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Pain – Neuroplasticity and Sports Injuries

Tuesday, March 24th, 2015

Have you heard of the term neuroplasticity and wondered what it means? No, our brains are not made of plastic. However, it does refer to the neural pathways in our brains can be as malleable as plastic allowing our brain to adapt to different circumstances. This means that each signal that enters our brain follows a particular pathway. This pathway can be altered by a change in behaviour.

Recently there has been several case studies to confirm the suggestion that chronic pain is not so much a true indication of current pain but that neural pathways have been developed in the brain to re-affirm the original pain that was experienced. Therefore, the pain which we perceive as chronic pain is not a true indication of anatomical pain but a memory of past pain experienced. Neuroplasticity suggests that neural pathway that has developed can be altered via different input.

There have been several cases which have successfully abated their chronic pain to minimal or none ultimately changing their lives. This has been achieved via activating the neural pathway pattern and flooding the brain with another sensory input. This in turn allows an alternative neural pathway to develop. Each time the new neural pathway is reinforced allows for the new pathway to develop and the old pathway (of pain) decreases in strength and slowly dissipates. Literally turning the old statement of if you don’t use it you lose it to an advantage!

Alternate sensory input may be light or sound. That is, by flooding the neural pathway with another direction to go in each time chronic pain is experienced stimulates new neurons to develop. If this new neuron pathway is reinforced regularly throughout the day the experience of pain has been reported to significantly reduce over a 6 week period.

Chronic pain is usually associated with osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis or other degenerative conditions. However, chronic pain is actually classified after 3 months of experiencing pain in the same region consistently. Therefore this includes sports injuries which are often exacerbated by repetitive movements or sitting stationary for long periods of time (often work related). When this starts to happen reactive muscles can be a factor.

Reactive muscles is the concept of when one muscle is switched on it essentially bullies other muscles that switch off i.e. muscles are reactive towards one another as opposed to firing when appropriate. Reactive muscles can create dysfunctional movement patterns when the body moves. When this is done repetitively it can be reinforced and put strain on muscles which can lead to events causing injury. Upon injury acute inflammation and pain is experienced which is the body’s warning system to rest that area. However, when the acute inflammation dies down is a crucial stage to change the reactive pattern of muscles before the neuronal network of ‘pain’ is laid down and reinforced altering the way the body moves. This pattern can start to reinforce itself in a negative way.

By switching off the reactive muscles allows for any neuronal networks for ‘pain’ to not be reinforced thus reducing the experience of pain. This can be done by kinesiology. Essentially kinesiology identifies and activates a negative neuronal pathway, floods it with a positive stimulus allowing a new neuronal pathway to form i.e. neuroplasticity.

Why Kinesiology at New Leaf Natural Therapies

Thursday, September 20th, 2012

Our Kinesiologists at New Leaf are all multi-skilled and have a combined 28 years experience in kinesiology:

Madonna Guy 20 years
Georgia Kilpatrick 8 years


Kinesiology is a process which helps us to access the innate knowledge within the body.  It’s hard to explain, but it uses muscle testing which accesses what your body needs to heal…  We can use kinesiology to support:

  1. Learning Problems.  Our practitioners do a process called LEAP and NOT which support better processing of information for our kids with auditory processing issues, dyslexia, ADHD etc
  2. Behavioural Issues:  We all support the nervous system to cope better with behavioural problems – there are many reasons for this, and kinesiology can help to target what’s going on with the brain, gut, immune system and start the process of rebalancing our kids…
  3. Endocrine/Hormonal Issues.  Within the processes of kinesiology there are ways to help to re-boot the hormonal systems of the body, which are often activated by a huge stress/trauma or a toxic overload of some sort.  Kinesiology can help to target the cells/organs which are dysfunctional and re-balance the energy in these organs.  Are you sick of Infertility? PMT? Pain? Being grumpy?  Depression?
  4. Immune Balancing:  There are kinesiology processes which support boosting the parts of the body associated with better immunity, thereby helping the body have less symtoms of allergy, intolerances, cold and flu…
  5. LEAP:  Learning Enhancement Acupressure Programme – this process helps to re-integrate pathways in the brain that are dysfunctional.  The entire process may take anywhere from 5-20 hours depending on how neurologically out-of-whack the body is.
  6. NOT:  Neural Organisational Technique – this process re-organises the neurology in the body and can be used to support structural problems such as jaw and hip pain, scoliosis, whiplash and neck problems, chronic back pain.  Just about all arthritis starts with an imbalance in the body.
  7. Energetic Healing:  When our energy is out of balance, ‘blockages’ occur in the body.  Kinesiology can target ”weird energy” like chakras, auras, figure 8 energies, negative attachments that are causing problems for you overall.
  8. Nutritional Kinesiology:  Do you absorb your food?  Supplements?  Protein?  Carbohydrates?  Sugars?  Kinesiology can find out which organs are affected negatively by your foods and supplements and help your body accept and absorb nutrition better.
  9. Toxicity Work:  We can use kinesiology to find the pathways in the brain, liver, kidneys which are being blocked by toxins such as lead, mercury, cadmium, aluminium…  This can cause chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia, just about any health problem.
  10. and so much more….

