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New Leaf Natural Therapies is the most comprehensive natural health care, detox, longevity and anti-ageing clinic in the Brisbane Bayside area so, whatever your needs, we've got a solution to suit you!


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We understand that the importance of health can be different from person to person. To cater for this, we’ve developed Levels of Care to suit your particular needs and health goals:
  • Symptomatic Care
  • Corrective Care
Symptomatic Care is for anyone with simple acute health problems or annoying symptoms, which can be dealt with quickly by our Naturopaths, using a small number of core testing procedures and our wide range of effective natural health medicines and therapies.

Our Corrective Care levels take more time and energy (and a commitment to change) and should not be entered into lightly. These higher levels of care are ideal for clients with specific chronic problems but who also wish to get to the cause of their problems and improve and maintain their health with longer term, quality health and lifestyle goals.
  • Foundations of Health
  • Full Life Wellness
  • Anti-Ageing & Regeneration
  • Ultimate Mind-Body Harmony
Symptomatic Care Programme

Our Symptomatic Care programme is ideal for people who only want to get rid of annoying or painful symptoms. We'll do some fundamental tests to target the problem and then prescribe a simple but natural quick fix solution to get you feeling better in a flash. The Symptomatic Care programme is for you if you're not interested in finding the underlying cause of the issue/problem.

Foundations of Health Programme  

If you're someone who wants to understand the cause of your health problems and is willing to do what it takes to produce long term solutions, then our Foundations of Health programme is a great place to start your journey. Combining exclusive testing procedures, treatment protocols and education sessions, the Foundations of Health programme deals with your most pressing issues while cleansing and toning your fundamental body systems. At the end of this programme, you will feel fantastic and understand what it takes to stay on top of your health in the future.

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Full Life Wellness Programme   

With all of the primary body filters working beautifully through our Foundations of Health programme, we then target heart and circulatory detoxification, clearing of pancreatic & liver fatty plaques, and cellular detoxification. The combination of these advanced detoxification methods greatly reduces your risk of suffering from the major killers in our society—heart and cardiovascular disease, cancer and diabetes—returning to you your potential for a long, full life. Obviously other body systems such as the nervous system, respiratory system, bone density, chronic infections etc. are all supported and benefit from this programme.

Anti-Ageing & Regeneration Programme    

This programme goes beyond the detoxification dealt with in the Foundations and Full Life programmes. Our aim is to reverse degeneration that leads to unhealthy and premature ageing, restoring organ tissues to a more youthful state. As the body is already cleansed to a great degree at this point, we can now concentrate on putting together nutrition; supplementation and treatment programmes to reverse a lifetime of damage to your organs. We introduce important lifestyle changes, perform nervous system testing and maintenance, reset genetic time-bombs and start the process of eliminating degenerative thought patterns.

Ultimate Mind-Body Programme     

Our Ultimate Mind-Body programme is aimed at our elite clientele who want an exceptional level of health and wellness and who appreciate the crucial connection between the mind and body. This exclusive programme goes beyond system cleansing, toning and regeneration to include advanced health and lifestyle coaching to implement goal setting, exercise, meditation, holidays, relaxation and work towards the total elimination of any degenerative thought patterns and internal saboteurs.

Q & A
How do I know what level is right for me?

Don’t worry, we’ll help you decide. Simply book in for some initial core tests and a consultation and we’ll let you know the results of your tests and what sort of health challenges you face. With the right information at your fingertips, you can decide which level you would like to go into based on your health goals.
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How will I know how well my treatments are progressing?

We do regular testing procedures with each step of your programme to monitor your progress, fine-tune your treatments and ensure you stay motivated.
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How long do the programmes take?

Symptomatic care is designed for fast relief so for simple problems, you can expect your symptoms to ease or clear up completely after a single visit (usually with the help of some natural medicines or supplements). Of course, more serious symptoms may take several visits.

The four Corrective Care programmes tackle the causes of ill health and require more and more time and commitment. The Foundations of Health programme, for example, will normally take about 9 months to complete.
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Why should I choose New Leaf Natural Therapies as my natural therapies clinic?

  • We know we can help you. Our practitioners have over 60 years of experience between them, and have treated virtually every health problem.
  • We have invested in advanced testing equipment and training so that we can accurate determine what’s wrong with you, closely monitor you progress and fine tune your treatment.
  • We have unique treatments available all under the one roof including state-of-the-art Microcurrent technology and private Far Infrared Saunas.
  • We keep a very well-stocked dispensary so we are almost always able to supply you with the products you need, when you need them.
  • We have created a beautiful eco-friendly, low-toxin clinic so that every part of your healthcare journey is enjoyable. You deserve it!
  • We can take your health journey as far as you want to go so there’s no need to change clinics ever again.
  • We have client-bonuses such as monthly newsletters and exclusive client-only email specials, monthly prizes, give-aways and competitions.