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Pain – Neuroplasticity and Sports Injuries

Tuesday, March 24th, 2015

Have you heard of the term neuroplasticity and wondered what it means? No, our brains are not made of plastic. However, it does refer to the neural pathways in our brains can be as malleable as plastic allowing our brain to adapt to different circumstances. This means that each signal that enters our brain follows a particular pathway. This pathway can be altered by a change in behaviour.

Recently there has been several case studies to confirm the suggestion that chronic pain is not so much a true indication of current pain but that neural pathways have been developed in the brain to re-affirm the original pain that was experienced. Therefore, the pain which we perceive as chronic pain is not a true indication of anatomical pain but a memory of past pain experienced. Neuroplasticity suggests that neural pathway that has developed can be altered via different input.

There have been several cases which have successfully abated their chronic pain to minimal or none ultimately changing their lives. This has been achieved via activating the neural pathway pattern and flooding the brain with another sensory input. This in turn allows an alternative neural pathway to develop. Each time the new neural pathway is reinforced allows for the new pathway to develop and the old pathway (of pain) decreases in strength and slowly dissipates. Literally turning the old statement of if you don’t use it you lose it to an advantage!

Alternate sensory input may be light or sound. That is, by flooding the neural pathway with another direction to go in each time chronic pain is experienced stimulates new neurons to develop. If this new neuron pathway is reinforced regularly throughout the day the experience of pain has been reported to significantly reduce over a 6 week period.

Chronic pain is usually associated with osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis or other degenerative conditions. However, chronic pain is actually classified after 3 months of experiencing pain in the same region consistently. Therefore this includes sports injuries which are often exacerbated by repetitive movements or sitting stationary for long periods of time (often work related). When this starts to happen reactive muscles can be a factor.

Reactive muscles is the concept of when one muscle is switched on it essentially bullies other muscles that switch off i.e. muscles are reactive towards one another as opposed to firing when appropriate. Reactive muscles can create dysfunctional movement patterns when the body moves. When this is done repetitively it can be reinforced and put strain on muscles which can lead to events causing injury. Upon injury acute inflammation and pain is experienced which is the body’s warning system to rest that area. However, when the acute inflammation dies down is a crucial stage to change the reactive pattern of muscles before the neuronal network of ‘pain’ is laid down and reinforced altering the way the body moves. This pattern can start to reinforce itself in a negative way.

By switching off the reactive muscles allows for any neuronal networks for ‘pain’ to not be reinforced thus reducing the experience of pain. This can be done by kinesiology. Essentially kinesiology identifies and activates a negative neuronal pathway, floods it with a positive stimulus allowing a new neuronal pathway to form i.e. neuroplasticity.

Foundations of health – What and Why?

Thursday, June 20th, 2013


Foundations of Health is our Gold Standard health care plan. It’s a 9 month Naturopathic plan and addresses your health in a deep, systematic way. We focus on an in-depth cleansing process, starting with clearing the gut and boosting digestive function – vital to our overall health. We continue with the other major filtration systems in the body – the liver, immune system and kidneys. 9 months flies by, there is so much work to do!

Our aim is to lift you out of sub-optimal health and to keep you in excellent health for the long term. It’s ideal for long term health issues (with a medical diagnosis or not!), such as chronic fatigue, poor immunity, cancer, diabetes, allergies, digestive disorders, and many others.

Our Foundations of Health clients enjoy fantastic discount on all other services and Naturopathic testing – Live Blood, VLA, Insulin/Cholesterol, Kinesiology, Remedial massage, Infrared Sauna, Microcurrent, Raindrop Aromatherapy, Chi Nei Tsang Abdominal massage, and Facials.

Natural Support for ADD, ADHD, Dyslexia, Auditory Confusion, Aspergers, Autism…

Wednesday, December 12th, 2012

How we can help children with ADD/ADHD/Dyslexia/Learning Problems

New Leaf Natural Therapies have a long history of helping families with ADD/ADHD, Autism, Aspergers… 

Naturopathically:  we can look at all the factors that may be impacting on your child’s ADHD and ADD that will be affecting their learning ability.  We look at your diet, lifestyle, stressors, exercise, past health issues, the length of time you’ve had the problem and much more.  Our naturopaths will then work with your child to find the perfect solution just for them – a combination of supplements; testing processes; cellular regeneration; kinesiology; allergy discussions/rotational diets; massage techniques & infrared saunas, depending on the need of your child.