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What to do for Foot spurs, heel spurs, plantar fasciitis…

Wednesday, June 30th, 2010

It’s amazing to me how many people ring me on 4BC to ask about foot spurs, heel spurs and plantar fasciitis…  It seems to be a very important, painful, and debilitating issue for many people in Australia.

Firstly, we need good connective tissue support so that the foot can heal and repair properly.  Nutrients that can be used are things like silica, magnesium, calcium…  Products that support connective tissue support:  Metagenics Arthrex; BioCeuticals Silica liquid; Metagenics Cartrin; Blackmores SCF; Metagenics Glucosamine Intensive Care.

Secondly, ensure weight is optimal…  carrying excess weight puts huge amounts of pressure on the feet, and they will of course, be inflamed over time.  Foot spurs, heel spurs and plantar fasciitis and natural side-effects of long term weight issues.  See us about our fat loss programme which has a fantastic success rate and saves you money long term.

Thirdly, structural balancing can be very beneficial:  in our clinic we do:

  • remedial massage to increase blood supply to the extremities
  • structural kinesiology to balance hips, knees, ankles, feet
  • foot manipulation to ensure all the bones of the feet are in correct positions
  • frequency specific microcurrent to help to break down calcification in the joints

So, there really is plenty of help for heel spurs, foot spurs and plantar fasciitis.  Call us today to book your appointment!

Madonna Guy, Naturopath, Wynnum, Brisbane
New Leaf Natural Therapies
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Feeling Tired All The Time: 1st sign of chronic disease!

Tuesday, April 13th, 2010

Feeling tired all the time? Exhausted?  Burnt out? Did you know that it’s not just a symptom – it’s a sign that some crucial bodily functions aren’t working properly!  Medical tests just don’t find anything MOST of the time, but if you’re sick of feeling zonked, then read on!!

How long since you woke up feeling energised??  Have you been feeling  tired all the time? Exhausted from the moment you get up, unless you use stimulants – sugar, coffee & tea, cigarettes, stress…  Needing these stimulants is a sign that your cells aren’t functioning properly.  Medically, nothing can be done until a disease is present, but trust me, you DON’T want to wait until you’re a medical mess.

Here’s a 7 part process to more energy!  Talk to us today and get your journey started!

  1. Have a cellular analysis (VLA) and find out how much energy your cells are giving you.  Your Active Tissue Mass (muscle) is what feeds your energy cycle.  With low quality muscle mass and low amounts of muscle mass, your cells ARE NOT GIVING YOU ENERGY!  Work on improving your muscle mass!
  2. Have a look at your cells with Live Blood Analysis: there are 2 types of anaemia we see regularly – Iron deficiency and B12/folate deficiency.  We regularly find both types of anaemia in Live Blood Analysis with Chronically Tired People.
  3. How acidic are you? We do urine tests which let us know if you are acidic – if your body has a ph (acidity) of 6.5 or lower (more acidic) than the body is working harder than it needs to:  it has a harder time hydrating your cells, detoxifying your cells, removing inflammation, killing bacteria, viruses, helicobacter, parasites and more.
  4. Remove inflammation: With live blood analysis and cellular analysis we know how inflamed you are, this gives us a starting point.  We use infrared saunas, natural  supplements, massage therapies, frequency specific microcurrent, structural kinesiology to reduce inflammation.
  5. huge doses of fish oils that are heavy metal free.  Now, this sounds easier than it is, since nearly every supplement claims to be free of toxins.  However, did you know the government rules on toxicity are a joke?  We only recommend Metagenics fish oils and 100% of their range is completely non-toxic, whereas most ranges are very dodgy.  You then need a therapeutic dose of the fish oils to reduce inflammation and allow the cells to function a little better!
  6. Removing anesthetics: even dental work can impact on energy levels, having moles removed, veins stripped.  Tiny amounts of anesthetics can attach to nerve membranes and stop them from being functional, hindering the nerve conduction in the body.  We use B12 (at least 2000mg daily); infrared saunas and frequency specific microcurrent to pull anesthetics out of your body.
  7. Detoxify!  Our Foundations of Health Programme is a 9 month programme which works through the body’s filters 1 by 1 and cleanses them.  Chronic Fatigue Syndrome is linked to all of the filters being clogged, hindering nerve and cellular conduction.  We work through balancing the ph (acidity) as well as cleansing the gut (candida, parasites, helicobacter, fungus, leaky gut, allergens); the liver; the immune system and the kidneys.

