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Vaccination: Pros & Cons from a naturopathic perspective, Madonna Guy, Naturopath, Wynnum Brisbane

Monday, April 26th, 2010

Worried about vaccinations? Most people cope well, without side-effects and have no long-lasting effects.  As a naturopath, I’ve been treating immunity, pre-vaccination care and vaccination side-effects for 15 years.  Vaccinations are a tricky topic, very emotive and can be a huge struggle for parents to feel like they’re making the right decision.

Vaccination Benefits: If someone doesn’t take care of their health, then vaccination is perhaps the best option for them, but it’s people with poor immunity and poor health who are most likely to get the side-effects.  Vaccinations have been around for over 200 years and have without a doubt saved many thousands and thousand of lives over the years.  The theory is that people get close-to-immediate immunity for the specific ‘germ’ they are being treated for.

Most common side-effects of vaccinations: the usual suspects are fevers and vomiting.  Medically speaking, a vaccination side-effect must be reported within 24-48 hours, and the attending physician must ‘agree’ that it’s a side-effect or it doesn’t get reported.  This is how the AMA gets around the possibility of other problems being connected to vaccines.  It is interesting that problems such as Aspergers & Autism have been linked with vaccinations for 20 years or more, and yet they still claim that there’s no connection.  Consider this:  vaccinations by-pass the immune system, by being injected directly into the bloodstream, including all of the delightful vaccination-extras such as mercury, aluminium and formaldehydes.  As preservatives, they are fantastic, and they can last in our bodies for many year.

With 15 years experience, we suspect that vaccinations are linked with many health issues such as:

  • increasing asthma levels
  • auto-immune diseases such as rheumatoid arthritis, lupus and hashimotos
  • increasing allergies (1 in 4 in Australia)
  • increasing levels of autism and aspergers
  • poor behaviour, ADD, ADHD and ODD in children
  • poor immunity – constant colds and flus – after all we can’t vaccinate for everything!!!
  • chronic fatigue syndrome and fibromyalgia (heavy metals are linked with both)

What can we do to remove vaccination toxins, boost natural immunity and help the brain?

  • frequency specific microcurrent and specific nutrition to remove vaccination toxins
  • LEAP, NOT and other specialised kinesiology techniques to reconnect the brain
  • infrared saunas to boost toxin removal and detoxification from the body
  • using natural therapies, nutritional supplements, micrrocurrent techniques to increase immunity
  • testing processes such as live blood analysis, heavy metal toxicity, urine tests, cellular analysis to find the extent of the toxicity and the oxidative stress, and see improvement as it is being removed.

For more information:

  1. I highly recommend any parents/interested parties to go the the Australian Vaccination Network for more information:
  2. Book in for an appointment with one of our naturopaths:  we all have extensive experience in coping with either option you choose – being vaccinated or choosing not to.

Madonna Guy ND, Naturopath, Wynnum Brisbane
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