of these support balancing the blood sugar.  Resist X and Insulex contain ingredients which reverse insulin resistance, a condition happening in the core of each cell in our body; Energy X is a powder with liver and thyroid support, energy support, blood sugar balancing and detoxification support.
2.  Relaxan, Resilian, Stressan:  These 3 metagenics formulas are fabulous for balancing moods.  Relaxan for PMT, irritability and stress created by female hormonal imbalances.  Stressan is for full-on anger, excess ‘chi’ they call it in Chinese medicine, great for sleep disorders and stress, has a little gut and liver support as well.  Resilian is for teariness.  Unable to hold in your emotions.  Emotional resiliance.  All of these formulas support adrenal exhaustion; nerve disorders; increase dopamine and feel-good hormones and are safe to take with medications such as anti-depressants, anti-anxiety medication under supervision from your naturopath.
3.  Proxan and Neurolift:  both of these formulas raise serotonin.  Proxan is a formula we use to support people reducing their doses (slowly and carefully) and increasing natural support for balancing the nervous system.  Neurolift is a combination of herbs and nutrients for the thyroid and nervous system, particularly increasing serotonin and thyroxin.
4.  EPA (as in fish oils):  EPA is a nutrient found in fish oils.  When fully cleansed (be very, very careful of brands) and when we’re taking 2000mg daily of the EPA component in fish oil, it raises serotonin safely and easily.  Best in a liquid form such as Metagenics or BioCeuticals.  Dose is key.
5.  Gut Support:  We make a massive amountof hormones in the gut.  Dopamine and Serotonin (feel good hormones), Oestrogen are found to be released from the small intestines.  Take care of your gut.  If it is playing up, find out what is wrong (possibly best through your naturopath as the gut is one of our specialties) and fix it.  Without sorting out the gut, it’s really difficult to balance moods and hormones long-term.
Good luck!!
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Natural Help and Support for Depression & Mood Disorders at New Leaf Natural Therapies, Wynnum, Brisbane

Wednesday, April 14th, 2010

There is effective, natural help and support for depression and mood disorders available at New Leaf Natural Therapies.  Have you been told you’ll be on anti-depressants for the rest of your life for your depression?  Have you tried, and failed, to get alternative help for those debilitating mood disorders?  Been to psychologists and psychiatrists, but nothing ever seems to change? Have you been told nothing else will help since it’s just a ‘chemical imbalance in the brain’??

The great news is that there is help for depression and mood problems.  There are very specific things we can do to help with depression and mood disorders.  Our clinic has been dealing with depression and mood disorders since 1995 with great success.  So if you are looking for another avenue to try, then look no further.  We are a specialist naturopathic and kinesiology clinic with plenty of knowledge and experience with depression and mood disorders.

Basically depression and mood disorders are about hormonal imbalance (that’s the chemical imbalance they’re always talking about).  Hormones are made of good fats and proteins and other nutrients.  So when we’re talking about improving depression and mood disorders we have a system to deal with it.

Here are 5 keys to improving depression and mood disorders.

  1. Find out which nutritional deficiencies you have and deal with those.  We have tests, questionnaires and processes to find out where the clinical nutritional deficiencies are and high quality supplements to improve these shortfalls.  Depression and mood disorders may be linked to magnesium, potassium, calcium, zinc, iron, B12, folate and other B Complex, essential fatty acids, to name a few.
  2. We have products which improve specific hormonal/neurotransmitter deficiencies such as serotonin, dopamine and gaba.  Proxan is a natural anti-depressant which improves serotonin levels, Gaba is a natural anti-anxiety capsule which improves gaba, the calming hormone, Prozestan is a natural supplement which improves dopamine, which helps give us the umph to get through the day, Stressan and Relaxan help to calm mood disorders which are linked to hormonal imbalances.
  3. We use kinesiology and/or frequency specific microcurrent to reset/reboot the nervous system and to ‘open up’ the conscious areas of the brain, which are the areas where happiness and feeling optimistic and looking forward to life, takes place.  Kinesiology and frequency specific microcurrent help to diffuse deep survival patterns which have been running for weeks, months or decades.  These are gentle processes which make huge changes to the way the brain functions.
  4. We need to reduce inflammation of the brain.  It has been medically proven that depression and mood disorders are inflammatory conditions:  the brain and spinal cord are inflamed, this disrupts the nerve conduction and makes it harder for many processes to function well.  Inflammation also eats up many nutrients which are also necessary for creating our feel good hormones – therefore the process of being inflamed (which is a proven medical fact in depression and mood disorders) means that we have less serotonin, dopamine and gaba.
  5. Reducing pain and increasing relaxation. Many people with chronic depression and mood disorders are in pain (or take pain drugs regularly so therefore don’t feel pain) and their relaxation time isn’t actually relaxing.  We recommend Remedial Yoga and Meditation Classes, infrared saunas, relaxing and lymphatic drainage massage and supplements to help REAL relaxation and REAL reduction in pain.

So, don’t just cover up your depression and mood disorders, come in and let’s fix your depression and mood problems today!

Madonna Guy
Naturopaths & Kinesiologists, Wynnum, Brisbane