Tests we can provide:  your child’s Zinc & Ph levels will affect their digestive tract; and thus the amount of nutrition that will reach their brain; we can do a Live Blood Screening, Urinary Indicans & Celiac tests and find out how bad their gut really is.  Many times your child may have parasites, candida, nasty gut bacteria without symptoms, however some people don’t even know when their child’s gut levels are impaired.  By doing these tests we also know whether it will be a 1 month or 6 month process at correcting your child’s digestive problems.  We also do Heavy Metal Tests and Oxidative Stress Tests which let us know how toxic you child is.  How can your child learn and behave when they have heavy metals floating around their system!!! If there is a heavy metal load or oxidative stress, this can be overloading the gut and the brain and thus impairing function.

Cellular Regeneration:  this state of the art equipment (microcurrent) has amazing applications for children with ADHD and ADD. It basically reduces inflammation.  Inflammation creates a huge array of health issues.  This equipment may help clear the pathways involved in learning such as hearing, visual and memory input centres.  Because of the link between good nutrition and brain function we use CR to help your child’s digestive tract. If cells within the gut are ‘paralysed, mineralised, or toxic’, ie not releasing the correct hormones for optimal digestion, we can use this amazing equipment to stimulate gut function; ‘zap’ the parasites or organisms living in the gut and start creating the optimal environment for healthy gut and brain function.  Past use of medication and anaesthetics can alter pathways in the gut and brain, our CR therapy may pull specific toxins from the body.

Kinesiology:  did you know that there are whole programs in kinesiology to help your children ADHD and ADD to help them learn more effectively and be happier.  We can do Learning Enhancement through Acupunture Pressure (LEAP) to help your child’s brain soak up the information at school. Structural problems such as scoliosis, jaw & hip problems and the feet can all be impairing your child’s ability to learn.  Past emotional issues related school can also be addressed and cleared with kinesiology.  Our Learning Enhancement Programme combines CR with Kinesiology with huge $$$ savings!

Allergies:  if your body has an intolerance or allergy to different foods or enzymes it may be creating chronic inflammation through your body and affecting the learning process.  Our unique immune balancing processes using a combination of kinesiology and naturopathic supplements will pick up your immune system, and then we can use simple, yet effective techniques, to ‘balance’ your body so that the energy isn’t upset so badly with these substances.  Sometimes we can eat those foods immediately after homoeopathic destressing, at other times it is necessary to avoid them completely for weeks or months, depending on how severe the intolerance or allergy is.

Infrared Saunas & Massage therapies:  if our testing shows high levels of stress or toxins, we may recommend our fantastic Detoxing Sauna Therapy or Relaxing or Lymphatic Massage techniques.

See us for:

  • Emotional problems such as self-esteem
  • Bullying Issues
  • Self-harm
  • Depression, anxiety, stress
  • Lack of concentration
  • Logic/gestalt confusion (maths/English)
  • Allergies & the brain…
  • Pulling toxins out of the brain!

