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Tuesday, March 22nd, 2011

Digestive Tract Cleansing – Fact or Fiction

What Does it REALLY MEAN to cleanse your digestive tract?

What does a well functioning digestive tract mean?  It means we have no symptoms of constipation or diarrhoea, bloating, burping & belching, acid reflux, heartburn or indigestion or bad breath and have good immunity and well balanced blood sugar.  Is this you?  Even if you have no symptoms (the classic cast-iron stomach for example) we often find issues such as parasites, oxidative stress or leaky gut and allergies.  When we look at your blood in real time and to urinary indicans testing (amount of gut dysbiosis/bad bacteria being released through the urine) these are the tests that let us know how long it’s going to take to cleanse the digestive tract – and it’s not as easy as it sounds.

I had a client once (with allergies, hayfever, reproductive issues and anxiety) who had a great looking live blood analysis when we first did the test.  There was very little sign of parasites, leaky gut or liver stress.  Knowing the health history, I would have expected the live blood to have looked worse.  What we did was give her a detox pack which cleanses mucoid plaque from the intestinal walls.  I’d have to say it’s better than colonic irrigations due to the fact that it pulls mucoid plaque (hardened oxidised bile) from the stomach, small intestines as well as the colon (large intestine).  Colonic irrigations only work a maximum of 70% of the colon, whereas this is the entire digestive tract.

Once we completed the mucoid plaque cleanse (it’s simple and very effective for the mucoid plaque release for most people – but some people need to do it several times as the hardened oxidised bile can turn into ‘concrete’ in the intestines which takes some time to loosen…  ) we had another look at the live blood analysis and it was totally different – we found huge signs of parasites, leaky gut and liver stress.  So what happened?  Basically this hardened oxidised bile/ mucoid plaque creates a barrier between the intestinal wall and inside the digestive tract and lots of nasties live behind it, it creates a heated, toxic environment which nourishes parasites, fungus and candida.  So, once we released these mucoid plaques, it allowed the release of these stored parasites, fungus, candida.  Then we got to work clearing the next layer for this client!

So, when practitioners either 1. don’t have the technology to show you how good/how bad things are (and therefore are doing purely guesswork) and 2. don’t have the knowledge/products/techniques in order to move through the processes (many clinics do not specialise in detoxification) or 3. believe their training that two week detoxes are all that’s needed and wonder why their clients never have the results they’re after – clients suffer.  Seminars which teach detoxification often simplify things.  Training in naturopathic college simplifies things.  I assume it’s more popular to tell people it’ll take 2-6 weeks for a full, integrated detox, less cost, less time, simpler – but really – it’s doesn’t help clients, the industry or anyone’s health long term.

There is no health problem that exists that can’t benefit from an integrated four-filter cleanse.

Call us today to find out how your digestive tract is doing…  Ask for a urinary indicans test and a live blood analysis.  We can also screen (blood) for candida, coeliac disease testing and helicobacter pylori testing.

Our Foundations of Health Programme was designed for a 9 month integrated detoxification programme.  We have a special offer at present where if ALL of the Foundation of Health Testing Processes are completed, as well as an initial Foundations of Health Consultation – mention this New Leaf Blog and recieve 50%off.

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