So don’t despair, if you’re feeling really tired, you need to start at the beginning and treat the symptoms initially, and then cleanse, cleanse, cleanse!  Slowly but surely, you’ll get better and better.  Start your journey today – call Gabby or Annette on 3348 6098!

Madonna Guy
New Leaf Natural Therapies

Balance Problems? Feel Wobbly? Get your balance right!!! Feet, hips, neck, spine…

Monday, March 29th, 2010

Balance Problems?  Wobbly?  Do you wake up in the morning feeling like you are fully balanced from head to toe? Or bits and pieces ache and just don’t feel right?  Do you suffer from painful scoliosis, jaw or hip problems, knees, ankle and foot pain?  Do you get burning pain in the shoulders, upper back or suffer frozen shoulder?

We have the complete solution to getting you balanced and structurally sound. Many practitioners only focus on one thing:  emotional stability, the spine, the muscles…  We work together a programme, a series of sessions which help to work on every part of your body to get you right, long term!

  • using frequency specific microcurrent to reduce inflammation and support regeneration of different areas of the body
  • using structural balancing with our Musculo Skeletal Therapist, Katherine Lynn and Structural Kinesiology techniques with Madonna Guy & Jacqueline Dekoke, to ensure the body is not ‘pulling’ in the wrong directions
  • getting your feet right – we do foot manipulation and re-setting the foot proprioceptors so that the feet are sending the correct messages to the brain, and the other 600+ muscles of the body that the feet impact on every day
  • using remedial massage to relax and tone your muscles with Katherine Lynn & Cherice Day
  • Our Chronic and Acute Pain Programmes include highly discounted sessions of frequency specific microcurrent, remedial massage, infrared saunas & structural kinesiology.

So come in and start the process of getting balanced!!!

Madonna Guy ND
Chief Clinician
New Leaf Natural Therapies

Madonna on the Radio: 4BC with Alex Bernard

Sunday, February 28th, 2010

Today Alex and I discussed chronic pain with a few callers..  A few thoughts on pain:

1 in 5 Australians have chronic pain at some stage in their lives, so pain management is a huge challenge for many health professionals.  Pain can come from so many sources, and is often linked to emotional pain and traumas in our lives: deaths of a loved one, an operation, a nasty viral infection, financial difficulties.  Neck and shoulder pain, for example, is notoriously worse when someone is stressed.  Eventually this can lead to chronic pain for which medical science has no answers for other than stronger and stronger drug therapies.

Natural pain management works to reduce irritation to the nerves; regenerate the areas which are degenerating and re-mineralise the body.  This combination helps to reduce acidity, reduce pain and increase longevity.  Drug pain management suppresses the symptoms allowing nerve damage, acidity and degeneration to continue.

New Leaf Natural Therapies has many treatments for pain management:  naturopathic supplements; frequency specific microcurrent; remedial massage; infrared saunas; structural kinesiology and acupuncture.  It’s time to get to the cause of health problems, not just suppress them!

Madonna Guy ND
New Leaf Natural Therapies

Our Services at New Leaf Natural Therapies: Massage; Kinesiology & Infrared Saunas

Sunday, November 29th, 2009

Besides our specialist programmes (Our Services) we also offer many other treatments for clients including massage, kinesiology and infrared saunas:

Massage Therapies:

  • hot stone massage
  • remedial massage
  • relaxation massage
  • reflexology
  • shiatsu
  • lymphatic drainage
  • pregnancy massage
  • hydrating and relaxing facials: mini, basic & deluxe

Structural Kinesiology Processes (with Linda Hoggard ND, Jacqueline Dekoke ND & Madonna Guy ND) which test and treat:

  • Food sensitivity treatments, challenging and assessments
  • Chemical sensitivity treatments, challenging and assessments
  • Whiplash
  • Scolisosis
  • Jaw & Hip problems
  • Cranial Injuries (past and present)
  • Shoulder pain
  • Bicipital tendon pain
  • Dural torque (from spinal injuries)
  • Knee, foot and hip corrections
  • Foot mobilisation techniques