Natural Supplements for Depression, Cravings and Mood Disorders…

Monday, November 26th, 2012
Supplements For Depression and Mood Disorders…
How many of us choose carbs and sugars because of our moods?  Our weight spirals out of control??  We end up feeling anxious, stressed, angry, depressed…
Can we support our neurological function with natural supplements, or do we need to take ‘chemicals’ to sort our out ‘chemical imbalances’. Firstly, the chemical imbalances that are being discussed are hormones like dopamine and seratonin…  Did you know that we make these ‘feel good’ hormones with nutrients we get from fruits, vegies, proteins, eggs, raw nuts and seeds?  Gee, a good diet – you may be thinking? Whereas, when we eat carbs and sugars we create a need for more carbs and sugars.  The breakdown of these foods create inflammation, increase our likelyhood of developing (and growing) parasites, candida, fungus, dodgy bacterial infections – all of which like a sweet, acidic environment to live in.  They love it when we eat sweets!!!
So, we’ve all heard about chromium for blood sugar – at a basic level chromium supports balancing blood sugar – but what causes the blood sugar problems?  Did you know that our bugs – parasites, bacteria, fungus, candida – all release enzymes that make us crave sugar?  Cheeky little blighters, aren’t they?
So, some of the supplements I love for balancing our hormones are:
1.  Eagle Chrome, Metagenics Resist X, Insulex, Energy X:  All of these support balancing the blood sugar.  Resist X and Insulex contain ingredients which reverse insulin resistance, a condition happening in the core of each cell in our body; Energy X is a powder with liver and thyroid support, energy support, blood sugar balancing and detoxification support.
2.  Relaxan, Resilian, Stressan:  These 3 metagenics formulas are fabulous for balancing moods.  Relaxan for PMT, irritability and stress created by female hormonal imbalances.  Stressan is for full-on anger, excess ‘chi’ they call it in Chinese medicine, great for sleep disorders and stress, has a little gut and liver support as well.  Resilian is for teariness.  Unable to hold in your emotions.  Emotional resiliance.  All of these formulas support adrenal exhaustion; nerve disorders; increase dopamine and feel-good hormones and are safe to take with medications such as anti-depressants, anti-anxiety medication under supervision from your naturopath.
3.  Proxan and Neurolift:  both of these formulas raise serotonin.  Proxan is a formula we use to support people reducing their doses (slowly and carefully) and increasing natural support for balancing the nervous system.  Neurolift is a combination of herbs and nutrients for the thyroid and nervous system, particularly increasing serotonin and thyroxin.
4.  EPA (as in fish oils):  EPA is a nutrient found in fish oils.  When fully cleansed (be very, very careful of brands) and when we’re taking 2000mg daily of the EPA component in fish oil, it raises serotonin safely and easily.  Best in a liquid form such as Metagenics or BioCeuticals.  Dose is key.
5.  Gut Support:  We make a massive amountof hormones in the gut.  Dopamine and Serotonin (feel good hormones), Oestrogen are found to be released from the small intestines.  Take care of your gut.  If it is playing up, find out what is wrong (possibly best through your naturopath as the gut is one of our specialties) and fix it.  Without sorting out the gut, it’s really difficult to balance moods and hormones long-term.
Good luck!!
New Leaf Natural Therapies
3348 6098
Brisbane Australia

Testimonials from clients…

Friday, November 16th, 2012

I am 54 years old and have been a carer for my wife for the last 13 years, but over the last few years my health has suffered. I suffer from Osteoarthritis and had an operation last year to put a plate in my right knee to straighten my leg. Also since May this year I have had a frozen left shoulder.


Since I started taking StemEnhance 4 weeks ago my life has changed. My left shoulder has started to loosen up and I am now able to use my left arm. I am now able to walk distances with no trouble at all and I can climb stairs comfortably which I have not been able to do for years. But the biggest improvement is my energy level, I feel like I can keep going all day long. The more I do, the more I want to do.


Also as an extra bonus, my grey hair is getting darker in colour and I am growing some hair on my bald spots. I am feeling younger and I recommend the use of StemEnhance to everyone who would like improved health and a better quality of life.



So… kids cough mixtures, anti-biotics, pain killers… how do these affect the HEALTH of our children?

Friday, August 17th, 2012

There was a news article yesterday talking about Cough Mixtures and the fact that they aren’t good for our children.  It really is hard to imagine that products so easily accessible to us could actually be bad for us, isn’t it.  And yet studies with children are indicating quite a few problems that are happening as a possible-result of overuse of some medications…

Let’s take a quick look at some of the most-prescribed-medications for children and think about what they actually do in the body…

  1. Antibiotics:  obviously these are useful for bacterial infections.  Antibiotics should not be used in viral infections (fevers, aches and pains) and only work for a specific type of bacteria…  so many anti-biotics aren’t prescribed correctly since Doctors can’t possibly know when you walk into their surgery whether you have a bacterial, viral or fungal infection.  Ironically by giving an antibiotic we are reducing our immunity for fungal and viral infections, so while on antibiotics we may actually get other infections while we are not looking!
  2. Cough-suppressants/Puffers:  literally they suppress a cough.  No surprise.  What people often don’t understand is the way it happens – the mucus is suppressed to the lower lobes of the lungs, which over a long period of time turns into hardened, plaque-like mucus and we end up with less and less lung capacity.  Long-term: asthma? emphysema?  Studies are yet to be done.
  3. Ritilan and dexamphetamine medications:  for ADHD and other attention problems.  Ritilan is in the same group of drugs as cocaine.  Any side-effects of long-term use of cocaine is possible with ritilan…  and some children may have issues with not being able to sleep, weight loss, anger issues…  There are cases of long term use of drugs like Ritilan and the brain, in some people, doesn’t regenerate as fast while taking it and starts to deteriorate.   There is some thinking that long term ritilan use may cause dementia.
  4. Pain Killers/Anti-Inflammatories/Anti-Allergy drugs:  these all have a similar effect in the body… reducing inflammation.  Sounds like a good thing, right?  Well, initially yes, and in short term usage, yes.  But what if we are highly allergic?  In a lot of pain?  And…take these drugs very often.  Well, it’s interesting you should ask!  Drugs often aren’t very clever – if you shut down one inflammatory process in the body, you’re often shutting down many.  Unfortunately there are many inflammatory processes in the body that are inflammatory in nature:
  • such as killing cancer cells – this is an inflammatory process!
  • killing viruses and bacterial –  these are inflammatory processes!
  • killing fungus, parasites, moulds – these are inflammatory processes…

So, by taking a medication that is reducing inflammation in our bodies we may be accidently allowing other nasty things like bacteria or parasites to take hold in our body.

Does that make sense?

Have a great day, Madonna
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3348 6098 / 0417 643 849 for further information…

The story of Stem Enhance: by Christian Drapeau; “Neurological Scientist”

Sunday, October 10th, 2010

A little over two decades ago, a new herbal supplement names Aphanizomenon flos-aquae (AFA), an aquatic botanical, made it’s appearance on the market place. Rapidly, AFA became popular for the wide variety of health benefits reported by consumers. Over the years we identified the presence in AFA of various compounds such as phycocyanin, a strong natural anti-inflammatory compound, a polysaccharide supporting immune function, and phenylethylamine (PEA), a molecule known as the “molecule of love”, which increases mental clarity and provides a sense of well being. Nevertheless, in spite of the identification of these various components, many health benefits reported by consumers remained unexplained.


At the turn of the 21st Century, data began appearing in the scientific literature describing the potential of embryonic stem cells (ESC).ESC were shown to have the ability to become any kind of cells in the body. Soon after, studies revealed that adult stem cells (ASC) also had the ability of becoming virtually any kind of cells in the body.


            When this discovery was made, we hypothesized that ASC constituted the natural renewal system of the body, and we published this hypothesis in the journal, Medical Hypothesis (October 2002). Our idea at the time was this: if ASC indeed constituted the natural renewal system of the body, with ASC being able to become any cell type of the body, then supporting this process could lead to a wide variety of health benefits. Given the broad spectrum of benefits reported by AFA consumers, we simply hypothesized that AFA was supporting aspects of stem physiology.


With this idea in mind, we initiated a series of laboratory experiments and soon discovered that consumption of large quantity of AFA (greater than 5 grams) increased the number of circulating stem cells by up to 30%. As we pursued our investigations to identify the compound in AFA responsible for this effect, we actually identified two specific compounds supporting both the release of stem cells from the bone marrow and their migration out of the blood into tissues. We then proceeded to concentrate these compounds out of AFA, achieving 5:1 concentrates for both compounds, and blended these compounds  to make StemEnhance. One gram of StemEnhance supports the release of stem cells from the bone marrow and increases the number of circulating stem cells by up to 30%. StemEnhance also concentrates phycocyanin and PEA, other important compounds found in AFA.


StemEnhance is a natural product made of 100% organic AFA and manufactured in accordance with GMP regulations. The powder is encapsulated and bottled in a pharmaceutical grade facility, providing the highest quality possible. Each lot of Stem Enhance is tested for any potential contaminants, according to a stringent quality control program.


When asked why would one want to take StemEnhance, the answer is simply to support the body’s natural process of maintaining optimal health. Supporting stem cell physiology everyday by increasing the number of circulating stem cells is one of the wisest decisions one can make to regain and maintain optimal health.


Madonna Guy ND
New Leaf Natural Therapies
Wynnum, Brisbane, Australia
07 3348 6098
p.s. we have clinically used stem enhance for around 4 years with results including reducing the size of enlarged hearts, eyesight improvement, joint pain reduction, mitrial valve prolapse repair, spinal disc repair and more.

Natural Support for Anxiety & Panic Attacks, Wynnum Brisbane

Wednesday, April 14th, 2010

There is so much natural support available today for anxiety & panic attacks at our specialist naturopathic clinic in Wynnum, Brisbane.  Natural supplements and treatments work for anxiety and panic attacks, no doubt about it.  The length of time it takes to get it under control depends on how long the condition has been there and how deeply ingrained it is, but it’s time to get started.

Anxiety and panic attacks are linked to a fragmented nervous system. Under stress, there is a lack of connection between conscious and unconscious parts of the brain, the neurotransmitters don’t function properly, we get put into a ‘deep survival pattern’ where the brain simply can’t see things clearly.