Emotional Kinesiology Processes (with Jacqueline Dekoke ND, Madonna Guy ND & Linda Hoggard ND)

  • LEAP Learning Enhancement Advanced Protocol
  • Diffusion of survival switching patterns
  • Re-connection of areas of the brain such as memory centres, logical and creative pathways and more
  • Counselling kinesiology
  • Cranial kinesiology
  • SIPS: Stress indicator points system

Frequency Specific Microcurrent (Jacqueline Dekoke ND & Madonna Guy ND): we have successfully used FSM for:

  • advanced injury repair
  • fibromyalgia
  • chronic pain
  • nerve pain
  • spinal cord pain
  • chronic disc pain
  • knees pain
  • hip pain
  • foot pain
  • dizziness
  • arthritis
  • osteoarthritis
  • memory improvement
  • insulin resistance
  • liver and gut stress
  • shingles
  • irritable bowel syndrome

Infrared Saunas: Our saunas detoxify instantly it is turned on, it doesn’t wait for you to heat up before working.  We deliberately chose non-toxic saunas (many are lacquered which makes them toxic when heated); we use organic towels (so you’re not breathing in toxins in our clinic) and we give you a meditation CD or music to listen to.  It’s amazing how fast 1/2 hour goes in one of these…

Madonna Guy ND
Chief Clinician

Kinesiology – we do lots!

Saturday, November 21st, 2009

Have you experienced kinesiology?  We love kinesiology at our clinic, it’s a big part of who we are and what we do!  when we were setting up the clinic we knew that it was not only important, but absolutely necessary that our practitioners understood and used kinesiology as an integral part of the way they worked, and that’s what we’ve achieved!

Madonna has been doing kinesiology since 1995 or so, and teaching touch for health for over 10 years…   Linda and Madonna have been training together for many years and have travelled all around Australia (and to New York) to learn from the top kinesiologists available.  Jacqueline learnt amazing techniques through her experiences in sensitivity balancing, and did courses such as Touch for Health many years ago.  She does most of our ‘endocrine balancing’, ‘immune balancing’ and ‘sensitivity testing and treatments’ at our clinic. 

There are so many types of kinesiology, it’s really hard to say how it works and what it does.  We do everything from Structural Kinesiology to Counselling and emotional kinesiology, LEAP (Learning Enhancement Advanced Protocol); Muscle balancing with Touch for Health; NOT (Neural Organisational Technique); SIPS (Stress Indicator Points System); Heart Healing and lots more. 

Most health problems link to emotional issues, the most common being rage & anger, fear & anxiety, pain & punishment, depression and escape, submission & freeze: we find those emotional links and ‘diffuse’ the nervous system so that it starts to act ‘consciously’ rather than ‘unconsciously’.  It’s often quite subtle, but it really kicks the nervous system into action and helps people hugely!

Have you ever felt like you weren’t in control of your emotions?  You wanted to be happy, you tried to be happy, but it just wasn’t that easy?  Kinesiology can help to find those ‘deep survival patterns’ and reduce the impact of them on your day to day lives.  We help people from all walks of life get on top of their health problems.  Give us a call and see how you can help you today!

Jacqueline Dekoke ND

Saturday, November 21st, 2009

Jacqueline Dekoke ND has been with our team for over 18 months now.  New Leaf Natural Therapies snatched her away from the Advanced Allergy Clinic in the city where she had had great success in dealing with people’s debilitating sensitivities.  As a kinesiologist and naturopath she uses her skills well, here at our clinic, and also has the ability to utilise many extra services here such as Live Blood Analysis, Cellular Analysis and Frequency Specific Microcurrent to name a few.  She has so many skills, ‘naturopath’ just doesn’t do it justice.

Our cutting edge technology allows Jacq to get to the cause of health problems quickly and easily.  Jacqueline finds that many people mention ‘exhaustion’, ‘tired’, ‘chronic fatigue’ within a few minutes of meeting her.  She often uses Bowen Technique, Touch for Health, N.O.T. (Neural Organisational Technique) with clients as we find the stresses of life these days really throw people out of whack!

So if you feel you need some nutrition/dietary advice, would like to check out your live blood analysis, have kinesiology done for structural or emotional issues, need us to guide you into a direction of health rather than disease, pop on in and meet Jacq!  She’ll take your health where you need to go…

Take care,

Madonna Guy ND Naturopath Wynnum