We help anxiety and panic attacks with a multi-faceted approach.  Natural supplements which tone the nervous system, calm the stress hormones (cortisol, adrenalin and noradrenalin), increase feel good hormones (serotonin, gaba, dopamine) are crucial.  The brain is often inflamed due to toxic stress hormones, anesthetics, drug residue, vaccine toxins, pesticides and herbicides, plastics and more.  We have tests to find out if these are important to be dealt with.

Kinesiology and Frequency Specific Microcurrent are part of our approach for ridding the body of anxiety and panic attacks.  Old triggers and stressors can be activated at a moment’s notice when the brain feels the same emotion, stress or hormone.  Kinesiology and Frequency Specific Microcurrent effectively reduce the number of stress patterns in the brain.

We can definitely help with Anxiety and Panic Attacks:

  1. calm the nervous system
  2. improve brain function
  3. reduce old stress patterns
  4. relax with meditation and/or yoga classes
  5. deal with other health problems which may be linked

Talk to us today about getting your anxiety and panic attacks under control.

Madonna Guy ND
Naturopaths, Wynnum, Brisbane

Fixing Arthritis with Naturopathy & Frequency Specific Microcurrent: Wynnum, Brisbane!

Monday, April 12th, 2010

Have you been worried about your arthritis or the drugs you need to take to reduce your pain?  We can help, right here in our beautiful professional clinic in Wynnum, Brisbane!  With our Chronic Pain Programme you can use simple naturopathic treatments such as natural pain products and Frequency Specific Microcurrent to get you on your way!

Normal medical tests often miss out on some basic information that can really create an environment in your body where arthritis will just continue. Our naturopathic tests such as live blood analysis, our urine and blood tests and our cellular analysis (VLA) give loads of information that we can then work on with you to improve!

  1. how acidic are you???  We often see people 200 x more acidic then they should be, that means the minerals (calcium & magnesium) are being pulled from your bones, making them more brittle;
  2. how hydrated are you?  The less hydrated the more acidic and inflamed your body is – see point 1!!
  3. where is your BMI?  If your body mass index is over 30 (20% higher than perfect weight), the body is an inflammatory, stress creating, insulin resistant machine.  That means that you’ll be more inflamed and acidic…

Are you seeing a pattern here?  Therefore we work on, you guessed it, inflammation and acidity!!!  Our frequency specific microcurrent machine helps to target specific areas of the body and reduces inflammation such as joints, tendons, bursa, joints, vertabra etc.

Talk to us today, and fix your arthritis!  In our Chronic Pain Programme (payment plan) you also get other benefits such as:

  • 1/2 price massage therapies
  • 1/2 price kinesiology sessions
  • 1/2 price infrared saunas
  • 1/2 price allergy testing and treatments

Madonna Guy ND
Naturopath, Wynnum, Brisbane

Maintaining weight over Christmas – Don’t go backwards with your health!

Saturday, November 28th, 2009

It’s so easy for people to create a lot of health problems over the Christmas Silly Season.  Yes, there’ll be parties, fun & frolicking and so there should be!  But we need to take a step back and decide how much damage we’re going to do to our bodies.  We can easily create such a huge amount of inflammation that our bodies take months to recover.  Make a conscious decision to have fun, but NOT to damage your body too much after Christmas…

1.  Drink heaps and heaps of filtered water.  It will keep you hydrated, support your liver and kidney function, help you eat and drink less!

2.  Mix your drinks with soda water:  spirits, wines, champagnes…that way you can feel like you’re drinking with your mates, but doing yourself, your liver and kidneys less damage in the long run…

3.  Use carrots, snow peas & celery sticks to eat your dips.  You’ll be getting plenty of anti-oxidants and fibre, moving everything through your intestines faster.  If you’re on the keto-diet you can even use small slices of ham, turkey slices or veggie slices to pick up the dip with…completely keto if you choose good dips.

4.  Try to exercise daily.  20-30 minutes every single day throughout the silly season to keep your metabolism up.  Everyone can fit this in regardless of how busy, how tired, how full they are!

Mostly have fun.  It’s proven that we maintain weight more easily when we’re happy and not stressed.  Stress hormones force us to release fat-storing hormones…  Happiness helps us digest better and release fat-burning hormones.

Have a great Christmas
Madonna Guy ND
Chief Clinician